What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


“Miniature Garden” by the late, great Kawamura Kaori always puts a lump in my throat, especially when I think about Kawamura-san’s awful - and ultimately doomed - battle against cancer before she passed away. But mostly because it brings back all of the memories and emotions of the drama it appeared in:

It was the 1998 Japanese drama “With Love” where I first heard it. The main character HaTa-san - played brilliantly by Takenouchi Yutaka - is a composer who had been in a rock band named “Ash,” and “Miniature Garden” was their biggest hit.

“With Love” is the first J-drama I ever saw and still a fave, even though the leading lady was horribly miscast and weak as HaTa’s anonymous love. The story is basically the same as the American movie “You’ve Got Mail” - two strangers connect anonymously via email and find that they’re soul-mates, but have no clue as to each other’s identity in real life.

The music in that drama is so powerful that it’s almost like a third lead character. Because the main character is a composer, there is a lot of music in it (and one of HaTa-san’s songs plays a key role in revealing identities.) The ancient-looking computers seriously date the drama, but it’s a great story regardless, even though it develops very slowly. Someone has posted a clip from it, here:


I’m in love, and it hurts to remember the last scenes of our baddie!
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Same I die and can’t keep living over that scene how could she hurt my baby - he has a heart - he has a heart :sob:


Exactly!!! He was crying!!! :sob::sob::sob:
I can’t


I LOVE him - as much as I love HOTTIE - I have SEVERE 2nd Main LEAD SYNDROME!!!


yup!!! This is the SMLS itself, I love him!!!


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I am crazy in CRUSH with Yoo In Ah!!! His character is just!!! Wonderful!


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I loved this show even though it was soooo sad. Here is my absolute favorite OST from this show (there are so many goods ones):


I love this song!!!


‘Find Me in Your Memory’ had a really lovely complete OST

And especially this song:


I LOVE Glass Bridge!