When did viki change this?From viki volunteer community to viki contributor community?

I just noticed today!

The below screenshot was taken in may this year.


I have looked it up at least until October last year it was Volunteer Community.
I will make an open request, why this was decided on. Or do you want to?

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That second screen shot was taken in may this year, I’m new, you know that right?

I’m not really good in English and I don’t even know how to do that.

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Put one up in the community, short as I am not in the mood, there is so little communication that it is more than frustrating.

To follow up here is the link, but we will have to wait until Monday.

(Edit - You can up vote it with the upper arrow, to show that there are more people who want to know this, but only do it if you want to, no pressure.)




To extend the characters I’m writing this.

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I saw your post on the Community Board… lol it’s like we’re some remote jungle community governed by Viki and you, as our representative, went to the headquarters in the big, busy city to submit a request because the higher-ups changed stuff in our tiny settlement without telling us. :flushed::joy:

Also, looks like there’s a new support person called Suijin!


I’ve been frequenting Help Center a lot lately. As compared to a few months ago, there are a lot of new names. Still, I guess not enough for them to visit Discussions.


The question you should be asking is: Do they even know Discussions exists? Or did the old support staff leave after swearing an oath that our remote jungle community should never be exposed to the light of day? :joy:


Doesn’t this feel like when I was a working in an office and those new “matrix” called Quality Management came out.
The irony whatever you said to be the rules for your QM system are, as long as you followed them it was supposed to make you a company of quality. However, the rules didn’t have to improve your quality, mainly stating that every day you would handle the customers equally like noted in the book. In the progress the procedures were made slimmer and here and there outsourced and fewer people needed at one point …
The old customers felt treated superficial, while some younger ones were happy that their problem was handled from A-Z without wasting too much time.
You could conclude that Viki is at a point that they want to be more efficient and everything that takes up time and is not efficient will be cut off.
P.S. At the Help Center you can up vote the thread by clicking the upper arrow, if you want to.


You’re right. It’s been so long since a staff member joined our discussions, not to answer someone, but just have fun…


Today is Tuesday and there’s no answer.

Just look everything got an answer except ours and the newer ones.


When I took a closer look on the one vivi sent it was not really answered, but you are asked about your devices and systems, browser … So for a real answer you all need to offer more information.

Btw it is the same with this one (you know, when you get the feeling do not answer or you might open Pandora’s Box) …



@kdrama2020ali @porkypine90_261 you’ll have to answer those questions :sweat_smile:
Didn’t you say it was fixed now?


There is a work around - you have to use the hyperlink above!


Any updates?

nope …

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In the app it says global TV supported by fans (Globales TV mit Fan-Unterstützung) but only if you open it first, maybe after restarting mobile phone again.

I guess many viewers only use the app anyway and many if not most viewers don’t understand that a pay-to-watch page is not something like Netflix so if you want viewers to realize you’re working for free you need to add that info at the beginning of every episode to the credits since Viki is removing more and more aspects of the old layout that made this aspect clearer for viewers.


I seriously don’t think that they even answer questions on their own. If you go to HC and look at the posts that are “answered”, you’ll notice that the answers repeat themselves for similar questions. They might just look at a question, see which category it falls into, pick out the best related answer and paste it into ‘reply’.

For the questions our community asked a while ago-- from contributor community to positions allowed as moderator, I think we won’t get an answer any time soon since they can’t copy-paste this one from their book. They’ll take their time, maybe months to get back to us.

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For some questions you will need long breathing, that is just how it works at Viki, nothing new … Unfortunately …

I added something

P.S. Sorry added the wrong link.