What was drama you watched most recently and what are you currently watching?

the last drama ive watched : Operation proposal

with these two lovelies xD

and Kim sam soon

and the one im curently watching… sweet 18. first episode and sooo funny so far.

cant put a pic because i dont want to find spoilers haha

anyways, what is the drama your currently watching and the last one(or two) you finished?? x)

i just finished watching two old drama though, The Moon Embracing The Sun, and Rooftop Prince :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m currently watching My Love From Stars, but since I can’t watch it here yet, I watch at another website

Funny thing is the last 2 dramas I finished aren’t Korean. But are somehow related.
One was a Taiwan drama called MY QUEEN that I really loved, it’s rare for a Taiwan drama to totally charm me, but it did. There will be a re-make, or is already in the making, airing? With the title A WITCH’S LOVE or so.
The other was a re-make of Korean drama FULL HOUSE with the same name made in Thailand now. And I absolutely loved it, since they really axed everything that annoyed me in the Korean version. That’s how you should do a re-make.
But the last 2 real Korean dramas I finished were I NEED ROMANCE 3, I liked this one for it’s balanced story and the wonderful cast.
And the 2nd would be CAN WE LOVE which I liked but it had some up and downs and situations, you just wouldn’t want to experience in your own life. So it was no pure funride.
Watching now:
Silly, funny BRIDE OF THE CENTURY my guilty pleasure.
WONDERFUL DAYS - I have weakness for family dramas.
BEYOND THE CLOUDS - another weakness of mine melos, but with the right mood and not too hasty. So this one is my kind of melo.
EMERGENCY COUPLE - some points I like, the most points …
CUNNING SINGLE LADY - I am still ready to give this one up, but who knows …

After watching “My lover from the stars” I watched “The master’s sun” since somebody said it can keep up with MLFTS. And I’m so disappointed now. Though “The master’s sun” is good but not as good as MLFTS. Maybe because the main couple is not as cute as Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi lol =))))

I just finished watching “Iljimae” and “Nine:9 time travel” :slight_smile: :blush:
Currently I’m watching 2 kdrama since there are 2 new episodes at week “Beyond the Clouds” and “Three Days” :slight_smile:

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I last saw “My Love from Another Star/You Who Came from the Stars”. Now I’m watching “3 Days”. “My Love from Another Star” was excellent and “3 Days” is also excellent. Happy to be watching something with Park Yoochun!

I’m also watching “Three Days” and really enjoying it!

The last dorama I saw was I need romance 3.
I’m watching Let’s eat, Mimi, In a good way, Deja vu, Cunning single lady, and today I want to begin to watch Secret love affair!

Just finished watching Full House Thai ver loveeeeeeeeeeeeed it they were sooooooooo cute

My newest crack addiction drama has got to be Bride of the Century I’m watching it raw whenever I can find it!!!

And ** Emergency Couple, Cunning Single Lady and God’s Gift** have me tuned in every week

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I just finished The King’s Daughter, Su Baek Hyung; and I’m watching Emergency Couple and Bride of the Century.

The last drama I saw was the moon embracing the sun with this cutie

And I’m currently watching cunning single lady, and that winter the wind blows… Kim bum is just asdfghjk MESMERIZING


But Gong Hyo Jin and Seo Ji Sub are great actress and actor too. My friend said it’s rare to see Seo Ji Sub wearing nice clothes and become CEO of a company since in his previous dramas his costume was like poor guy’s. So when she watched The Master’s Sun she was shocked lol :laughing:

The last dramas I saw were I Need Romance 3, Can we Love, Let’s Eat and My Love From the Star.

I’m currently watching Bride of the Century, God’s Gift, 3 Days, Beyond the Clouds, Emergency Couple, Cunning Single Lady and today I started Secret Love Affair. :smile:

ahh! glad to see everyone’s viewing allot of dramas lately! everyone seems to be watching the same things here xxD

does anyone here become addicted to watch k-dramas?


It’s true that they are good actors and I think I was disappointed just because of my high expectations. The whole story is okay but still there are some points I don’t like, for instance that he has to loose his memory about her. It’s too predictable and therefor boring. Also the whole thing between them at the end is really unnecessary.

All in all the drama is decent but it definitely can’t keep up with MLFTS.

Yes!! you are not alone.

Well yeah, i agree with you, its predictable, but overall I like that drama
I kinda like mystical and ghosts stuff, but if its too scary i won’t watch that anymore

Long live MLFTS!! LOL

Really?! Great!!
What’s your favourite drama?

Sorry I must be very annoying being so crazy about MLFTS but the truth is… I’m really obsessed with that drama right now =))))))))) Maybe since the effect is still fresh :smiley: