What's your favorite K-drama OST?


Birth of a Beauty: Looking At You (바라보기) with Lee Soo of M.C The Max

You are my destiny(운명처럼 널 사랑해): Destiny Sonata(운명 같은 너) with Jung Dongha

The Heirs: Love is the moment with Lee Changmin

Heartstrings: Because I miss you (with Jung Yong Hwa)

Heartstrings: You’ve fallen for me with Jung Yong Hwa

(Girl Who Sees Smell(냄새를 보는 소녀): Because of you (그 남잔 말야) with Lee Soo of M.C THE MAX (엠씨더맥스)

While You Were Sleeping: You Belong To My World (좋겠다) with Roy Kim

Rooftop Prince: Hurt - with Ali

Fated to Love You: Goodbye My Love (잠시 안녕처럼) with Ailee 에일리)

My Love From the Star (별에서 온 그대): My Destiny with Lyn(린)

Emergency Couple and Thorn Birds: That Person Is Leaving with Lee So Ra

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: Fox Rain with Lee Sun Hee

Jackpot: When Time Stops (시간이 멈추면) with Park Wan Kyu (박완규)

Love Rain: Sarang Bi with Jang Keun Suk

Where Stars Land (여우각시별): Mystic World with O.WHEN (오왠)
(ignore the terrible English syntax and grammar)

Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum): Onara

Encounter: Take Me On (남자친구) with SALTNPAPER (솔튼페이퍼)
(ignore the terrible English syntax and grammar)

Goblin [도깨비: Hush with Lasse Lindh


I’m loving your list Irmar! I’m particularly excited to see “Onara” from Jewel in the Palace :smiley:

Here’s my list of some favs (although I have a larger playlist on YT)

“Marriage” by MoonMoon from Because This is my First Life

“Everyday” by JooYoung from Wok of Love

“Magic Lily” by Ahn Ye Eun from Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

“Ah Reum Da Oon Sa Ram” (I believe the translation is Beautiful Person?) by Seo Yoo Seok from My Lovely Sam Soon

“Drench” by Jambinai from Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People

“Don’t Go” by DongHae from Panda and Hedgehog

“My Prince” by Park BoYoung from A Werewolf Boy

“Sad March” by Elaine from Mr. Sunshine

“Come a Little Closer” by Hyolin from the drama Warm and Cozy

The entire OST of Because This is My First Life
The entire OST of Goblin
The entire OST of Are You Human, Too?

“Lovers” (instrumental) from Chuno

“A Story Only You Don’t Know” by KLANG from My Husband, Mr. Oh!

And for the last one (since I don’t want to overwhelm anyone) is:

“Winter Love” by The One from That Winter, the Wind Blows


I think it’s wonderful to share our lists because now I can visit yours and find new favourites!


What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim: Just a little bit more

Boys Over Flowers: Something Happened to my Heart

Hwarang: Dream

Heartstrings: Because I Miss You, I Guess You Don’t Know

Cinderella and the Four Knights: Only One


So many greats listed, thanks everyone for sharing :heart_eyes_cat:
One that is always on my playlist is:

Kill Me, Heal Me - Auditory Hallucination- Jang Jae In w/ NaShow

I am so moved by this song, of course because Kill Me, Heal Me was so moving, but also there is an innate connection that moves my heart in a beautiful way.


I thought I would revive this topic. Some of my favorite OSTs:

Queen of Mystery


Graceful Family


Boys Over Flowers or Dream High, I can’t decide. I can listen to either of them start to finish, I love all the tracks!


let’s add some more cuz I’m so done with online classes :flushed::weary::exploding_head:
Record of Youth- Every Second (haven’t watched the drama but Baekhyun’s ballad OSTs are always beautiful :heart: )

One more Baekhyun ballad :sweat_smile:
Dr. Romantic 2 My Love

Touch Your Heart both drama and OST incredibly sweet, but this one is for whenever I want a good, dramatic cry: Photographs - 1415

Descendants of The Sun may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the OST is just amazing
This Love - Davichi

Talk Love - K.Will I love the whistling part the most :heart_eyes:

Scarlet Heart can’t bear to watch it but this one is really nice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
For You - Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin

… I have a whoooole playlist but i really should stop now :sweat_smile:


My favorite one is “Hush” from Goblin. Although I like almost everything in that album :joy:


É difícil escolher, mas tem alguns que se destacaram recentemente para mim.

  1. Feel You - Shin Young Jae ( Flower Of Evil)
  1. A good day like this - Jeon Hye Won (Doctor stranger)
  1. No matter how hard i try - Yael Meyer (Queen for seven days)
  1. Lee Sang Gon - My love is hurt (Gu Family Book)
  1. Right in front of you - K. Will ( Melting Me Softly)


My favourite one is the OST from Who Are You: School 2015:
타이거 JK - Reset (Feat. 진실 of Mad Soul Child) :umbrella:




Stay With me! I love that song! :purple_heart:


almost at 270M views!!! First k-drama OST to hit that number and the male singer is a rapper :joy::sunglasses:


Wow!!! I am not surprised though. I didn’t realize that Chanyeol is a member of EXO and that he is actor, songwriter, singer and model. Such talent!



I really love kdrama osts especially K-ballads <3
Sometimes, when I start hearing the melody or singer’s voice, I fall automatically in love with the song and could repeat in the entire day :smile:

First, while listening to this one, I feel like everything around me is beautiful :star2:
Just close your eyes… The melody plus singer’s voice ( I didn’t know the artist before) just make it joyful :sunny:
( Btw this drama is really underrated. I liked every second of it. And all its osts are magic !!)

Second, I really like Lyn voice. I just can’t discribe who I feel. Her voice is unique :relaxed:
I was expection her new ost and it didn’t disappoint me at all :laughing:
Relaxing, sad, magic… All your emotions will be connected to it…

And last but not least, It’s a Cdrama ost. ( I know I’m cheating ^ ^’)
It’s a mix of traditional and modern instruments.
And this drama make a difference: funny, sad, beautiful…

***Sorry if I made mistakes. I’m more comfortable with french. You can send me a pm if you want to rectify me :smile:


( Hwang Chi Yeol has the most emotional voice that I’ve heard in my entire life :disappointed_relieved:)

(Gosh, Huh Gak’s voice is out of this world…)

(I didn’t watch this drama but this song and sung si kyung’s voice are in perfect harmony :heart_eyes:)

(The list isn’t completed without Gummy. But I wanna introduce you one of her most powerful songs because we all know the classicals :wink: and this one isn’t that popular )

(+ Chen’s voice. Every single word he say is fulfilled with deep emotions…)

( And Davichi guys… My favorite :heart: )


Goose pimples music hahahha


Lovely, sweet, gentle, and NOT gut-wrenching.