[Viki Community Team] April 2020 Updates - Community Survey + QC Gift 2019 Updates


Community Survey - Channel Team Recruiting

Hi everyone!

We’re conducting a survey to better understand channel team recruiting, and your input would be super appreciated! This is open to all channel roles, so we can get as many perspectives as possible. We thank you in advance for your help!

Take the Survey Now!

2019 QC Gift Updates - Additional Info Needed

We are really thankful for all your patience due to the delay of 2019 QC gifts because of COVID-19. The Viki Community Team and the gift company we’re working with, are resuming work on getting your gift out to you!

For all users who qualified for the 2019 gift and previously provided your address, we need additional information in order to mail your gift. Read more and fill out the form below. Thank you!

Fill out the form now

2019 QC Gift - Address Changes

We understand that some of you may be staying elsewhere due to COVID-19.

If you need to change your mailing address, please fill out the form below by Wednesday, May 6th 4PM PST.

Please note that further address changes will not be possible after this date.


Update address information here

Viki Watch Party - Beta Launch

Viki Watch Party launch has been postponed. Please visit this post for further updates.


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Thank you for the information! I’m looking forward to the Watch Party function.


Thanks for the updates, the party isn’t timely a good day, it’s my son’s moving day :sob:
Anyway the line up of past announcement is awesome :clap:
I understand the phone number need, but still it’s not that great, I get every day spam/scam calls…

I look forward to the surprise :star_struck: and thank you!


Hi @simi11 - The phone number is just needed to create the shipments, and I believe you should not receive a phone call unless your local postal service needs to contact you for delivery.

For the watch party, there’s also showtimes Thursday through Sunday!


Regarding the Recruitment poll:

  1. Small languages don’t usually have a separate role of an editor. The moderator is also the editor. So that section should be facultative.

  2. When asking about Chief Editor, you should have specified Chief English Editor.

  3. A pop up at the end of the survey was lacking. I wasn’t sure I was done with it. I clicked the next button and the next pop up I got was to allow cookies on SurveyMonkey. No, thank you.


I also dont like giving away my phone number, because of spam mails / calls, I was hacked twice and so on… isn’t there another way, then I would also like to get the gift .__. @vikicommunity


Dear @vikicommunity team, it is not always possible to complete the survey. After a few questions, I got a popup from surveymonkey asking if I accept their cookies. When I clicked on my response, I was automatically forwarded to the surveymonkey homepage. When trying to go back or accessing the survey anew by clicking the link in your email, I am forwarded to a site saying “You’ve already taken this survey” although I have only answered 4 questions or so. Now I cannot access the survey anymore to complete it. Any advice on this?

(also understanding the phone number for shipment purposes but still highly dislike the idea itself of having to give away my phone number even if it is only for this purpose, surely not all shipment companies require it)


It has 70 questions to fill, but depending on each role you have done, the survey is made to skip some questions:
If the person has answered she has never managed a channel, then the survey will skip questions related to managing a channel. Same if he has never been Chief segmenter.

Normally, they ask questions about each role from CM to moderator to Chief segmentor to Chief editor, how people recruit.

If someone has only done moderation, there should be 16 questions for ex out of 70.

(It’s from my friends’ feedback)


I had the same thing, not a true confirmation of survey finished only a box to accept cookies "my foot’ :wink: but in the http header there was a thank you, I saw it when I used the back arrow.


Hi, thanks! I do realize that some questions would be skipped depending on which roles one has had within the community. However, I’m not sure I have had the chance to answer all of the questions about which roles I have had. :sweat_smile: I did manage to complete which language I work most in and whether I have been CM, but nothing much beyond that. I’m not sure which question N° my last question was (admittedly 4 in my previous reply was probably exaggerated) but that is why I was assuming something must’ve gone wrong. Or otherwise a clear statement about having reached the end of the survey should be included as it seems to have confused other people as well. Anyway, if it’s solely about how people recruit without needing the perspective of those that get recruited I won’t need to participate in the first place. Hopefully it works for everyone else, though. :v: :kissing_heart:


Yes, I understand totally your doubts!
If Viki can give you a better answer on it (4 questions seem quite short!), that’d be helpful!

Plus, there’s usually a paragraph for us to write a few sentences we want to add at the end of their survey, but my friends told me they couldn’t add other comments.


I don’t recall the exact number was it q17 or so, about Chief Editor, the survey monkey wanted to “sell” cookies, I don’t use survey monkey, only for occasions like this one, so no, don’t want cookies. Closed the windows and there it was end of survey since survey monkey wants their cookies sold even if I think my data wouldn’t bring them anything.
So, oops but I am not able to revive the survey …


I just assumed the question about the Chief Editor was the end of the survey for me, since I’ve never been one.


I had a problem with the survey, I stared to answer and on the 8th question I had a pause of 2 minutes and when I returned my screen was as I had complety all the questions and submit it. I tried enter again but it says that I already did it (yes a incomplete survey). :frowning:


What’s the problem? As soon as you leave the website, you can tell your browser to delete all cookies, and in half a minute you’re done! I do it at least once a week. History, cookies, cache, from the beginning of time. Clean up a bit. On my other browser, I have put a setting to delete all cookies every time I close the browser. (I didn’t do it on this one because I want all my Viki windows to reopen when I come back and my Viki inbox settings to stay as they are)



From what I understand cookies can not only track you while being installed on your computer, but also network with other cookies you might wish to accept permanently and so receive your data even though you technically deleted them. Also, if you connect to the same website 3-4 times per year, for some purposes that is enough to collect all the data they need. And also it’s a matter of principle, why allow something that is not at all necessary? Third-party tracking cookies should be banned by law.


Ah, I routinely delete ALL of them. That’s why my inbox settings here have to be re-put.
Can’t you just tweak your browser settings to never accept third-party cookies but only “session cookies”? That would automatically solve the problem - although there are some sites that won’t let you use them unless you allow. Then, yes, of course there would be a problem.


Hi there! About the 2019 QC Gift Updates. I just saw the message in my inbox and it says:

‘Additionally, please note that if you need to change your shipping address, you have until TUESDAY, MAY 5, 11:59 PST to let us know.’

My question is… how can I let you know? The survey just asked for username, email and phone number. Is there a link for that or do I submit a request under the Login & Password issues?

It’s just I’ve never contacted anyone in support ^^


about QC Gift 2019
I have two email addresses, so I don’t remember which one I sent. In this case what should I do?
ps. I filled out a form with both of them so I hope there is no problem.
thank you


Hi @8sage,

If you need to update your mailing information, please use the form here by May 6. Thank you!

Viki Community Team