What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?

really? i didnt know that. thats cool i loved the characters from just you! i will soo watch that soon. i suggest the t-drama “hi my sweetheart” to you. its really good after ep. 5 it gets great!! with rainie and show lou. i LOVE Secret garden!!! i just finished it and the music is just fantastic. hyun bin is another one that stole my heart. i also want to watch emergency couple soon. i love the mysterious housemaid too!! your right she is beautiful. her acting is wow so good. i couldnt have done that role without laughing, staying serious is hard!

thank you xD i love playful kiss its definitley one of my old favorites that i will rewatch. kim hyun joonngggg! is lee joon creepy ? XD i love him, im kind of scared to watch it lol

its okay yes, some of them are really long T.T its hard for me to finish them.

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This is so hard to narrow down! Ok I’ll try…

2. Lie To me ( My first K-Drama!)
3. Secret Love Affair
My honorable mentions if I may lol: Iris and City Hunter
I haven’t seen Taiwanese ones yet.


Coffee Prince since it has stood the test of time and re-watches. I would recommend it to anyone.


My opinion about Gap Dong is that it is more intense than it is creepy but Lee Joon makes it creepy as hell…lol I have already deemed him as the go to actor for all things creepy.

I would have already perished from his hands because I can’t get past how Hawt he is…lol

I would recommend watching it. So far it’s nothing like the movie Confessions of a murderer.

ahhh another coffee prince lover! i WILL rewatch this one. i would say thats a good pick, as being the best kdrama youve seen xD

LOL me too!! even tho i havent started it yet, i would have died at the first hello from his beauty LOL.


I really liked Greatest Love. And My Love From Another Star. And Master’s Sun and Lie to Me. And Gentleman’s Dignity… You don’t realize how hard it is to choose " the best drama" until somebody asks. It’s like that awkward moment when someone asks you to choice your favorite drama and only pick one.

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I can say he is a boss in being creepy lol
How can he be that hot and psycho at the same time? Really like the drama agree with

@b​Dimanovic It’s very intense and exiting for me at least.

If you like crime and psycho stuff watch it ! Buut not at night !!!

I´m totally agree with you in best comedy and romance!!!

I absolutely love the drama. After watching episode 4, I am convinced it will get even more intense and maybe heading toward even being more creepy

@b2utybubbles I agree with @dramaaaaa. It’s worth watching but not at night…hehe

Hahahahah I am lucky I didn’t try but mellie did after I recommend the first 2 episodes and had nightmares after that feeling guilty lol

Trick question. Whichever one I am watching right now.


@bDimanovic omg!! now i want to try and test it out at night to see what you guys are talking about! LOL no no… its that thats the only time im on the computer… hhahahaha omg well im scared now.
of course lee joon would be creepy, since he’s soooo good acting! so he would do a good job at it lol.

here are some music vids he’s acting in, in case anyone wants to see a different side of his acting to lighten the disturbance of creepy joon LOL. in one of the vids, he’s a sweet guy turned mad, and in the other one, a silly cute guy .




  1. Best I’ve ever saw was… haha, hard to tell. Maybe City Hunter.
  2. Best of the olders… Pasta
  3. My fave is King 2 Hearts right now, but before that I loved My Girlfriend is a Gumiho the best.
  4. Taiwanese: Just You and now I’m watching Fall in love with me.

fall in love with me’s so good, isnt it?!

I’ve never waited for Monday like that before :smiley:

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Boys over Flowers, no doubt about it!

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  1. “The moon embracing the sun” I can rewatched it a thousand times
  2. I can’t choose between “Coffee prince” and “The greatest love”.

And as for my favourite Tdrama, that’s hard… I’d say “Love, now” it’s a bit long (72 episodes) but very special to me. I love the main couple story. I’m also watching “Fall in love with me” and it’s awesome !

i did like that one xD i dont like historicals too much maybe cuz i also havent watched much, but i like that one!

ah wasnt coffee prince the best!! i would choose coffee prince, but greatest love was hilarious too and different i liked that one too.

i sooo wanted to watch this one, but i dont think i have the time or patience for a full 72! still, i want to watch some of it someday.

OMG loveee this one.