What will you say is THE BEST kdrama you ever saw?

Best EVER… Easy… Kill Me, Heal Me ( only drama I ever rewatched right after it ended).
Best Oldie… A Love To Kill (2005) with Rain

My no1(KMHM) and no 2 (MS)!! Good taste!

yes. me too

My all time favorite - so far - was “Two Weeks” http://asianwiki.com/Two_Weeks_-_Korean_Drama

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My love from the star.

Well rarely mention dramas that I like as there are so many, but Oh God, Moon lovers scarlet heart ryeo is my fav ever with “Secret” I just can’t get enough of Lee Joon Gi ! Too bad, Viki did not obtain it ! It would have worked like no other drama in my opinion :heart_exclamation:


My favorite drama is definitely…

Falling for Innocence

A few close 2nd’s would be: She was Pretty, My love Eundong, & Lucky Romance

For me the best drama I’ve seen is The Heirs. :kissing_closed_eyes:
But my fav drama is Hana Yori Dango. :heart_eyes:
And lately i like of the drama Scarlet Heart: Goryeo. :blush:

Hmmm difficult to say!
1- Since 2009 I watch quite lot of KDramas and I almost liked them all however “Descendants of the Sun”, “City Hunter”, “My love from star” and “Boys over Flowers” are the ones that I loved them
2- The first Kdrama that I started with was “Jumong” followed by the “Dae Jang Geum” however the latter is older … :wink:
3- After “W”, now “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”

There are sooo many good dramas.

  1. Empress Ki (Best drama I ever saw)
  2. Boys Over Flowers (Best old drama I ever saw)
  3. Healer, Innocent Man, She Was Pretty, My Love From the Star, Faith, Descendants of the Sun, Kill Me Heal Me, Goong, etc.

My current favorite drama is Scarlet Heart: Ryeo!
My all time favorite Taiwanese drama is “Just You” because it’s soooo cute!

I agree! That show had me screaming at my computer. So intense.

  1. Healer
  2. Coffee Prince

Scarlet Heart: Ryeo et shopping king louis
king of saavy

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1/ Jewel in the Palace, in other word Dae Jang geum ( historical )
2/ Same ( it was diffused in 2004-5 )
3/ Don’t have one
Jewel in the palace is the best drama I have sincerly ever seen. I still remember when I was 6 and daily watch the episodes with my parents. Once I grown up I re-watched the thing 3 times xD ( 54 episodes ). Lee Young Ae the lead actress come back this year after a long long break ( 11 years exactly ) with a new series. I’m just so happy and can’t wait to see her in “Saimdang, Light’s Diary” as the lead actress. The series is going to release in January and it’s seem like an eternity for me x).

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  1. “W” for sure…it was such a great drama…
  2. “Scarlet heart: Goryo” or “Gu family book” or “roof top prince”
  3. “My girlfriend is a gumiho” this one has a great story and is funny at the same time
    “Descendants of the sun”
    “I hear your voice”
    etc etc… there is a lot of great dramas!!

p.s: “splash splash love” it is a movie, but it.s surely worth it!

Your list is perfect. I think you might be adding K2 to this list.

Current Favorite : Descendants of the sun :sob: OMG This Kdrama has my heart, but this is what I currently like. It’ll probably change soon bc I’m watching W & I love it!!

Old favourite Kdrama : Playful kiss will ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart no matter what. I just love Eun Hye. I also like Goong (Princess Hours) it was a great story line. & Who could forget Coffee Prince?

Others: Marraige not dating, Emergancy Couple, I miss you, Kill me heal me & I remember you. :sparkles::sparkles:

Good Doctor

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My best Korean drama that I would be able to rewatch 1000 times would be It’s Okay, That’s Love.

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