What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


Yeah her Dad and Ajussi were great. I have to say he has been the best representation of a loving parent I have seen in any show, anywhere. He accepts her completely and that is lovely to see.


The Dad was so funny with the Healer :smiley:


Best: One Well-Raised Daughter.
First: Cinderella´s Sister
Best Historian: Queen Insoo

Taiwanese: none


I couldn’t finish One Well-Raised Daughter when I knew that the guy didn’t have the girl…


That depends on which guy you wanted it to be. :wink:


I loved the dancing! It was just so sweet, the two of them.


I liked Sul Do Hyun :cry:

But I had the little satisfaction that they formed a couple in the real life for a moment.


i used to think it was “My Love from another Star.”
now, by far, the best kdrama i’ve ever seen is “Scholar Who Walks the Night.”


Well old is subjective, so I won’t go there. I’ve watched some good, some not so good. One of the best, in my opinion was Empress Gi. Everything from the costumes, makeup, acting and setting. All worked well to replicate the past. My favorites are Historical dramas, as I love history. There are some recent releases that had nothing to do with history, which I found interesting and enjoyed watching, of those perhaps Healer.


As a drama overall, I think Reply 1997 was near perfect in execution. It had everything you would want in a drama. My personal favorite would be Coffee Prince though. Even though it had a lot of flaws, the chemistry and romance between the leads is still the best I have ever seen in a drama.


The best kdrama in my opinion is Love Rain, and Boys over Flowers follows…


+1 for Master’s Sun! :smile:


best k-drama till now: That winter,the wind blows (I recommend it :sunny: ) and then Pinocchio
(I actually watched more dramas,but I can’t include them in my favourite drama list :wink: )


Trying to name the best drama is trying to pick a favorite food. It all falls down to what am I in the mood for at the moment. I loved Iris 1&2, CityHuner , Fated To love You, HEALER!, Gu Family Book, Secret Garden… I could go on and on. Road Number One is a great watch but I rarely ever see anyone mention it. It is truly a diamond in the rough…more people need to see it to appreciate it. For an older series I really really liked Sandglass from 1995.


Hi. I think you will love Nine Nine Times Travel. It is one of my favorites and very interesting. Not like your usual Kdrama but you don’t really know too much about the “formulas” yet so that is ok. I highly recommend.


I may be in a minority - - but Healer is the kdrama that made my heart flutter the most. As for the best OLD drama I’d have to say Sungkyunkwan Scandal OR Coffee Prince are my favorites ^.^


K-Drama: You’re All Surrounded (We’ve Got You Surrounded)


It’s ok that’s love, Healer, My Love from another star, Kill me heal me, Fated to love you,
Now I’m hooked on ‘Twenty again’ ‘The merchant’ and ‘D day’.


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This is the one that got away for me. Made a couple of attempts to start it but never did. I have noticed that a lot of people put it in 1st place and fair dues to you all for getting through 50plus episodes.