What type of phone do you use / is your favorite?

Just wanted to have some fun on Discussions, haha.

So I recently just switched my iPhone 6 in for the new Samsung Galaxy S8+, and I just LOVE it so much. My iPhone was just glitching all the time, and I began to dislike iPhones less and less after I saw what my dad’s Galaxy could do, so I was like, “You know what? I’m just gonna get the new Galaxy when it comes out.” One of the best decisions of my life! The display is gorgeous, I tell you. I really love the edge display and how clear photos/videos look; the camera is amazing, too! I’m just in love with it; can’t wait to see what else it can do! :blush:

So, my question is, what phone do you currently have / what phone(s) do you like the most?

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I have a new Pixel XL and I love everything about it. Fine camera. Fast. Beautiful graphics. Movies in crisp HD. I do not use the Google Assistant, although it is an incredibly convenient feature. Instead I use Firefox in dark mode and DuckDuckGo as a default search engine. I get more privacy and relief from most ads. Does one really want all of their favorite expressions, Internet searches, and speaking habits on Google’s servers? Regarding pricing–most of the high-end phones are too pricey! But we buy them.

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I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and before that S4 and before that S2. It seems I tend to upgrade every other time there’s a new version out. Trying to hold off a bit though since my phone still works perfectly fine.

I do love the SGS phones, but I admit that the S6 Edge has disappointed a bit. My screens are usually always pretty damn pristine save for a small nick here and there, but this one has cracked, and I’m not completely sure how/why. The upside (if one can call it that) is that when it’s on, I actually don’t see it and hardly even feel it unless I’m searching for it. Still. It bugs me. And since I suspect it to be because of the edge, I’m not paying the extra money for that next time. Apart from that, there were camera issues when I first got it but that was fortunately covered under warranty.

What I love about the SGS phones is that they’re fast, have very nice screens, play any game beautifully, and contain so many features you might never know about. Like an IR port. When my remote control for my upstairs TV got busted, I could easily switch to the phone with an app without having to deal with controlling via the internet (that TV has horrible web response time). It has a great camera. We had an expensive Canon camera we simply stopped using because our phones were comparable in quality. It has wireless charging. If the port busts (or you don’t want it to) just get a cheap wireless charger. Etc. Yes, I’m a fan.

But I admit, sometimes I think that perhaps I should try something new next time. :wink:

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My brother is thinking about getting the Pixel, but he has doubts because he doesn’t know if it’s better than the iPhone he has now. I’ll tell him about what you just said. Thanks!

I think the graphics are great on the Pixel; it seems like a really neat phone, but I don’t have much experience with one because none of the people around me have owned a Pixel.

And yes, phones are very expensive these days!

I love the Samsung! Personally I don’t see many flaws in my new Samsung aside for a minor glitch. My dad also had the S6 before the new one he just got, and I actually really liked that one, too. It was so much better than my iPhone and made me think about why I even had an iPhone, LOL.

I mean, changing to a new type of phone is fun! You get to experience a whole new “life” with it because each phone is unique and has different qualities to it. :slight_smile:

Haha, I’m gonna be the underdog here:)) I’m an absolute fan of HTC, I currently have the last M version (M…9, I guess…? Not sure though, as I’ve never been good with the pairing of letters and numbers :smiley: ) and I might sound really biased, but I love it :slight_smile: I also received recently a work cellphone, a hauwei y-something, and even though it’s a no-name brand (am I being ignorant…?:grinning:), the video quality and WiFi reach area are pretty good. My sister-in-law, who works at the same company as me, also got a work cellphone, a Samsung galaxy-something (well, she’s on a higher position than me:)), and she’s totally enchanted by it, saying it’s on pair or sometimes even better than her iPhone 6​:blush:


My last 3 phones where Samsung ones… the first one was nice, the 2nd was a fail as it barely lasted 2 years and had problems after a year already. My current one in a Galaxy Note 3 neo and it still works fine overal but due some latest updates it starts to have difficulties with the RAM memory and it crashes about once a month. So I’m starting to look around for a new one now… was thinking of an S6 but that’s too expensive.
And although I do like apple products I find the iphone too expensive and it’s not better then any other either. The only pro an iphone has is that it keeps it’s value and seems to last longer but I saw all iphone users around me switching to Samsung or Huawei.

Ohh and I don’t like black phones for some unknown reasons… I only had 1 black phone so far and that was due mistake. So far I had baby blue, navi blue, deeppink and white. And the navi blue was a nokia 3310 so I had a lot of covers for it. Now I saw a nice babypink/rose, white and gold phones.

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I had an iPhone 5c in 2014 and got last year an iPhone 6 since it was on sale. I have an iPhone only because of my kids they all have them and since some are overseas it’s easier with the communication because of imessaging and FaceTime calls which are free on wifi. I had in 2012 an entry Samsung smartphone but it ran out of hard memory and sometimes the functionality like internet browsing was very weak and slow, what I liked is the customizing and more control over the phone then on iPhone, it seems apple wants to have the control I also am not fond of iCloud…
There may be some good points with iPhone, it has never failed after 3 years, I haven’t used the new one yet exactly as I need to figure out the transfer without double eating the storage, something went wrong.
Anyway, in future I think I’d like to go back to Samsung, because of the downside with iPhone’s limited storage eating all your storage with frequent updates of iOs with xx GB, this is crazy and apple needs to fix that!

Btw I did not get a fancy color because I do lot of yard work and phone comes with me with a good cover case, I have also a waterproof case when I go kayaking.
One advantage with iPhone is the bluetooth pairing with hearing aids (without the loop), not all brands are compatible with Android.

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My friend has an HTC and loves it! I was actually thinking of switching to one a few years ago, but I ended up choosing the iPhone. And yes, I personally feel like Samsung is better than iPhone, so your sister-in-law may be right. :wink:

Samsungs are great; I guess they do start glitching and all after a few years because my dad began complaining his S6 was glitching a lot but still loved his phone. :slight_smile:

I and most of my family have had an iPhone for years now, but I don’t really understand why now. I look back and compare all the versions of the iPhone and see no big difference in the models/versions. They’re just adding small upgrades to the new iPhones for an expensive price. But yeah, the value of an iPhone is real steady and lasts for a good few years, but my iPhone 6 was NOT doing so well this past year (yikes).

Right?! I couldnt deal with having 16GB of storage and ran out because of all the software updates; it got to the point where I had 30 apps to update, couldn’t take any pictures, or download anything because I literally had no storage left. Thank goodness my new phone has 64GB, or I would’ve been doomed!

I haven’t called my friends using “FaceTime” yet, but I think they’ll just call me via Skype or Messenger. They were all so sad because they can’t FaceTime me anymore, LOL.

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My SGS6 isn’t glitching and I’ve had it since it launched. So it may be different from person to person. :slight_smile:

I usually wear my phones completely out (or smash them to bits) before upgrading. I am beginning to be greedy for a new phone because I love tech, but my SGS6 alas works perfectly fine. :wink:

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And don’t forget, you can add even more storage to your S8+ by adding a micro SD card.

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I’m a forever fan of iPhone. Even though dropping may be an issue, screen protection is a solution. I have iPhone 5. Often dropped it a few time but it works fine.

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lol sorry to resurrect this thread, but I probably should tell you that not long after I posted this reply, my SGS6 died without much of a warning. I got myself an SGS8+ because dammit it’s so pretty. Sigh.

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That’s the one that I have! It is indeed gorgeous; I just love how beautiful the pictures and videos I take look.

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I have a LG G3 now and it works pretty fine till today.
You can exchange the battery on your own, you can add storage, you have radio without wifi…
The camera is making great pictures and videos as well.

Also the updates from LG did not took away your storage with every update (as my last Samsung S4 which I had).

Also: In all the years it never ever crashed so I never had to do a reboot.

If there will be a new mobile from LG with exchangeable battery I will indeed buy one from this company; otherwise I might look out for the last version with exchangeable battery as that is one important point for me.


Huawei? It’s a well known chinese brand and they have amazing smartphones :slight_smile:


For 5 years I had a Samsung Ace 2, a very small smartphone, not many features, but I loved it.

Just 2 weeks ago I have bought a ZTE Axon 7 smartphone, a chinese brand. I searched through the internet, read comments and reviews, watched unboxing videos on youtube and… It has the features of those big flagship smartphones from high end companies, but is not so expensive. It was one of the big hits in 2016, when ZTE launched this smartphone for the first time and showed it on the electronic exhibitions.

5,5 inch AMOLED Display, 2560 x 1440 pixel, 20 MP camera, 8 MP front camera, 64 GB memory, could be extended up to 128 GB with a microSD card, Dual-SIM, Dolby-Atmos, the sound is great. Android 6.1, and not in black, but in gold. :slight_smile: It has a fingerprint lock, which works pretty fast and good.

Up today, I love this smartphone, it is very fast, makes good pictures, great display and it has not so many apps pre-installed, Samsung had many apps, I never used and couldn’t delete.


They added storage back in with the SGS8. But yeah, you can’t take out the battery any longer. And the SGS8, unlike the earlier SGS phones (not sure about 7 though) doesn’t seem to have IR. I get why they’d remove it, it’s probably not widely used, but I was using it to control my upstairs TV, dammit. sigh Other than that, so far no complaints. :slight_smile:

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