What OST Do YOU OWN/Play Non-Stop/LOVE - Do Any Songs Bring You Back and Make You Cry? 😭


Hi! Are there any particular ones you’d recommend?


I love Goblin OST - Guardian the Lonely and Great God, Crash Landing on You, Fated to Love You/Korea, DOOM, W 2 Worlds, Another Oh Hae Young- I have not looked for an instrumental yet

Are you just looking for instrumentals? Or particular songs within the OST


Thank you :slight_smile: I will have a browse of these OST’s. I’m not too fussed! I’m just looking to branch out my music since the soundtracks from k-dramas are quite dreamy.


Ok if you look up in this post we have all posted quite a few! I know when you have actually watched the show the OST takes you right back to the show itself. I love that


You have me singing this one…

Gives me chills I love this song so much


Oh gosh, it’s so dreamy and I love the lyrics. They’re so soothing, and his voice is angelic. The way he sings beautiful my loveeee. There’s so much feeling in this song. I’m going to have to try learn the piano instrumental for this now…I can see why you love this song so much! I’m excited to watch Goblin in the near future.


It is my #1 drama! Drop everything and go WATCH it!!! hahahahaha! Out of almost 100 dramas it is still my #1

This song makes me cry!!!

If you learn it! Post us a video!!! of you playing!


I would love to haha! I’m afraid I can’t seem to find Goblin on Netflix or Viki in my region :open_mouth: (is there elsewhere you’re able to guide me please)

Aw, I will keep that in mind :blush:


This one kills me too


You don’t have Goblin on VIKI - is it because of VIKI pass? Or they just don’t offer it? Aw drats I started VIKI to watch Goblin…


And this one! Oh my goodness I have chills this morning

You must love music as much as I do


Yikes…I’ve literally been on Viki a day so haven’t got my head around how it all operates :confused: I just used the search bar and nothing pulls up when I type in Goblin. I haven’t signed up for a Viki pass either.

I do love music! I love dreamy piano songs - they always move something in me. However, it wasn’t until I started watching kdrama did I realise just how much good music I was missing out on! Maybe I wasn’t watching a diverse range of more Western shows, but they don’t tend to have much soft ish music if you get my gist.


Guardian the Lonely and Great God

The nickname is Goblin


Doom everywhere for us!!


Everytime I listen this song, I want to cry hahaha

It’s so beautiful!!!


I miss DOOM so much I can’t EVEN


Aw My Song Kang!!! TEAM Sun Oh


Me too, I enjoy the last dramas I watched but I can’t get over!


I’m so sorry, I have to say that I’m team Hye Yeong. It was the first time that I’m not ML team.


That’s ok!!! I just didn’t like him I was so Sun OH!!! Well you knew that!