What was your first K-drama?


My first also!! This was the reason that i fell in love with K-drama!!
I watch Full House six times now!


Mine was Bright Girl’s Success (2002) starring Jang Na Ra and Jang Hyuk. :smile:
Am I bit too old?


My Girlfriend Is a Nine-Tailed Fox


You Are My Destiny


My first Kdrama where Faith.


I only watched this one after ‘Fated’ as they were so good together one comment said I should look it up. I loved it these two are very talented haven’t yet seen them fail in any drama they’ve made.


Ah indeed one of the best, very high up on my list. More mature too than many being made and aired now.
I started to watch ‘Bromance’ which is the same but not quite as good as ‘Coffee Prince’


My first drama was “To the Beautiful You” :heart: and he is still in my favorites dramas ! :relaxed:


my first kdrama was secret garden. It is still my favorite.


My first kdrama is Oh my venus


I would say that my first K-Drama was Boys Over Flowers, but honestly saying - I don’t really remember.
But I am sure that Boys Over Flowers was at least one of the very first K-dramas I have watched :smile:

I started to watch more actively 2012 and at that time Faith, Ghost and Vampire Prosecutor are my absolute favourites and probably one of the numerous reasons why I am still watching K-dramas nowadays.


Secret Garden!


Wow… me too thanks to boys before flowers I am now madly in love with Korean :smiley drama


I can’t recall my very first Korean drama. I started watching Japanese drama. I do remember Full House as one of my, “Oh my God, I can’t get enough of this…what’s going to happen next,” dramas. ;D


I’m currently watching Ghost! Loving it so far :smile: Just wish that the main girl would be more useful though…haven’t finished the series yet, so don’t tell me any spoilers! :grin:


My first Kdrama was ‘My Love From Another Star’. I still love it! But weird thing is, I have yet to watch the last episode! PM me with suggestions to similarly awesome dramas like MLFAS and Ghost, anyone :grin:!


I won’t :wink: But I really enjoyed that drama. Those 4 that I listed earlier are dramas that I actually watched more than once. I like to go back to series I really liked and watch them again with maybe a little bit different eye :smile:


It was the Snow Queen. Then I watched Dal Ja’s Spring. Then I was hooked.


Haha :grin:

I’ve never actually re-watched any drama but I can see myself re-watching MLFAS. Probably because it’s been a long time since I watched it. But it’s sad when a show that you love ends. I always go and watch behind the scenes, funny moments and interviews once I finish watching a series. Gives a bit of closure, I guess. :joy:


My first KDrama was Full House! That Bear song can’t be forgotten… hahaha! & Rain was also my first idol. <3