What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


It’s such a good song! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A couple of my favorite songs from The King’s Affection (NF). Great drama!




My favorite from Beautiful Mind. This was not a popular drama when it was broadcast. I do love pretty much anything Jang Hyuk appears in and I did enjoy watching this drama.



I really loved this drama! It’s so good and the acting is just wonderful.


If you don’t talk to us - we are going to all mutiny!!


I love to listen to these two tracks from City Hunter:

This one reminds me of the scene where Lee Min Ho is dying and watching his stepfather dying too. I cried soo much at that moment, and it still makes me cry.


Sorry girls, in my country we have this fest during December 7 and 8th, I’m back!!!
I think that I’ll be off during next weekend (friday and saturday) but I’ll be back!!





Breathtaking movie

Rurouni Kenshin - the Beginning!


I’m so looking to watching my BRILLIANT Boy in Red SLEEVE! I know I will have emotions going up and down and all over the place!!! Junho will do that to you!!! LOL