What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭



Boys over FLOWERS


Lee Suk makes me SMILE every darn time I watch this he was working so HARD to please his fans.!


Nooooooooo! INXS and the Excessive Houndstooth Pants! Where is Professor Snape when you need him?

Clear Moorim School violation!

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I loved him - I loved that actor
Professor Snape


Alan Rickman was a consummate actor, and for ME, as an ahjumma of uncertain age (ahem, none of your business, move on) TEDDIBLY (as some of my ethnic peeps might say) INTERESTING TO VIEW, DON’T YOU KNOW?


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We ahjummahs of a certain age are always working tirelessly to strenghten our eye muscles.



Yes, Miss Wind in the Willows


I will always avoid K-dramas with tragic endings if I can help it. That’s just not my thing. But OSTs I can listen to independent of the shows they are part of.


Yes avoiding Scarlet Heart Ryeo with all my might - SOUL CRUSHING but I want to watch it.


I know right…
even though everything is fictional, it still has a real intense effect on us… :sweat_smile:


Empress KI - I cry and cry and cry cuz I know the ending - Wookie is SUCH a good actor - I have not finished it yet! I’ll DIE my SOUL will die


I think I need to make an exception. If a tragic story ends tragically for a greater good, and it’s clear the story line is trending that way, I will watch and weep.

But when the writers have week by week made poor plot choices such that a tragic ending is the only way to logically tie up the plot . . . AND when they keep throwing in distractions, hoping nobody will realize what’s going on . . .

I stop watching as soon as I realize the game that’s being played. Because I feel so cheated. And IF the drama happens to have a killer OST (because the plot and the sound track are not usually interdependent), then for some reason, I feel even more set up, used, and manipulated.



My very first drama on Viki was the T-drama Behind your Smile. Wow, tragedy upon tragedy, betrayal upon betrayal. Great acting by all parties.

Mr. Chang can take a Asian drama trope and make it seem fresh, original, and subtle. And he has a marvelous natural way of speaking. And when he sings, it doesn’t sound, as can happen with a singer, as if he is straining to do some kind of falsetto.



My BABY WOOKIE :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:
OH MO MO the sweater over the hands is so SEXY


i know the feeling…


Can you not just adore him!!! I got up at like 3 am to watch his fan meeting a few months ago!

He is such a TALENT!


my bias…so adorable :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I love him as that broody lawyer! AW, my heart
When he touches the walls as he walks… :sleepy:


I can’t compile a list of fave OSTs because @kdrama2020ali keeps interrupting me.

I am officially “deaded.” Pass the Sham-Wow . . .

YouTube ShamWoW Commercial (Full Length)–Jul 7, 2010