What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


Stray Kids - Extraordinary You ost
This is somewhat old but I purchased the digital single. It reminds me of the stars/night sky scene. As rookie actors they also did a good job displaying the emotions of the characters in that one scene.


Right now! wonderful voice :heart: :heart: :heart:

And I remember this scene!!!


I am overwhelmed by the Episode One OST for Devil Judge. Of course it’s only available now in fan-created videos, but it is, no pun intended, arresting.

I don’t know who wrote it, but it is astounding that a “mere” TV show seems to have music written specifically for it that is rich and classical and very moving . . . all packed into just under a minute!

DJ is obvs not a rom-com, so no “be still my heart I want you forever” lyrics.

However, I have always heard that the violin (which features prominently) is the one instrument that, in the hands of a master, can imitate the full range of sounds created by the human voice–happy, sad, angry.

And considering that a major theme of DJ seems to be “who has the right to speak for those who cannot speak?” . . . the OST is right on the money.

Episode 2 switches things up with music and vocals that are equally heart-wrenching, beautiful, and evocative of the themes, characters, and relationships.

And it’s astounding to me that the scriptwriter (in a casual conversation in Episode One between the junior judge and his police woman friend), provides back story, a synopsis of the drama, and character descriptions and motivations. So the OST both builds on that information and gives it added dimension.

This is clearly not Hallyu quality music in which each character had a little snippet of associated music and each emotion portrayed had its snipped of associated music . . . all played over and over and over again to (I guess) remind the audience of what was happening in a typically convoluted story line. And played over and over again because production budgets didn’t have a large line for good music.


That’s some good MUSIC - Strong Powerful! I can’t wait to watch the DRAMA! I have only watched him in Kill Me Heal Me- Ready to see him again!

Do you listen to Henry?! Phenomenal violinist


You mean Henry “The Ultimate Baby Bird” Lau?

Omo . . .

Awrighty then!!! Who needs BTS when there is Henry?!

(Canadians have to generate a lot more heat per individual than people from other parts of the world, otherwise they would freeze on the way to the Chinese takeaway shops in Toronto . . .)

Too . . . bright!!! Must collapse under the weight of the sound!!!

Wow. Watch out when the geeky kid in third grade starts violin lessons.


YES - I was dancing to fantastic in my CAR today!!!


I was going to post this! One of my all-time faves, although I have it under another name on Spotify (called TrueLove). It’s so beautiful, even before knowing what the lyrics were, but even more so once I found the translation of the lyrics. Brings me right back to the drama, which is also one of my faves.


#2 is the Actor - Playing ML - I just love him!


Happy Birthday Gong Yoo!!! :purple_heart:


Oh My Gosh I could stay on this THREAD all DAY!


K-dramas do bright and happy really well when it comes to OSTs. Radio Romance is a great example.


I think I finally figured out what I was doing wrong when trying to post videos. So now I can finally add a couple of my favorite OSTs.

I Believe - Cinderella and Four Knights (The drama itself is not a favorite, but I think I have more songs from this drama in my playlist than any other, this one being my favorite)

Puzzle - It’s Okay to Not be Okay (Also an outstanding overall OST)


This cover is breathless :star2: :cry::heart_eyes:


Lyn never disappoints :grin:


Not mine either, but it was cute and I’m glad I watched it. And yes, some of the music was very good.


Oh when she meets her IDOL in Scent of a Woman! Aw, this song!!

I think this is the full OST


ooooh I feel you! I absolutely LOVE a good OST that complements the drama and is tailored to fit every scene. 18 Again is a good example of that— The OST tells the story of their inner feelings while the characters act on the outside. A few scenes stand out to me… when a character looks coldly at the one she used to love and has a hint of sadness in her face… and the OST singer is just WRENCHING out her inner longings and feelings with the perfect lyrics. I hear these OSTs and just get sucked back into the experience of the drama. You can’t fully understand the drama without the OST and you can’t fully understand the OST without the drama. It’s beautiful.

Another one is Flower of Evil. It has only three songs in the entire soundtrack. But each one has a distinct flavor and is played at just the right time. I LOVE the music. And the instrumentals are no less powerful. I loved the song ‘In My Heart’, both the instrumental and lyric versions. The singer sings with a beautiful orchestra which soars and then slows and then soars again with heartfelt lyrics to put into words and music exactly what the MCs feel.

Especially that music pause after the complete music pause after the bridge and then the music descends again, victorious and beautiful. A love that has overcome, a love that has chosen to stay.

"In my heart, if this is love, I’m not afraid
In my heart
I’ll always be by your side, I’ll be facing you
In my Heart
With all my strength
Even if it’s regretful or painful, I don’t care
I’ll hold out my hand and go to you
It’s where I need to be, all my love

In my heart
Even if my heart comes crashing down
I love you
In my heart
I’ll always be by your side, I’ll be facing you
In my heart"

It puts into words our FL’s struggle to love or leave the man who was her strength and whole world but who has also lied to her about almost everything. I honestly wouldn’t have blamed her at all of she chose to leave and I was really, really surprised that she stayed, but oh so happy at the same time.



Hello :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve recently been listening to kdrama instrumentals whilst working as I find them to be either soothing or just make me feel like a main character!

Some of my favourite heart tugs right now are:

Take Your Hand - Man to Man
Eternal Love - Healer
Adrenaline - Vincenzo
Everytime - Descendants of the Sun
Always - Descendants of the Sun
Falling in Love - Vagabond
Here for You - Vagabond


They are so soothing - I love OSTs and the instrumentals are beautiful