What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


I know right,
the only reason why I’ve been avoiding Uncontrollably fond… :pensive:


You get me! I can’t ever watch Scarlet Heart Ryeo - my soul will be crushed


Uncontrollably fond is really sad, when I hear its OST I cry


that’s why I was avoiding it…i’ll cry for ages if I watch it… :pensive:
One has to first mentally prepare for that… :sob::sob:
kim woo bin :sob::sob::sob:


Same here, I can’t get over it!!



I love this one:


me too…
hooked on it these days…especially the bridge :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Totally and the melody sounds so romantic! (but at the same time it’s kind of sad)


so truuueee :heart_eyes::grin:
yeah i know…its so soulful and intense :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:


Why are OSTs so soothing!


Lawless Lawyer


@kdrama2020ali, there you go being a troublemaker again. Just when I’m getting sleepy and thinking of calmly going to sleep.

Goblin OST, oh yes.

But THIS song will always move me to tears.


Healer was such an intense drama on all fronts. The writers used the element of comedy relief perfectly to keep things from becoming dark. I looked forward to scenes with “Ahjumma/Ajumma” and her rolls of gimbap and endless knitting projects!

Kim Mi-Kyung is hands-down my favorite Korean actress. She can do it all!

(Asian Wiki)


I work so HARD at it! Thank you for putting the Healer OST out there!


Lol @misswillowinlove @kdrama2020ali , I love the healer ost too :heart_eyes:.
But my favorite k drama ost would be Good Bye Love from Fated to You. I cry every time lol :sweat_smile:.

And Byul from 200 pound beauty

Also Why and I think from Full House

And Never Say Goodbye from My Girl , and End of the World from Rebel Princess. ( c-drama ost). And What To Do from You’re Beautiful and The Man from Secret Garden.
I even made a playlist of my favorite OST’s and kpop:
Add your favorite K drama osts to it :star_struck:


OMO NOOOOOOOO I JUST WOKE UP :sob::sob::sob::sob:
I LOVE “Memories” by Babylon!


Bawl CRY can’t EVEN it takes me RIGHT back to the show! and all the beautiful sadness!



Marcus Chang “Lost Romance” the most gorgeous hands he has - aw I love listening to him!
The MAN is GORGEOUS and he can SING


Wow, @loveurself_melanin, you are BADDER than @kdrama2020ali. I don’t have enough tissues, paper towels, bath towels, or bed sheets to sop up the waterworks.


I will add to the soggy list . . . but first, I must make ready . . . .



Truly I think if we took a poll that "Fated to Love You’ actually has one of the most memorable OSTs next to my GOBLIN! I love so many though! But Fated and Goblin take me right back to the scenes every time!!!

Save some TOWELS for me in Navirella! It’s gonna kill me I know!

@loveurself_melanin See Your A Troublemaker Too - Welcome to the CLUB

Baby Don’t Cry! hahahahahaha!