What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?

There are so many the best the best Korean dramas out there but some which i really liked was these among several best ones

  1. City Hunter
  2. The Heirs
  3. You who came from star

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Just want to do a quick introduction for myself :raising_hand:.
My name is (:books::bug:) Lula, and I have been on Viki for about a year. I’ve also created a fan collection called “Best Korean Dramas Ever!”, and I really love being able to share my thoughts on different dramas :blush:.

  1. I don’t know if I can pick a single drama that is my all-time favorite, so here are a few:

    “Descendants of the Sun”, starring Song Hye Jyo and Song Joong Ki,

    “She Was Pretty” starring Hwang Jung Eum and Park Seo Joon,


    “Kill Me, Heal Me” starring Hwang Jung Eum (again, I know :joy:), and Ji Sung.

  2. The best older drama I’ve seen would probably have to be “Coffee Prince”, starring Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo.

  3. Some dramas I REALLY like right now are “Goblin” (not on Viki, but on Dramafever), “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, and “The Legend of the Blue Sea”.

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    P.S. "Goblin" is quickly becoming one of my new favorites!!

Y’all have asked a hard one right along with who war my favorite actors & actresses! wow! so I will try;
1 Healer
2 Heal me,kill me
3 the good doctor
4boys over flowers
6dr jion
detectives in trouble
8 contract marriage
9 coffee prince
10 the queens man
11 can’t forget roof top prince
thats 10 and I could name more like I said that is a hard one
the newer ones
Legend of the blue sea
snail that falls in love
behind your smile
tailor shop
oh my ghosteness
fighter ghosts
like I said there are so many! I really can not pick just one

Someday. The first I ever saw and still the best. Best Taiwanese drama - Fated to Love You.

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how many k-dramas have you seen?

a lot of them and movies too.

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Ah… I have them… xD …:grin::grin::punch:
So… My best drama ever… is
Angel’s eyes :cry::cry: or My Love Comes From The Stars…

The oldest one is…:thinking:…Smiling Pasta I think but I discovered “Boys Over Flowers” in when i watched it so…I am a kind of confused:weary:

But NOW… my favorite drama which is broadcasting in this year is


and my all time favorite Taiwanese drama is #tv-movies ABSOLUTE BOYFRIEND :sob::cry::cry::cry:

"Fore those who watched it YOU do know for which reason I cried for when I wrote it down!!! :smirk::kissing_heart:

So yeah… That All I wanna say ^^ See ya guys and ENJOY

Descendants of the Sun
Jewel in the Palace


I only saw k-dramas, 2 Chinese, 1 Taiwan, 1 Japanese.

  1. Is definitely W - Two Worlds
  2. … I’m not really sure. Probably either Goong or Boys Over Flowers because its these dramas that got me so obssessed with Asian dramas…
  3. My favourite right now tho, is Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. I love Lee Joon Gi so much!!! Not as much as I love Lee Jng Suk-y tho…

Master’s Sun
Birth Of a Beauty
Bride of The Century
Scarlet Heart Moon Lovers
Gu Family Book
The KIng 2 Hearts
The Legend of The Blue Sea
Good Doctor
Fated to Love You ( K V)
My love from Stars

I have almost been watching kdramas for a year now, so I guess you could say I am still a baby in this. Bear with me if my idea of old is any made before 2015!!!
1. My favourite drama I have ever saw is probably Descendants Of The Sun, or Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. Sorry that my tastes are so mainstream, but son I can rewatch them as many times as I like and not get bored.
2. My favourite old drama is My Love Who Came From The Star, or Heirs. Old but gold.

My top 3 dramas are

  1. Dong Yi
  2. Boys over Flowers
  3. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Through this dramas i became a fan. :blush:


I am fan of Korean drama and others too but top one i have seen so far are and which i like the most of all times are

  1. Six Flying Dragons
  2. You Who Came From Stars
  3. City Hunter by lee Min ho

Jumong. I’ve watched it maybe 6 times now. :slight_smile:

  1. Healer
  2. I hear your voice
  3. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
  4. Taiwanese dramas: The Masked Lover and The Perfect Match

P/S: I used to watch Taiwanese dramas of Aaron Yang, they’re good :heart_eyes:

reply 1988 is definitely the best!!!

If you force me to choose just one it will definitely be Misaeng:Incomplete Life.


Is there anyone looking forward to Reply 2002?

best ever J: Nobuta wo produce K: Soulmate. TW: Devil beside You/MARS (can´t decide)
best old: they are all old… Stand Up /IWGP and for some weird reason (that may or may not be Paul Anka) Golden Bowl (j-drama)
newer ones: “Its Ok, thats Love” and “the Lover”

sooooo many more, i spend to much time on dramas