What time zone are the watch parties happening?



What time zone is the Watch Party happening in? I am on U.S. Mountain time.

So I have Thurs, Fri and Sat listed as 8PM and Sunday at 4 PM.

This will be interesting because I watch Viki on my big screen Fire tv but I’ll have to have a laptop handy for chatting.

Added: Ok. I didn’t see the PST for some reason! (I need glasses but I already wear them! Now what do I do?!?) :nerd_face::grin:

Oh My Goodness! I’m trying to calculate a measley 1 hour time zone difference and my brain is going ‘zoink! pop!)’ and here, at one time, I was able to calculate the trajectory of a signal to a satellite…(for real)… yea, My brain is fried after doing tech support for so many years. Like Daylight savings time changes always mess me up too. :laughing:


There is no date yet, since it is postponed … Did you see any other announcement?


I believe they rescheduled it for this weekend. The time listed for me is 8pm for May 7, 8, and 9, and at 4 pm May 10.


Hi everyone, thanks so much for your patience as we finalized and confirmed things!

We’ve just updated the post with the new dates and times, which you can check out here:

Thanks so much for your patience, and we can’t wait to see you there!

The Viki Community Team


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lol. I can’t blame it on aging. It’s plain old incompetence. :laughing:


Sorry! I know is not about the age either lol. Those pills were recommended to me and my mother, by my 42 year old daughter that drinks them, too. She assured me they work, and so far… for my mother I haven’t seen too great of improvement in the memory department. But it has done wonders for me and my 42 year old daughter. In my opinion, the younger you are, the better results you’ll get. Is too late for my mother maybe because she’s 80 years old?