What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?


I agree 100% with you :ok_woman: :ok_woman:


각시탈 (Bridal Mask) 대장금 (Jewel in the Palace) and 에덴의 동쪽 (East of Eden) still win for me
But 기억 (Memory) and 결혼계약 (Marriage Contract) have a special place in my heart now.
기억 (Memory) was so beautiful


To The Beautiful You, Oh My Venus, Descendant of The Sun


My faves of all time: 1. Healer 2. Master’s Sun 3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
My fave classics: 1. Coffee Prince 2. My Girl 3. Secret Garden
My recent faves: 1. You’re All Surrounded 2. Remember-War of the Son 3. Splash Splash Love

Other honorable mentions: Reply 1997, King 2 Hearts, Bridal Mask, Shining Inheritance


love me if you dare is so GOOD


Best Drama I’ve ever seen would be between Kill me,Heal me and I remember you.
Best old drama: Coffee Prince.


I agree Masters sun and kill me heal me


BEST EVER DRAMA - HEALER . I highly recommend the chemistry is amazing!


For question 1, i would say that for now it’s Secret Love and I Hear Your Voice (tbh i have others but these two remained my favorites). The best old drama that i ever watched was high kick 1 and 3 it’s pretty long (lots of episodes) but i really liked it. And one of my favorite drama right now would be Kill me, Heal me :smile:


Best Drama is difficult to say but Rooftop Prince is one of my favorites
Classic: Great Queen Seon Deok
Others: Healer, City Hunter, Iris, Innocent Man, Secret Garden, Playful Kiss, Reply 1994


It’s ok that’s love’ is still my out and out favourite although I agree with your list I liked them also. A few really good ones this year I don’t know how the awards will go at the yr end it’ll be hard. Loving ‘Another miss Oh’ at the moment.


Best drama you ever saw, your #1 drama.EVER: Probably School 2015: Who are you.
Best old drama that you have ever saw: I love the cheesy Boys over FlowersXD, it was my first K-DramaXD. Oh and I also love Dream High and Gu Family Book, tho they were so clicheXD
You can also mention if you like, what drama is your favorite of now,but make sure to mention the above 2. School 2015: Who are you

  1. Best critically - Signal/Misaeng. Best crack drama - Healer.
  2. Coffee Prince.
  3. I’m really enjoying Another Oh Hae Young - liked 6 Flying Dragons. I’m watching Healer for the THIRD time, BTW…

  1. Kill me Heal Me for sure (it started slowly… but later everything was just… whoa).
  2. As for older ones - City Hunter (well, it’s not THAT old, but some time has passed already)
  3. Watched Heartless City recently. Got me hooked, …really… really a good drama.


I love Another Miss Oh! I still have to catch up on the recent episodes, but I love the characters and the dialogue is very well written :heartbeat:


@roseb & b2utybubbles. If you loved Coffee Prince check out the movie he was in this year ‘A man and a woman’ now be warned it’s for adult viewing but a lovely story sad, beautiful and real. Hope you are both watching ‘Another Miss Oh’ and ‘Dear my friends’ I’m enjoying both now. The script and cast of ‘Dear my friends’ is superior to anything for quite a while. If you can fit in another check out Kong Shim it’s a great relief from the others. By the way what are you watching now, please share.


Oh yes it’s most enjoyable I like the whole cast. The other one that is amusing and really good too is Kong Shim.


secret garden and fated to love you (korean) fo rever


Best drama: Healer and all So Ji Sub’s drama…


Historical dramas: Dae Jang Geum, Ju Mong, Bridal Mask
Family dramas: Famous princess, First Wives Club,High Kick
Comedy dramas: Full House, High Kick
Medical Dramas: Hur Jun, Good Doctor