What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


I just love it! Everything about that, and it’s so short that you can just take some snacks and enjoying watching it!


This is SOOOO Good!


I’m waiting for the next episode.


Was I dreaming or are these supernatural click




I really need to watch more Super Natural I think it is one of my favorite genres.




if its got vampires in it , yes I will watch it


I think I was wrong - they lead you to believe it is supernatural but I don’t think it is but not done yet


my roommate is gumiho
doom at your service
Hotel Del Luna
bring it on ghost
my love from another star



Without me starting another Thread -


:sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: YOU guys have any others>??? :woman_shrugging: :blossom::blossom::blossom:

  1. Manhole (16 episodes)
  2. Tomorrow With You (16 episodes)
  3. Longing Heart / My First Love (8 episodes)
  4. Life on Mars (16 episodes)
  5. The Light In Your Eyes (12 episodes)
  6. Deserving of the Name / Live Up to Your Name (16 episodes)
  7. Reunited Worlds / Into the World Again (40 episodes)
  8. The Best Hit / Hit The Top (32 episodes)
  9. Chicago Typewriter (16 episodes)
  10. Go Back Couple (12 episodes)
  11. Signal (16 episodes)
  12. Time Slip Dr. Jin (22 episodes)
  13. Faith (24 episodes)
  14. God’s Gift: 14 Days (16 episodes)
  15. Marry Him If You Dare (16 episodes)
  16. Rooftop Prince (20 episodes)
  17. Queen in Hyun’s Man (16 episodes)
  18. Nine: Time Travel Nine Times (20 episodes)
  19. Splash Splash Love (2 episodes)
  20. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (20 episodes)

Time Travel

MDL list


Familiar Wife (Ji Sung and Han Ji Min) :heart: a second chance drama.


The older Chinese version of Moon Lovers

You will never make me like that 2nd season, my own opinion, you might think differently.



Oh my gosh this is so CUTE! Very Supernatural… @porkypine90_261


Lovers of the Red Sky just got channel manager! marykarmelina. It’s premiering August 30th.
I think it’s somewhat mystic since they have visions and read the future. There are a lot of people interested in that show. I hope I am early enough to join the team. :smiley:

I love how he teases her with that feather and feeds her fish. She can’t resist fish, being a cat after all. :laughing: Or when he tosses her over his shoulder and carries her off wherever. :grin: They are just cute together.


I am only on Eps 2 - she just slapped him - well because she was naked - now he has a leash on her! Oh my gosh this is going to be a riot

@porkypine90_261 so you are on the TEAM for I’m a Pet???


There are all kinds of inuendos on this one. Very cute.

Yes, I’m a moderator and Segger for that show. That show is pre subbed but the segments need timing adjustment and combinations so they don’t flash past too fast to read. And the lyrics weren’t segged either. I just started segging EP 6. But I think only EP 1 is ready for English subs so far.


Oh! You might like the lyrics. :grinning: The subbing team still has to write them in.

Opening OST - ‘Fishes Swim in My Chest’ :grin:

Ending OST - Like a Cat


I have a “SUPERSTAR” friend!

Oh my gosh Eps 2 in that black and white beautiful robe he was wearing when he was investigating and he “danced” around with her! The way he LOOKED at her! Wowsers