What's the big rush?

Well – it’s more than 8 hours since upload and they have not uploaded the paid subber’s completed subbed version of the video yet.
I post this out of continuing frustration with the viki decision to replace our volunteer Korean to English subbers out of the desire for SPEED of the English subtitles. A year or two ago, viki staff made the arbitrary decision to have the paid subbers work on any currently airing drama episode which was not over 95% done by the volunteers within 8 hours after upload. (It didn’t matter if the upload happened to be when most of the American Korean to English subbers were asleep – and the overwhelming majority of Korean to English subbers are in the USA). Viki feared loss of paying customers who complained that other sites (where?) were faster with the English subs and who threatened to leave (to where?).
Then viki staff, again without any consultation with the volunteers decided to sub all on-air Kdramas by paid subbers. So It’s post-8 hours after upload today and NO English subs yet! Wish I could threaten to bring in the volunteer segmenters and subbers.