What was your first K-drama?


My First KDrama was You’re Beautiful
and my second drama was Full House


Then I will have to read (and watch) it too : D But I guess that it won’t be in any libraries here too (sigh there is ‘sooo much’ asian things in Poland [ah, that irony…] ;-; )


ahhh why does that happen?? :confused: lol aww you live in poland? cool !! ^ ^ yea, asian things need to be spread around allot more!! hahaha we have to make that happen…


Haha, totally agree : D


Well I admit that she really improved her acting I like her in Angel Eyes and I think she fits in this role perfectly. Just BOF wasn’t my thing I am sorry towards everybody who loves that drama


yes me too ^^


My first k-drama was also Boys Over Flowers. Must be a classic already. :slight_smile:


Something very similar happened to me but it was ‘Masters Sun’ that was enough I was hooked. Many attempts later I found this site and asked one contributor for suggestions and he put me onto a few he recommended the rest is history. Viki now on every day for me.


My first was -You’re beautiful-


If I remember correctly I think it might have been either Boys over Flowers or You’re Beautiful
I remember BOF because when I was watching it I had no idea there was a difference between J K T dramas, they all looked the same (not anymore) they kept saying ‘Anya’ (=which means no) I kept thinking they were talking about a person named Anya and I was confused the first few episodes who they were talking about >~<


My first was Marry Me, Mary! I found it while channel surfing, and I stumbled across KBS World. I remember being confused about the airing schedule, since I was used to dramas airing mon-fri.
After MMM ended, I watched Dream High, which made me more interested in kpop.


Playful Kiss. It was in my YouTube recommendations. Glad I decided to watch it.


wow thats different! i never heard marry me mary as a first xD i loved that show. yay! dream highhh yes. that made me interested in kpop too. though i was exposed to kpop a bit first.


mine was ‘playful Kiss’ as well- my sister intruduced me to it. Sadly she herself doesnt really watch kdramas- she jut liked this one and love rain (which i didnt watch yet) :frowning:

I’m nnew to this ‘world’ (ok I’m already 2 months ‘old’) and hope some could recommend as well :wink:

I’ve started with animes, then went ro the manga section (while my sis was googling soundtracks and into jpop), than my sis recommended me kpop (not to far fetched after jpop) and i got into webtoons (best of em all is ‘Tower of god’ :blush: ) and well now it kdrama. Lets see where my journey will go on ^^


My first was I think Pure in Heart or Heart 19, I think it was called. The actress who played in Boys Over Flowers was the female lead and it was in the early 2000’s. I just returned to Kdramas after many years. Mainly, if it has Lee Dong Wook in it I am watching it. :smile: I am really happy to be back into them after all this time.


I honestly can’t remember since I am Korean, my family watches Korean dramas all the time so I can’t exactly remember which one was my very first one. But Stairway to Heaven is what I remember the most from the list of dramas I watched back then.


I also had Boys Over Flowers as my gateway drug, followed shortly by You’re Beautiful.


I think it was Stairway to Heaven.


cain and abel omgomgomg loved that one


My first was Lets eat!!

I was watching youtubers Eat Your kimchi at the time and they had mentioned korean dramas like Heartstrings and Boys over flowers in the past but I had never bothered. Finally they had a “viewing party” of sorts watching the first ep and I got hooked! After that it was all over haha.

I think next I watched BOF because I had heard so much about it, or maybe heartstrings or secret garden…I can’t remember.