What was your first K-drama?


Secret Garden came up on my Netflix feed a few years back (I don’t know why) and I watched it, thought it was interesting and very different from anything I saw on Western TV. A bit of a culture shock. Never seen anything like it.

And now I’m here and watch Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Thai dramas. I like variety - I still watch Western shows but I also watch Asian/Eastern ones now.


My first Kdrama that I enjoyed and watched from beginning to end was SCARLET HEARTS RYEO…
I tried watching Kdrama years ago like WINTER SONATA which I also loved but never got a chance to finish the story so I guess that also counted as my first ever KDRAMA though never get a chance to go through the whole story.


So far I have watched W Two Worlds, Healer, Blood, Let’s Fight Ghost, Legend of the blue sea, Doctor Crush, Kill me heal me and Goblin. All of them were awesome for me.
My first was W Two Worlds. It blew me away. Though i’m looking for recs now. I am fairly new to the k drama community


Try Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. I promise you won’t be disappointed.


Try PINOCCHIO is with LEE JONG SUK same actor from “W”.
MASTER SUN and OH MY GHOSTESS are both with ghosts ,and like SOPHIE2YOU said STRONG WOMAN DO BONG SOON. They are all very good
PINOCCIO is romance/drama and the others 3 are more romance/comedy {is just my opinion} .Enjoy


my first drama was my love from the stars


My first kdrama was Tree of Heaven (2006) with Park Shin Hye and Lee Wan.


My first Kdrama was Boys over Flower.
I was looking for US series and I found by chance a website with asian dramas. I had never heard about those dramas… And now I’m a Kdramas addict! Lol :wink:


Took a day getting lost on Hulu and found my first K-Drama: “My Love From Another Star” with Kim Soo Hyun, Jun Ji-Hun, and Park Hae-Jin. LOVED IT!! (I totally recommend it to those who haven’t seen it yet.


It was my first K-drama.
I remember some disgusting moments in the movie. Brrrr.
But it’s ok. First Shop of Coffee Prince makes me feel better about KDrama.


Much the same with me. I was checking out Hulu for a series I had heard was good and discovered ‘Master’s Sun’ it was the first time I ever watched a Kdrama and got hooked. It was so funny and enjoyable that when the next one came along I watched it also. Now I watch about 4 a week. It’s only 1 hour at the end of the day and I’ve discovered some really good ones.


My first ever K-Drama was “To The Beautiful You” (aka Hana Kimi) because I watched first Hana Kimi Taiwan and then found out that there is a korean version as well…
The second K-Drama was Faith - The Great Doctor and after that Boys Over Flowers :smiley: Thats all I ever watched as well, I guess. ^^


Mine was Playful Kiss.


I stopped watching American TV because of many reasons. I switched to Hulu and wanted watch foreign films, I stumbled upon Worlds Within with Hyun Bin and then found Viki :wink: and continued with SEGA (Secret Garden Hype) and tons of historicals like Jumong, The Great Queen of Seon Deok, Slave Hunters, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, The Painter in the Wind, Iljimae and many more. Back then I think Viki had mostly Korean historicals or perhaps I wasn’t interested in Chinese… not sure. Anyway, due to Kocowa many good ones are gone or restricted for some ;(


mine was Lovers in Paris back in 2004 hahaha #kdramaAddict eversince then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



My first drama ever was the taiwanese drama “Autumn Concerto” which made my crying like a child because the story was so damn sad and tragic. But nevertheless I enjoyed everything from it.

And after that my first kdrama was “I Miss you” where I loved everyone of the drama, which is also very good as a first impression as well.

And since then my path on asian drama’s has begun without an ending because now it’s the 7th or the 8th year since I started to watch asian dramas.


My first K-Drama was Legend Of The Blue Sea
Here I met Lee Hin Ho and he stole my heart. After that I watched all of his Dramas and then I lost myself in Korean drama, music and culture. :joy::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



strong woman do bong soon :lengua_atascada::mueca:


My first Kdrama was Princess Hour/Goong. It made me fall in love with Park Shin Hye :heart::heart::heart: