What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


I seem to really like SuperNatural dramas (Adventure Romance, Rom-Com). I love 9Tailed Fox, Goblin and My Love from a Star.

Any suggestions of others you have watched?

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I think you will probably enjoy The Legend of the Blue Sea.


One I really liked

and some others I watched and you might like


Yes, I love me some MINHO! I am currently watching this one. I tend to have several going at a time. Thank you!


Thanks! I will add those to my watchlist!


forget these most of the time, since they are no longer available for me, one is not to be fair, but was for quite some time

Perhaps I might remember more in time, I will post them then in case no one else does.


I think, I didn’t see these on your list

I don’t know if this one counts for you since it’s not really supernatural, but maybe you might still like it.

There were a lot of android/robot series around, how about that?


I have not heard of some of these. Thanks! Any Goblin that needs to go around kissing will make my day!:rofl: I am not opposed to robots. I am not a Robot I think is on my Watchlist. Thanks I will start adding these to my collection.


Thank you I appreciate it. I’m always looking for more to add to my collection.


I know a couple of these have already been mentioned…

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,
W - Two Worlds,
Master’s Sun,
Oh My Ghost,
Bring It On Ghost
Bride of the Water God,
Hotel Del Luna,
Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey,)
Uncanny Counter
Devil Punisher
Possessed (on Netflix, not the same as the one on Viki which I haven’t watched)
Mystic Pop-up Bar
Evergreen (aka That Man Oh Soo)
He is Psychometric


Yes, I have some of those in my Collection. But I will add any new ones. I love W:2 Worlds! Oh and Nam Joo Hyuk as the Water God! I have him definitely in my collection.



Oh thanks I’ll add these to my list and maybe they will make my collection! I’ve also started my second collection for all the Idols that are hidden in dramas. Oh WOW! I have not watched a Horror/Romantic drama these sound very interesting! Thanks!


Has Anyone Watched
“The Wolf”?


So far only the first episode.


Had ANYONE watched “The Scholar Who Walks the Night”


I did not but there was a thread


Thanks I’ll check it out. I really like Lee Joon-Gi in Lawless Lawyer.


… me too.


He is so unique looking and he is a Bad@## fighter