What's going on with the Community Wall?!

The community wall on lots of channels are messed up. There’s no pictures/color and the format is a mess. I noticed when I looked at the current channel I’m working on, Anyone else have this problem or know what’s going on?

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Me too ! No pictures, and no more format.

Upon seeing this post, I checked a few of the pages I’ve done designs for and indeed, no images are showing. The only thing showing are the texts. Weird. =/

Another bug or something, I’d suspect.
Pretty much all the styling is gone; even the spaces are gone :?

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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Yup, same here. I’ve checked the cover page at the management options and over there everything looks fine. But when I go to the channel, everything is messed up =(

You are probably right, maybe is just another bug or something. But I also noticed that is just in some channels. At least the ones that I’ve modified have lost all the format, but the ones that I haven’t done any modification are intact. And the modifications I made aren’t recent ones, that’s why I found it very weird…

Hope Viki can work it out soon, I (probably we all) need the images to be displayed…

Looks fixed ^^

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Everything’s fine now.