What's your favorite K-drama OST?


I really like the “Flower Boy Next Door” OST that Park Shin Hye sang.
Yes many may say that it’s not that much of a song, and she doesn’t have that much of a voice. But I still love the song, especially the accoustic version. It makes me really calm and serene somehow.

If anybody’s wondering:
Pitch Black - Park Shin Hye
Just search it up on Youtube.


One I like most is one that few people know - “Windstruck”. Might be hard to find subbed, but as of a few weeks ago it was still up on YouTube. Features YouMe and some American soundtracks.


It’s too old… I love !!! it’s making me nostalgic. relish ! xD


Gosh I love this song, really emotional and sensual… and “Heartless city” is one of my favourite drama ever and have definitely one of the best OST.


My TOP favourites :

  • Jo Jung Hee - Everyday (Heartless city)
  • ALi - Carry on (Faith)
  • Kim JaeJoong - Living like a dream (Dr Jin)
  • Baek A Yeon - Introduction to love (When a man loves)
  • Yoon Mi Rae - Touch love (Master’s sun)
  • I’m Woodalchi (Faith)


Omg just listen to the ost of 49 Days and also the drama …It´s so beautiful


same for me- btw i´m from germany too :slight_smile: everytime I mention something about it- there just like “you´re kind of weird…” but i got one friend, who loves kdramas and asian guys too- so i´m luckily not fangirling alone about lee min ho, le jong suk,… :slight_smile:


heyy hahaha

My friend watched Heirs just for me haha but I don’t think she willl ever be a fan

warte ich kann auch deutsch schreiben haha
Auf jeden hast du echt Glück… Meine finden es auch komisch aber mir ist es langsam egal . Ich liebe die community hier und die die ich hier kennen gelernt habe wie mein zweiter Freundeskreis und ich freunde mich mit jedem an der will haha : D
Wenn du willst kannst du mich ja anschreiben , wenn nicht , ist in Ordnung ^^


my favourite ost is from heirs: (i know that it was choi young do´s “theme” but i really love this song!


Ever listened to "painful love " of lee min ho ? It’s my fav ost from heirs
And I like this one !!


Shark OST: Between Heaven and Hell - BoA
Secret Garden OST: That Woman - Baek Ji Young
Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST: Not in Love - Lee Min Ki
My Love from the Star OST: My Destiny - Lyn
Lie to Me OST: Shameless Lie - Ga Yoon


My favorite is the official sound track of Jewell in the palace.

Onara - Dae Jang Geum


Hur Jun Original Soundtrack , Kim Jung Sun - San


Coffee Prince
Painter of the Wind
I Need Romance 3
Secret Garden
Bride of the Century


My favorite drama ost is the ost of " My love from the stars" and " the heirs"


So far, my favorite OST is from The Great Doctor/Faith


One of my favorite ost’s has to be
Jung Yeop - 가시꽃 - Thorn Flower from “Bad Guy”.


Secret Garden
Boys Over Flowers
Fated to Love you-Goodbye my Love by Ailee
Hotel King has some good songs
Shining Inheritance has a song by K.Will that is excellent. Love is Punishment
My Love From Another Star-Lyn’s My Destiny
Heartstrings…can I say Jung Yong Hwa
Master’s Sun is on my to buy list.
You’re Surrounded Eyes on You by Kwon Ji Ah
The Technicians or The Con Artists
There is song by Onew on the To the Beautiful You OST.


OST: Cinderella´s Sister - Yesung / It has to be you
Favorite Singers: Jung Yong-hwa & Baek Ji-young


OST from Heart to Heart. Especially Nap On Your Shoulder and Love Lies by Tearliner

OST from High School King of Savvy. Particularly the song Fluttering Heart by Honey G and Finding Myself by Seo In Guk