What were the best BLs of 2023?

Calling all BL watchers and lovers! Hi!

What do you think were some of the best (or your favorite) Asian BLs that came out in 2023? :blush:

Some of my favorites were Our Dating Sim, Star Struck, Jun & Jun, and The Eighth Sense (all are Korean, but not on purpose, lol!).

Curious to hear about your favorites!


For me: Kiseki dear to me, A shoulder to cry on, only friends, our dating sim


I really liked A Shoulder to Cry On too! :grin:


Stay With Me is on top of my list, followed by Kiseki: Dear to Me. I also liked You Are Mine and Step By Step very much.
From these shows the behind the scenes and YT shorts are cute too.


Yes!! I’m glad someone mentioned Stay With Me! I loved it too! I almost forgot about Step By Step :sweat_smile:… I need to rewatch it because I remember really liking it too. The slow burn of the main couple was so good!


Hi! One of my favorites (though not was too popular) was “Be My favorite”. It has a good story and great characters. The other one’s are “I Can’t Reach You”, “Danger Romance”, “Moonlight Chicken” (Heart and Liming was so cute), and “Last Twilight” but I don’t know if counts 'cause has not ended yet :thinking:. The Eighth Sense also was one on my favorite (I loved it when the song “The story” of Conan Gray played).


I highly recommend “Last Twilight”… it’s new but one of those get you by the heart strings ones. There isn’t an episode that you don’t have a tear in your eye.

There is also “Pit Babe” brand new… has a bit of scifi to it.
Shocked that nobody mentioned “Bad Buddy”… that one was a tremendous fan favorite as well as “Cutie Pie”.

Let’s not forget “Semantic Error”… or the XXXX of “KinnPorche”… and TharnType (which I think set the standard for BLs)…


Hey, Rae!!

For me definitely was:

• 1° Last Twilight; (On Going)
• 2° Only Friends;
• 3° Kiseki: Dear To Me;
• 4° Night Dream; (On Going)
• 5° Cooking Crush; (On Going)
• 6° Be My Favorite;
• 7° Between Us;
• 8° The Eighth Sense;

“An with this… the 2023 season comes to an end” - LOL. I('m) really enjoyed(ing) watching all of it! I highly recommend this little list. Also, I do know that there are much more, but for me, this is the top 8 which I felt soooooo warm while watching.


Hey magaf!

Everyone keeps mentioning “Kiseki: Dear To Me” so I need to watch that asap! I admit I’ve neglected watching BLs from Taiwan and have been really focused on Korean, Japanese, and Thai BLs. :sweat_smile:

Have you watched “About Youth”? That’s technically a 2022 Taiwanese BL, but I loved it and rewatched it many times this year! It’s got that “Hannah Montana” I’m secretly a rockstar vibe, lol!


I’m currently watching “Last Twilight” as well! “Pit Babe” is on my list!! :hugs:

I did love “Semantic Error” etc., but I didn’t mention those because they’re technically from 2022! Still amazing BLs though.

For me, the 2020-2022 era has some of my most comforting, rewatched BLs, like “Cherry Magic!” “Kissable Lips” “Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But to Kiss” “Light On Me” and so many more!

Thanks for the reply! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh, duh! I just saw “best BLs” and didn’t finish reading the header. LOL! My bad!


Only Friends is super dark! It was hard to watch in some episodes. Didn’t know about Night Dream, pulling that one up. Cooking Crush is okay. Sadly, it’s boring me to tears. I was hoping for the same vibes from Theory of Love… but nope, ain’t happening. Eighth Sense, I watched a couple of episodes and was turned off. One of the MLs was so anorexic looking it was a total turn off. I tried to hold on, but it grossed me out.

Is a remake of the Chinese BL “Heroine”, the two characters names combined in Chinese made the name. Sadly, Viki used to have ALL the episodes before China threw the smackdown and removed or edited most parts of the drama. It was VERY graphic. And held true to the original novel. I’m happy to say I saw the whole thing before it happened. If you were to watch it now, I think Viki still has the edited version, it’s not the same. China just chopped it up and threw it back at us.

Thailand has remade this!! You have to dig to get it. They started airing it on GMMTV and then they removed the first 2 episodes and pretty much told the international fans we weren’t so lucky.


I really liked the overall vibe, aesthetic, and indie feel of The Eighth Sense! I also appreciated the mental illness/health topic too. It overall felt very unique compared to other (BL) K-dramas, to me! The soundtrack was really cool too!


Only Friend - Fact! LOL. There were some episodes where I couldn’t take it, you know? To watch this you need to have a very strong mind​:laughing:. Every line of them has a content of sex - I’m not joking, I’m being serious, there was a part of an episode (approximately 20min on YT) where every single line of them was about sex! I was like… :grimacing::neutral_face::dotted_line_face: LOL. But I loved the way that GMMTV had to maintain the love stories intact. Like… the message I got was: “sex is part of relationship, sometimes it strengthens, but also are not necessary and can make people realize what kind of person you’ll gonna be on a relationship.” - And the way they built those relationship on a ‘street, violent, angry, lovely… way’ was very interesting… anyway. On my mind this makes sense LOL.

Night Dream - @kakashiandme I think you’ll gonna love this one. I’m in love, but sadly it’s just 6-8 episodes, I guess. It’s Thai also and YOU *KU has it!

“Kissable Lips” by far . the plot is really intriguing, and Jiwoong acting is above the world (love my purple buttlerfly so much), by far my favorit bl show ive ever watched


Yes, thank you, someone else that loves Kissable Lips as much as me! I know many people made jokes and references to Twilight, but man, I love the combo of a cold blood-sucking vampire and a sweet innocent human boy. This is one of my comfort shows that I rewatch when I’m feeling down. :sob::heart:

In general, a lot of people loved Our Dating Sim, it wasn’t a favourite of mine but it definitely got me hooked when I watched it. But, I’ll have to 100% agree that The Eighth Sense was one of the best, not just out of 2023 but out of BLs as a whole - big statement ikr… There’s just something so beautiful and unique about it that deserves to be commended to a high degree. I can talk on and on about it but I’ll save it for later lol.
Other favourites of mine were Our Dining Table - a Japanese bl. No one’s mentioned it so I’m guessing it’s still quite unknown. It has quite a simple plot but it was really really heartwarming~
And also Last Twilight, my god has P’Aof (the director) done it again. Hasn’t ended yet but it’s just soooo good!!


Our Dining Table has been on my list since it came out. I’ll try to watch it soon since most people speak highly of it! :grin:

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If dramas that are still ongoing are also allowed, then it’s definitely The Sign.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen a BL like this one.


I like The Sign, too. But I feel like there are many plot holes. Hope to see it on Viki tho, too.

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