What's The Real Criteria To Be CM?

As a colleague of ours put here on D a few months ago, this topic is like to open a can of worms…
I don’t know if there are contributors from the portuguese community with this kind of difficulty. I have observed that the criteria for becoming a channel manager are a utopia.
I’ve been sending applications for CM for 2 years and nothing (in almost all movies and dramas). I’ve been active on Viki since 2016. And I see contributors with a lot less time and less experience at Viki become CM (nothing against). I’ve lost count of how many applications I’ve ordered and I’ve NEVER been “drawn”. Like Sheree, I tried other resources to expose the situation but even the answers are automatic, nonsense and inconsistent with the subject. I reinforce that these choices are not clear and we, volunteers, deserve transparency since we are also still part of and are responsible for the work that Viki offers to viewers.
Even after the post of kakashiandme here, nothing changed in this system. By the repecursion of her post, she managed to be CM again. But the problem itself has not been solved.
Honestly, I don’t expect much from this post. Just a relief…

Como já colocou uma colega nossa aqui no D há alguns meses atrás, esse assunto é tipo mexer em casa de marimbondo…
Eu não sei se existem contribuintes da comunidade de Pt com este tipo de dificuldade. Tenho observado que os critérios para se tornar um gerente de canal são uma utopia.
Faz 2 anos que envio aplicações para CM e nadica de nada (em quase todos os filmes e dramas). Sou ativa no Viki desde 2016. E vejo contribuintes com muito menos tempo e menos experiência no Viki, se tornarem CM (nada contra). Eu já perdi a conta de quantas aplicações eu já solicitei e NUNCA fui “sorteada”. Assim como a Sheree, tentei outros recursos para expôr a situação mas até as respostas são automáticas, sem noção e incoerentes com o assunto. Reforço que essas escolhas não são claras e nós, voluntários, merecemos transparência, visto que nós também ainda fazemos parte e somos responsáveis pelo trabalho que o Viki oferece para os telespectadores.
Mesmo depois do post da kakashiandme aqui, nada mudou nesse sistema. Pela repecursão do post dela, ela conseguiu voltar a ser CM. Mas o problema em si, não foi resolvido.
Sinceramente, não espero muito desse post. É só um desabafo…


I was asked if I wanted to be a CM for a show because I had volunteered a little correcting some grammar errors in that particular region’s shows. Another time I asked to be CM due to the CM and English moderators being inactive, so I could help correct some timing and subtitle errors. The timing part did not require me to be CM, but it helped. This was back then when they were doing all this manually without volunteer applications, so if you were somewhat vigilant with your notifications and you responded fast enough, you got the job.

Might not worth be worth the time having to deal with all the potential issues while making sure hoping everything is runs smoothly.

QC status is necessary. Previous CM or moderator experience is favorable as it says when you apply. If there are enough people with previous CM experience, I don’t think they’d bother looking at applicants that have none even if they were moderators.


They still reserve some shows for newbie CMs. The rest goes to their friends.


Dear, You yourself know that when we work with someone as a CM, then we ask him to be a moderator again, that does not mean that we are close friends. It’s the same with the staff, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is someone’s friend. I’ve been on Viki since early 2010, I’ve always tried to be nice to everyone, can I say I have close friends? Not. I have colleagues that I work with. Who help me as I help them. It is not advisable for anyone to be close friends with someone, because they can get hurt. In business, we can have colleagues with whom we work, we go out to a restaurant or to company lunches…But we confide in a close friend, a close friend knows everything about our life and we about his, he is always there for you as we are for him. And that’s life outside the company. Can you say you have someone like that here? So trust your staff’s choice, there must be a reason why some get more drama and some get less.


Yes, I can.

I don’t trust their choices, not anymore.


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Ok, I understand. Would you be interested in working on a drama as a segmenter?


Not right now, I’m fully booked, but I’d be happy to on a future occasion. Thanks for the offer.

Really… there will never be more experienced people if you don’t open up new opportunities.


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