What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?

i knoww this is gonna be hard for some of you guys, and your gonna want to kill me xD xP but

what is the best, ALL TIME FAVE drama you ever saw? also what is the best classic old drama you ever watched.

  1. Best drama you ever saw, your #1 drama.EVER.
  2. Best old drama that you have ever saw (one of the classics or an older drama, it doesnt have to be that old,for example, heartstrings)
  3. You can also mention if you like, what drama is your favorite of now,but make sure to mention the above 2.

also would like to know what your all-time-favorite Taiwanese drama is? or top 2


the best drama i’ve ever saw is between Rooftop Prince and The Moon Embracing the Sun… it’s hard to choose between 'em
the best old drama I’ve ever saw is Jewel in the Palace! My very first k-drama!!
and my favorite drama now is The Master’s Sun, since I haven’t finish watching My Love From The Star… maybe after I finish that my answer will change LOL

My all-time-favorite Taiwanese drama? The Chinese title is 草山春暉 (cao shan chun hui). I don’t know the english title of this drama, but this drama tells real story of someone’s life, REAL one…
the second is Autumn Concerto

how about yours?

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  1. Best drama EVER: maybe City hunter…
  2. Best old drama: the moon embracing the sun so far
ALL TIME FAVE: My Love from the Stars
Masters Sun closely followed closely by Gu Family Book
Favorite ongoing: Bride of the Century (I just watched it today RAW. Episode 9 had the best ending and preview. Understanding Korean was not even necessary.)

Taiwanese: Autumn’s Concerto

1.- Secret.
2.- Coffee Prince.
3.- Emergency Couple.


Since we are talking about Korean Dramas, then my ultimate favs are:

Best Kdrama EVER: My Love From The Star
Best Old/Classic Kdrama: Stars Falling From The Sky

All Time Favorite TWdrama: Lan Ling Wang

Best kdrama: A Love To Kill
Old Drama: Ja Myung Go

-Faith, Arang and The Magistrate, Gu Family Book, The Moon Embracing The Sun
-Master Sun, Two Weeks, Swallow the Sun, Rooftop Prince, You’re Beautiful

Best Action: IRIS
Best Comedy: SMILE, YOU
Best Historical: DAE JANG GEUM

I especially wrote some of them to have people seen if not yet :wink:


I really love Jang geum !
I don’t know many ppl who like this historical since it’s a little bit older…
Can’t wait for Jewel 2, I really look forward


Yea it’s little a bit old that’s why i don’t think they would make its season 2. But they may remake it. Who knows?
Still this one is the best forever for me…

The drama - Faith

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Best drama ever for me - Faith
Old drama : Kingdom of the winds (since someone already mentioned jewel in the palace )
Best in 2014 which is completely aired : My love from the stars

Just you

But there are too much to mention


i agree with you… I also really love Jang Geum!!

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-the best drama BOYS OVER FLOWERS it was my first k-drama and playful kiss :wink: it was my second
-secret garden the best old drama i ever saw and goong

  • for now i haven’t watch any t-drama ^^’ but i’m going to watch Rock ‘n’ Road and in good way :slight_smile:
    but i have many k-drama that i really like

the best drama I’ve ever saw is winter sonata
the best old drama I’ve ever saw first love 1996
my favorite drama for now is hotel king

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King 2 Hearts, I think it is one of my favourite.
Old dramas… There were a lot of…

Taiwanese : Fated to Love You, In Time With You, In a Good Way.


Uhmm, this is a tough one. I don’t really have 1 favourite, I like them all …(the ones I have watched so far) >__<
But I like the stories from “My love from the star” and “Secret Garden”, I really like the music in those Dramas too. I think “The mysterious housekeeper” has a beautiful story. Choi Ji Woo is a really great and beautiful actress! I also just finished watching “Emergency Couple” and I loved it! Song Ji Hyo is so funny! Oh, and Heirs is really fun, everyone loves Lee Min-Ho. XD

As for taiwanese dramas,
“Fated to love you”, “Devil beside you”, “Just you” and the one I am currently watching “Fall in love with me” are the ones that I like the most! I love the stories and I like the main characters in those Dramas too. Especially Mike He and Rainie Yang from “Devil beside you” and Aaron Yan and Guo Xue Fu (Puff) from “Just You” . After “Devil beside you” there came a second drama, “Why why love”, that starred Mike He and Rainie Yang as main leads again, but I didn’t really like it as much as “Devil beside you”.
Hope this answers some of your questions (:

Btw, did you know that Katherine Wang, Liang Kai Te, from “Just you” also starred in “Devil beside you” and now plays in “Fall in love with me” again with Aaron Yan and Xie Qiong Nuan? O:


Wow, great questions

My fav. Kdrama: Secret (based on the factor that I most likely will re-watch this drama because I don’t rewatch anything)

My fav older Kdrama: Playful Kiss ( my first kdrama and will always hold that special place in my heart or it maybe because my first bias is Kim Hyun Joong

My fav Kdrama NOW: Secret Love Affair & Gap Dong (can’t choose)

Can’t say Taiwanese drama because I can never make it past a few episodes of watching one

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I can vouch for that one. It has my emotions in a vice. I’m in so deep.

Best drama : master’s sun
Classic drama : Princess Man
Taiwanese : Autumn Concerto