What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


Heard it Through the Grapevine
Answer Me 1988


Excellent series…one of my top faves.


I’m very picky with kdramas and all about ‘great’ male leads (no douche bag ways that drive me crazy). The heroines also cannot get on my nerves. Here are a few titles off the top of my head that I really enjoyed:

Best ever:
Oldie: All about Eve (amazingly complex villain; well acted), Autumn’s Tale (Won Bin sigh…), Brilliant Legacy, Bali,
Historical: Dae Jang Geum, Bridal Mask (amazing; also w/ compelling villain), Queen Seon Deok (great acting, addictive), Damo,
Daily: Be Strong Geum Soon, Sharp 2 (KiBum!), 7 princesses (Park Hae Jin!),
Current fav: None thus far (crosses fingers for Cheese in the Trap). Would have put down ‘Healer’ but wasn’t satisfied with the final delivery. Really enjoyed everything else up until the final episode. Certain confrontations and reunion weren’t explored enough for me to recommend the drama as my current favorite. A great pity since the cast was stellar (LOVED Yoo Ji-Tae; can watch him act all day long).


I can’t choose between Pinnochio, Healer and The Girl Who Sees Smells!

Best Taiwanese drama is probably Romantic Princess :slight_smile:


I have two all time best ever MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR and FATED TO LOVE YOU. And old EMPRESS KI

  1. You’re Beautiful :heart:
  2. Coffee Prince :heartbeat:


The best Korean Drama?
Definetly “Healer”
oh my that was much of heart pain as I saw last episode :frowning:
wish it could have a season 2:)


1." Healer". I could watch it over and over.
2. I am still fairly new to dramas, so I’ll go with my favorite classic or well known one and that is “You’re Beautiful”
3. The one that I love currently is “Descendants of the Sun”


hoooooo :scream:so difficult
but i really love I MISS YOU :revolving_hearts:
and euuuh MY LOVE FROM THE STARS :sparkling_heart:
and QUEEN IN HYUN’S MAN :two_hearts:
I know… but i can’t choose :cry:

  1. 각시탈
  2. Jewel in the Palace.
  3. TEN1 and 2


secret love affair tore my heart out! loved that one. Yoo. In. Ahhhhhhhhhh.


The best was “My Love from the Stars” hands down… i will love that drama for all of my natural born life and watch it every time I’m in a lull. I first watched it when I was still quite early on in my drama journey but it remains a true favorite!
Past Loves:.
Rooftop Prince
9 times 9 time travel
king 2 hearts
queen in hyuns man
HEALER!! (singing the theme love song in my head rn)

i keep thinking of more…
Protect the Boss


Master of Study is probably at the top of my list. Mainly because it had two of my favorite actors, Yoo Seung ho and also Lee Hyun woo, as well as the old math teacher, who was quite a character…


I loved Nine Travels Nine.
Lee Jin Wook in it too!
I think I just liked the characters :slight_smile:

  1. Best drama: “You’re Beautiful”
  2. Best old drama: “Smile, Donghae”
  3. Drama I like now: “One More Happy Ending”
    And my all-time fave Taiwanese drama is “Absolute Boyfriend”


My #1 best Korean drama of all time is Master’s Sun (2013). I love So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin always, but the characters of Joo Joong Won and Tae Gong Shil were just epically crazy, funny and romantic.

My favourite old drama is Sassy Girl Chun Yang (2005). This is a Hong Sisters’ drama, one that is rather under appreciated, but i absolutely love it.

My favourite drama of now is another So Ji Sub. Oh My Venus (2015- 2016). He stars alongside Shin Min Ah. This drama was very funny, romantic and mature. None of those childish misunderstandings seen in so many kdramas.

  1. The BEST drama that I ever saw was Moorim School
  2. I’d say the best “old” drama that I saw was My Love from another star.

  1. Best drama ever, and I am pretty amazed that I haven’t seen anyone mentioning this here. It is Misaeng: Incomplete Life. The story is perfect, real, and it taught me a lot of things. I don’t think I’ll be able to see that kind of drama here in KDramaland ever again, but who knows, right?


1 My BEST drama I ever saw is The descendant of the sun !
2. The best old dram I have ever saw is Boys over flowers (my first corean drama).
3. My tawainese favorite drama is Automn Concerto (but Refresh man is very good too so my answer would be different when this drama will be finish ;-))

This question was very difficult for me…and for you guys ?


Signal has a very tight plot and very moving/tearjerking. Misaeng is very realistic and very “ordinary”, but it can make you cry and laugh at the same time. And Six Flying Dragons I give 10/10 for action scenes. All-star cast, the plot has some weak points but it really delivers with the suspense. All the scenes in slow-mo will take your breath away.