When did viki change this?From viki volunteer community to viki contributor community?


Was anyone aware of this link–

Whoah! So many things hidden at Viki!


Yeah…the page is so different from regular theme.


Yes, I don’t remember exactly when they implemented this, but I saw it :blush:
Back then I thought I was finding this out late… I guess I was early then :sweat_smile:


Goodness, how on earth do you find these things? Viki likes playing Treasure Hunt, I guess :joy:


You know, they created another topic – Watch Party… I was reading that topics definition created by vikicommunity. I thought what other topic definitions look like, I checked out the one in Bollywood and that’s where I got this link.


Hi there! Yes, Viki works on the same principle as Netflix. Only at Viki you can watch everything for free and only pay for HD quality. I watch via Smart TV.


That is not possible anymore since the pandemic happened in 2020 because when we all were in lockdown Viki turned 80+% of its content into pay to play while those who create the subtitles - we volunteers - are still unpaid. Different to Netflix that usually has paid professionals for both subtitles and sync version.

Stating that “everything” on Viki is still free to watch just shows that many people still have no clue about the details.

Right now, it’s even hard to let beginners work on subtitles for Viki because way more shows are locked behind a paywall aka VikiPass than during pre pandemic times.


I’ve been watching Viki for almost a year for free by downloading it to TV through Google, I started translating recently when I got gold status, they gave me a code for VikiPass. of course the price of $25 for translations is small.It’s just that not many people take newcomers to their teams. It’s hard, but it’s possible…


Viki left no trace of the word “volunteer” on their website :joy:

It’s contributors everywhere. Even the Volunteer guidelines is now contributors guideline.


Daebaaak! Right.


I mean, it would only make it confusing if they used two names. Since they’ve decided on “contributor,” I guess they’re sticking to it. Unfortunately, I think “volunteer” comes with the connotation that we are unpaid. “Contributor” blurs the lines and just makes it more confusing for newbies and casual viewers.



Have a look at this :joy:

Idk but I find this situation funny. Viki is making decisions about us with talking with us. Imagine what would happen, if one day, all “contributors” go on a strike and ask Viki to communicate with them more.


Personally, I don’t think it’s a very big deal. Contributor, volunteer- it’s just a name. I’d be upset if they suddenly started using that stupid AI translating bot for every drama that comes on Viki without asking us. They asked, we said we hated it, and as far as I’ve seen, they aren’t using it for all the dramas here.


We had this once, it maybe wasn’t all of us who were on strike, but the translations were halted in most popular shows back then around 10 or 12 … But Viki re-structured the communication and the guidelines, so in principle it is against the rules …

I feel you, though! Looking at the pace they are using now, with all the “cosmetic” decisions they made so far, it seems there will be some announcement at some point.

As they make Viki appear more business style like, volunteers, no we are not gaining profit from the work of volunteers, everyone is a contributor. (Did I change how I am writing about Viki, them and us? Did I always do that? I am not sure. Suddenly I feel like an outsider.)

I wonder if people are still answer to subtitle whiners - we are all volunteers … Oh, I still found one post talking about the volunteer community.

Did anyone care to look up the definition of contributor?

Volunteer is most of the time unpaid, unless you volunteer for the military.

A contributor can be payed or unpayed …


I’m here since January
It was always contributors.

Edit: it was always contributors on the editor!!!


You created this post showing a picture from May stating Volunteer Community.

Now you are saying this … What now?

P.S. Okay cleared the misunderstanding.


Lol you misunderstood me on a different level @lutra , I’m not talking about the dashboard,
Only about the editor thing that’s why I quoted @shraddhasingh 's photo tooo!


Oopsie! My mistake.


Since this topic is about communication with HC, I’d just link one of my posts in HC here, please go upvote it (if you want to)

HC wouldn’t listen unless this post has a considerable amount of upvotes.


Then won’t it sound himdi?