What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


What show is this?


I’m a Pet…

Your my Superstar! Moderator - Segger


Thanks. And here I was trying to look up a show called superstar friend. :rofl:




I like Where Stars Land. However, I feel it didn’t get the attention and rating it deserved when it was aired. Is that true?


I am sorry, I don’t know about that. I watched Where Stars Land when I was no longer part of the community, that watches on-air and is actively discussing a drama.
But I really liked watching it, as for some other dramas with similar plots or characters I dropped them.


So I totally recommend Eps 2 - 23 min in -
The way that he looks at her and then “dances” with her! WHOOSH!
I’m a PET at Dali Temple!



Dreams or Supernatural

Added Lover’s Red Sky to the collection



I also like time travel too, and haven’t watched I’m a pet, guess I am going to watch that as well rewatch where stars land, and Lovers of the red sky. already watched the great shaman ( I also didn’t care for second season of scarlet heart),

I don’t recall familiar wife another I must check out, and the list you mentioned, some aren’t here anymore, loved my roommate is a gumiho, yes I’d love to see more supernatural stuff, only one maybe two angels stories as far as I know here,

vampires have dwindled out it looks like, and the foxy things, and so many more!! time travel, aliens, etc, hey not complaining, just need to see what I have to catch up with!! and y’all thanks for showing me

josen x files, and more I can’t think of right now