What's going on with the Viki Help Center?!

I contacted them about 10 days ago and still haven’t gotten any response. They usually get back to me in a few days. I’ve also created some channels and they haven’t been approved even though it’s been over a month. Anyone else having problems?


Not this time, although it happened to me too, that sometimes a reply seemed to take forever.
But I can’t say anything about the approval of the channels these days.
Wish you good luck^^

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Did you check if they are still open? I had some requests open for months and all of a sudden some where put on solved without letting me know. The things where indeed solved but I would have liked it if they did let me know about it. One time I had to wait pretty long too for a channel to get approved or denied too.

My last help request was taken care off almost right away so no idea how they work at the help center. And my last submitted channel was denied within 1-2 weeks too.

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Haha… Yeah, no clue how stuff gets handled in the help center. Sometimes I get a response back in like 2 days, sometimes it’s past 2 weeks and still no response. Guess it sort of depends on who gets assigned to your ticket and how complicated the issue is?

I submitted a few channels maybe a week ago. I never got a message about it, but some of them have since been deleted (I assume because they were duplicates), and the other’s just kind of sitting around, waiting.
I’m not sure what the criteria is for approving a fan channel, versus completely denying it, versus hiding it for the time being. Some channels I’ve submitted get okayed pretty quickly, while others are still pending after months. I’d honestly have thought they just overlooked or forgot it (because I was never told otherwise) until I messaged one of the staff, who said they were waiting on negotiations.

My request is open. They usually get back to me within a week at the most. I don’t what it is. This hasn’t happened with me before. The Viki Help Center is usually very quick. Hopefully, they’ll get back to me soon. I’ve been waiting for my channel to be approved so I can start subbing again. I was really excited for this new project. This happens a lot with my fan channels too, but then I write to the help center and they get approved in a week.

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I have the same experience. The channels I submitted have just gone with the wind. When I asked 1 of the viki staff, she said mine was a duplicate one so that is why they deleted the channel.

But then, usually viki would send us a message to let us know weather it’s been approved or not, wouldn’t they?
If it was a duplicate one, they usually will give us the username who manages the same channel so we could join in their team if we’d like to.

I wish they would keep it this way rather than just delete it without letting us know first.

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Thats not right. I’ve made a channel when one exists, but it wasn’t deleted. I even wrote to the help center. The channel has had no progress in over a year and the CM isn’t subbing or just not replying to my messages. I’ve wanted to work on it for a while and I made the page a month ago but no word on it. The shows I do aren’t something Viki would have to worry about, since the channel uploads their own shows on YouTube.

If there’s already a channel but it’s inactive, you should message the help center about making you the manager for it.

I don’t think that’s quite how it works. The videos still belong to their original creators. Generally speaking, even if they themselves post it somewhere online, anyone wanting to use it should still have to gain permission to use it officially.

yeah scircus is right. Message the help centre or 1 of the viki staff if the CM is inactive so viki could add you as the (co) CM.
I did that few times because I wanted to fix the segments of those abandoned channels and they made me the channel manager so I could work on it.

Honestly, I don’t think they mind. They have their ads and it’s not blocked anywhere. I sub Pakistani shows and their usually on a certain channel. Have a look… https://www.youtube.com/user/HumNetwork/videos

I contacted the Help Center because they didnt approve it even though its been a month, but I also mentioned that there’s an existing channel.

They did the same thing with one of my requests, however it wasn’t even solved for real. When I realized that it was closed without any explanation, I was really surprised and upset. I had to write to them again asking why the request was closed if the issue was still there. They solved it afterwards, and they were sorry, but I still don’t get why that all happened.

I also remember that when I was moderating Heirs I had a huge bug that didn’t allow me to subtitle. I submitted a request and the reply came 1 month later, saying “If you’re still having trouble with the subtitle editor, I recommend trying another browser. If the problem persists after that, please let me know so I can help you (…)”! Gladly enough the problem “solved itself” after 3 or 4 days. Or else my team and I would be in deep trouble with editing and such.

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i dont understand life right now… LOL @dramaaaaa @sagedandconfused

we’ve been having allot of problems with this too, its unfortunate to not get any answers and have so many problems persisting, our requests have been open for past a month, hopefully this gets fixed soon as we were just talking about this

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Yeah it’s annoying… i have the feeling that they actually don’t really care for the discussion page because you’re waiting for a response for quite a long time now… we’ll see what they do with my request. It’s very detailed…

They’ve been taking a while to get back to me, in general. It was at least a month before I got any news back about some of my badges, but when I finally heard something they said it was because they trying to start an automatic recognition system that was taking a while to complete.

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Is it for the Help Center? I feel like that would cause more confusion than help.

LOL mine has pics of the problem! “its very detailed” sounds like you told them allot of stuff lololol

Lol I forgot to add 3 things and replied to my own question :smiley:

I’ve just added the link to the topic because with my phone I wasn’t able to put pics…

Great. I just tried to add a video to one of the channels I manage and it won’t let me. It says there’s an error even after refreshing the page so many times :frowning:

Got an answer. Have no idea what’s wrong with your request. Did you check if it’s still opened or solved?