What supernatural dramas do you recommend?


Bonjour @kdrama2020ali, je te recommande l’Institut Moorim et Amour de Sorcière


I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the top contender. But that’s OK. I can do that now:


Yes, I think @kdrama2020ali might enjoy Moorim School.


@choitrio je le pense aussi, en tout cas moi je l’es adorée ^^


If you have not tried it yet


couple of times

heses mine

  1. oh my ghostness note check NF for olthr ones with that name
    3fvampire detective 1&2
    +4cant think of the name right now byt that detective had 2 seasaons, not tjhe one that became a ghost
    5student that walks at night
    6 night watchman
    7 green door
    8deluna motel
    9 the great doctor
    10 dr Jin
    11 nine 9 times time travel
    12 who are you, the older version
    13 golden eyes
    14 the item
    15 Queen in hyuns man
    16 prince on the rooftop
    17 masters sun
    18 legend of the blue sea
    19 bride of the watergod
    20, so I play with words, lord fox
    21 mystic popup bar
    22 Evergreen , and where can I watch it???
    23 he is psycometric
    24devil punisher
    25 uncanny counter
    26 whats the title of the one about a mirror, y’know, they reach through it?
    27 A korean odessy
    28 mentalist (I think that is what its called)


Oh thanks this list is AWESOME!
I have watched Legend of the Deep Blue Sea and Water God are in my collection. So lots of new ones to add!


Follow me! And bring some great additions to my collections!


Oh WOW this is one I have not heard about at ALL. Thanks!


Bonjour! Merci beaucoup! I will look at Moorim School!:blue_heart:


Thanks! I have just watched clips last night of Scholar that Walks the Night! Looks like my kinda drama


I think I forget this mini drama


Haha, this one always slips my mind, because I only started it shortly before it was ending and a few days after the airing ended it was no longer available for my region, there was a lot of commotion back then, I was lucky to finish it - or these trees might have made it into my dreams … :wink:


I loved Splash Splash Love. :blue_heart:


moorim schol is an awexsome watch, and then you notice these “kids” all grown up now and actors galore!!

and haven’t watched splash, splash yet!!! hmm will put it on my list


Il est magnifique se drama :smile:


So this is only 2 Episodes REALLY. Shortest kdrama ever


I lost track. Did we mention this one?

And Deserving of the Name unfortunately not here …


Nope new one! Awesome!

How about Chicago Typewriter

I Can Hear Your Voice
The Ghost Detective
Bring it on Ghost

I love 2 PM this is Taecyeon


I really enjoyed Chicago Typewriter.