What's your favorite K-drama OST?


That Woman - Baek Ji Young! :heart: (Secret Garden)
Cheongdam Dong Alice OST
That winter the wind blow -Yesung gray paper .His voice is amazing! -
Stars falling from the Sky OST!


It’s the same in France for me and my sis! ._.


@Flambydubled: Did you hear the male version of that song (That woman)? “That Man”, sung by Hyun Bin (Secret Garden)? I love his version as well.


Your kids sing those songs? That’s awesome!!! :smiley:


good to know that i am not the only one :slight_smile: nobody can understand me haha @Flambydubled


Yep. My oldest one (he’s 6) actually asked me once, “Mama, are you Korean?” LOL
I said, “No, I’m Indonesian, I just love Korean dramas and songs.”


I wish I was younger. If I was, I would seriously find a way to make a trip to Korea! Do it if you can.


:slight_smile: One day he will get it. Mama got hit by Korean wave, kiddo.



I like this!!


Daddy Long Legs - Baek Ah Yeon Cheongdamdong Alice OST
Touch Love - Yoon Mi Rae Master’s Sun OST
That Woman - Baek Ji Young Secret Garden OST
Closer - Taeyeon To the beautiful you OST
I love you - Akdong Musician All about my romance OST


Secret Garden OST
A gentleman dignity OST
Scent of a woman OST
My princess OST


Like almost everyone, i have at least one favorite song from the ost of each drama i watch or work on. In a few years from several dramas (more than 100) can you imagine how many songs i possibly loved and never forget?


@Pola1986 haha i love you is the favorite song of my little brother . He is 2 years old and when he is in a bad mood he wants the song. Fascinating considering that we are from Germany


Lol!!! I’m 27 and that song makes me happy every time I hear it! Well I guess is not a matter of age… It’s a joyful song… It is not that great , but i like it because it always makes me smile…


@Va12ni - loved that drama a lot… i was crazy about each ep. Hope will get some awards. “Everyday” it’s so beautiful, but love “Hurt” too from the ost. It’s so deep…


@auroratasya - so cute your little one. My son (he’s also 6) use to say “saranghae” and he like to dance on k-pop, just that “mom” use to listen to ost’s that are more ballads than pop hahahh…


danylor, will you believe if I said that at the moment he likes a little korean girl at school, his classmate. hahaha… :smiley:


I believe you. But there asian people are ussual to see, here not. So, i wondered if the two chinese classmates will seem wierd to him, but he just act normaly. Me too, i want to met a korean person, but i have to wait for a while…NO chance in Portugal :PP


Love Gu Family Book’s OST… Just can’t get enough of it! The drama also became one of my favorites.