What was your first K-drama?


Mine too O It was my very first drama and it was awesome, all the feels and the chemistry between these guys and LEE HYUN WOO :heart_eyes: He is my first K-Drama love and my very first love and he still is, that’s why I still enjoy this drama, it’s so awesome O


I just recently began watching my first Kdrama, Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim, and well… what can I say… it got me hooked. I’ve watched quite a few pilot episodes by now, put a lot dramas on my “to watch”-list and just want to spent my whole day on Viki. :sweat_smile:


Mine was either Boys Over Flowers or Dream High.


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My first Kdrama was Pinocchio :heart_eyes: :gem:


City Hunter :yum:


She Was Pretty and I’ve been hooked ever since on Kdramas!!


My first K-drama was Boys Over Flowers, but I disliked it quite a lot because of Koo Hye Sun as she was continuosly yelling and I didn’t like Korean that much (now I love both, the Drama and the language).
Then, I watched You’re Beautiful and fell in love with it!


oh gosh its like remeber 100 years back… My very first drama was a pretty old one “all In”. I watched that drama with my mom actually. And the drama was dubbed.


Mine was Boys over Flowers~!! <3 <3 _AMAZING DRAMA



My love from the stars :slight_smile: (I watched “madly in love” too, but I never finished it because they changed actors).


My first k-drama was Save the Family on KBS World. I was just watching tv and there was nothing good on. Then I found KBS World channel with Save the Family on and I continued watching it. It was the time my love for korean, taiwan and chinese dramas started. :slight_smile:


Like some of you, my first Kdrama was Full House ! :smiley:
But it wasn’t my first asian drama ! My first asian drama was a taiwanese one, Devil Beside You ! Full House was my second asian drama… and my third asian drama was Hana Yori Dango haha ! I experienced the three main asian-making-dramas-countries right at the beginning ! :smiley:


My first K-Drama is Heartstrings :smile_cat: Love it so much :3


My first drama was All About Eve like 8 or 9 years ago.


My firt K-Drama was Pinnochio :heart_eyes:


My first K-drama was Autumn in My Heart aka Autumn’s Tale aka Endless Love. I remember watching it with my whole family. But what really got me into K-drama land, I think it was My Name is Kim Samsoon. Old enough lol


Sunbae Kim Hyung-joong :blush: :heart_eyes:

My first K-Drama was Boys over flowers followed shortly by almost every one that hulu offered until I ran out there and immediately came here, lol. Help! I think I’m addicted. :flushed:


My first KDrama was Doctors. I really liked it. I don’t know which one I should watch next, but I’ll check out a lot. :slight_smile:


My first drama ever was EXO Next Door.It helped me a lot with the members and it also made me to watch more dramas in general:) P.S.Sorry for my bad English:(