What's your favorite Thai drama?

I’ve only started to watch Love Never Dies. I’m a diehard fan of all things vampire. Unfortunately, many links are broken, but it seems like a good show.

What’s the best Thai drama you’ve ever seen?

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Punia Chon Kon Krua and Raeng Ngao 2012

I really liked that drama as well. I just finished the thai version of Full House; it was a really cute drama. I’ve watched so many lakorns that I can’t recall them but I did like Soot Sai Paan with Vill and Toomtam. Just recently watched it. Very much a melodrama. LOL.

i havent seen that much thai dramas, so looking for a good one too but i would say just you. xD

Thara Himalaya and Rak nee hua jai rao jong.

Hands down Full House I want Mike for my birthday next month hint hint wink wink @b2utybubbles


Isn’t Just You Taiwanese? I was asking about ones from Thailand (lakorn).

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh is that different? i forgot if it is or not rotfl!

ROTFL u are just too much HAHA

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Full house Thai is the best of all version of FH I love it


They look like they had so much fun on set

And whats not to love about this man!!


I agree. He’s too cute. haha

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Totally agree with @melliebean_2, I fall in love with full house

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now that i think about it, i DID start to watch a thai drama, just never found it again. can someone help me ? T.T it was a drama called “Akkanee’s Heart” and i started to watch the first episode on youtube when i found out that it didnt have all the episodes T.T it was kinda dumb in the begining, but it started getting interesting and then i couldnt find it ANYWHERREE with eng subs or even to watch without the subs period. they didnt have the season on any of the sites and i was going crazy looking for it, NEVER TO FIND IT. if anyone knows where i can watch it, please do tell. T.T i think it was two kids from the same town who grew up together and always fighting because their families are sworn enemies, eventually starting to fall for each other when they grew up.

it looked so cute:

Duang Jai Akkanee/ Akkanee’s Heart

wiki description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duang_Jai_Akkanee

Search Duang Jai Akkanee eng sub on youtube. It was subbed on Viki but the links appear to be broken. I watched all four parts of the Thara Himalaya series and really liked Nadech and Yaya. I love this pair. Hope that helps. =)

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i did find it on youtube, just not all the episodes and parts were there :confused: but are you sure you watched the whole thing of this series (from youtube)? if so, then maybe they might have put up all the episodes by now… thanks for the info about it!! GAH! i really want to watch it if its up there! thanks!

i didnt know it was on viki, ahh thats why i saw the page and thats why i couldnt play it up here… haha im glad i know now

I have sent you a PM for the link.

Thank you SO MUCH!! AAAHH SOO HAPPY ddfdsnfskdhf xDDD

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I couldn’t finish watching many Thai lakorn because Thai language sounds too odd to me; the sounds set of Thai language are so different from European group and sometimes irritates me :slight_smile: I’ve seen Love Command, Sweet Death, Roy Marn, The Husband, Wanalee. … and recent Ngao’s Shadow and Kun Chai Pawornruj. In Ngao’s Shadow the leading actress cries every 3 minutes, for every single episode. The main actor from Cubic play a secondary role in Kun Chai Pawornruj. “Ok dramas” but not “must-watch” dramas. I’m still looking for a good one too.


I understand cause I get irritated at whiny lead females, too. I wonder how men find that childishness attractive.