What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?

I can’t name a favorite one. If I don’t like a drama I won’t watch it. From over 230 dramas (korean) I’ve watched till now, I liked them all, that’s why they’re on my list. The titles I won’t forget in a lifetime are my first drama Star in My heart (1997 - watched it in spanish, no eng subs before; now you can find it), I am sorry I love you, Tree of heaven and Empress Ki. I really loved and rewatched Splash Splash Love for many times and Universe’s Star as well. A special drama is the Reply series as well. And, if I will not stop here, I won’t ever finish to write about this. :slight_smile:

  1. Best ever: Korean: Six Flying Dragons. But the really best ever is japanese Nobuta wo produce.
  2. Best old: Oh Dal Ja’s Spring.
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Healer, who are you, I hear your voice, strong woman, voice oh my ghostness, lets fight ghost, goblin, black, detective that sees ghosts, stranger, lookout, so many good ones!

do I have enough space to put my favorites on here???

Mystery: Signal
Rom-com: Because This is My First Life
Historical: Iljimae

Probably Goblin. good story, great cast, great scenery/cinematography.

I struggle with old dramas - not just Asian ones because the special effects or visuals are atrocious. I loved them at the time but they feel dated when I go back to watch them again.

A Love to Kill…was so good, but soooo sad…I couldn’t stop crying…

  1. Most fav: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It is the first Kdrama I finished watching and the only Kdrama to make me weep so hard. I’ve cried watching other dramas, but Scarlet Heart turned me into a river.

  2. Fav Classic: How to Meet the Perfect Neighbor. This one is an oldie, but oh I like it so much! I had to choose between this one and My Lovely Sam Soon.

  3. Current fav: Love Alarm (on NF) and Black. I finished watching these already, but they impressed me so much, that is why I put both of them as my current fav

Best ever up until now I consider Confession ( 2019) for its great plot, suspense, characters and performances
Then comes The Smile has Left your Eyes for its realism and character development too.
And then comes Last that deals with a very interesting subject.

From period/costume dramas I favour The Secret of the Three Kingdoms.

I would add to this list Goblin that had some moments of pure lyricism but unfortunately it spoiled everything with its non needed repetitive melodramatic nonsenses.

The main problem of most of dramas is that the writers are trying to mix and match different genres in order to catch all sort of audiences. This doesn’t work in most of the cases. Its impossible to create for instance a cute tragedy. It would be either cute, or a tragedy. :smiley: It is impossible to have the best of both these worlds in the same drama neither inject some cute moments in a story plot that is by default tragic. Same applies on all different genres.

The best K-drama I’ll say that I watched is Goblin, moonlight drawn by clouds, and reply1988, these 3 shows really impressed me when I watched them the first time.The best older drama’s she was pretty, fated to love you and what’s up fox. My current favorite drama is Extra-ordinary You it’s so funny and the lead is one of the most relatable that I’ve seen in a Korean drama PERIOD…

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hi ! I watch the first episode the empress ki and i want just continued but i can’t watch the others episodes…A person know a web site or link? I am so desperate!!

I love playful kiss too I knew he always liked her (I forgot their names)

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Best Hystorical: “Mr. Sunshine”, “The Moon embracing the Sun”, “Faith”
Best Comedy: “Reply 1997”
Best Romance: “The Heirs”
Best Action: “City Hunter”
Best Suspence: “The Lies within”
Best Melo: “My golden Life”

And also I love a lot: “The smile has left your Eyes”, “Cheese in the Trap”, “Because is my first Life”, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”, “Moment of Eighteen”, “Love Alarm”, “Secret Affair”, Familiar Wife" and more…


I watched it on Netflix

  1. The Crowned Clown HANDS DOWN.
  2. I don’t know if it’s really old, but my favorite older dramas are Arang and the Magistrate, Moon Embracing The Sun, and High School King of Savvy (my favorite rom com drama)
  3. Same as #1

My favorite Taiwanese drama is It Started With A Kiss. It was kind of the push that sent me into the drama rabbit hole.

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:smile::smile: The drama rabbit hole:joy:



Goblin - Guardian the Lonely and Great God is my #1 and I am up to almost 300 dramas!
Stays the same always #1

The bromance is beyond anything!!! And the stories inside are so beautiful and intertwined and make you THINK!!! And who does not love Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook

(2) Coffee Prince with Gong Yoo is a Oldie favorite

(3) Lost Romance for Taiwanese - Marcus Chang


it had all the things I love to see in dramas. A strong pretty woman, a sexy man in love, believable fantasy world, and the best music [OST] in a drama that matched every scene with a song. I can be 100 years old, and I know I’ll never forget Korean Drama: Secret Garden.

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Queen Seon Duk. :heart_eyes:
The main cast was amazing: Lee Yo Won, Go Hyun Jung, Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Nam Gil, Park Ye Jin.

Mishil is one of the best drama characters. Bidam made everyone fall for him…
Even the child actors were amazing.



The Moon Embracing The Sun

Still my absolute favorite even after so many kdramas released after it.

I could watch it from start to finish without ff.


And one of the best villains ever :woman_supervillain::woman_supervillain: