When Goodness in Man gives us hope for a better world


Hope at the End of the Tunnel










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PRESIDENT BIDEN STANDS BY HIS DECISION AND I APPLAUD HIM. They are finally coming home alive not in a casket.



From Those who gave it all and sacrificed their life for a better world.

He had been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan seven times and earned two Bronze stars, four Good Conduct Medals and was posthumously awarded the Meritorious Service Medal and Army Commendation Medal for his work in central Africa, the Army Times reported. He was stationed at Fort Bragg. Thank you Warrant Officer Thomas for your sacrifice and service to your country, and to your family for what they will continue to endure. All gave some, but some gave all.


Would love to see this…my heart is breaking from sorrow.


British accent sounds so sexy. Dumb drunkard ‘‘I got corona.’’ Make laws attempted murder for spitting/coughing at people.


Retired Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, who was severely injured by an IED during his third tour in Afghanistan. / Credit: CBS News

We built and dug wells to provide fresh drinking water to the Afghan people.

We built schools so that more of the population had access to education, including women and children.

We provided modernized Western medicine and provided medical assistance in the region.

We built hospitals.

We also helped with the local economy and commerce by hiring Afghans to build infrastructure.

These are all tools that the population will hopefully still be able to use even after we leave.

We did good.

Could the pullout have been handled logistically better? Of course. We probably should have left Afghanistan a long time ago. But don’t let recent events erase all the positive that we did to make the country better. It wasn’t all in vain, and as hard as it might be, I hope there is some comfort in that.


WASHINGTON—A U.S. military aircraft carried the last American troops out of Afghanistan on Monday, marking the formal end of the longest war in U.S. history but leaving hundreds of Americans and tens of thousands of Afghans to face a future of uncertainty and danger.

The final U.S. withdrawal came a day before the Aug. 31 deadline set by President Biden, an exit under the persistent threat of terrorist attacks that already had claimed the lives of 13 American service members and more than 200 Afghans, killed in a suspected Islamic State suicide bombing at the Kabul airport on Thursday.


Everybody has a story of suffering to tell; the saddest part when they think their pain is bigger, and not the same. Pain is pain, loss is loss, unless you have lost someone you care and love deeply, please, don’t tell that person: ‘‘I know the pain you are going through,’’ ‘‘I know your suffering’’ bc unless you had to wear those shoes yourself, you will never know the pain that had to be endured while being in those shoes.





Memorial for September 11…20 years later.





WHAT IS GOING ON? Is it coincidence? I just saw the news of a 24 year old father of a newborn baby that died, but before he died; he said not to believe the anti-vax ppl NOT to get vaccinated. He REGRETTED believing in those lies, and not getting vaccinated. IT’s so heartbreaking!!!

    Off-duty NYPD Officer Yvonne Wu, 31, cop shoots her ex-girlfriend and kills the ex’s new love interest: sources

An off-duty NYPD cop, enraged at finding her ex-girlfriend together with another woman, shot them both Wednesday — killing the new lover and wounding the estranged gal pal, police sources said.
The jealous officer’s ex-girlfriend, 23, was expected to survive a gunshot wound to her torso. The new lover, identified as Jamie Liang, 24, was shot numerous times and died, sources said

Officer Yvonne Wu, 31, who’s assigned to the 72nd Precinct in Brooklyn, opened fire on the couple in her ex’s home at 19th Ave. near 80th St. in Bensonhurst just after 5 p.m., hitting both in the chest, police sources said.

The five-year veteran cop, described by one friend of the ex-girlfriend as a “psychopath,” allegedly killed Li’s new love Jaime Liang, 24, in a fusillade of bullets.




Kevin and Misty Mitchem, both in their 40s, refused the COVID-19 vaccine. Kevin’s mother said his last words to her were “Mom, I love you, and I wish that I’d got the shot.”

An unvaccinated couple refused the COVID-19 vaccine against their family’s urges. Both parents…
“They were going off what they’ve been hearing and reading on the internet,” a relative said about the couple who left behind four children 11 to 17 yrs. old.


California couple dies of covid, leaving five kids behind. Their newborn is three weeks old.

Julian Mark

September 13, 2021·4 min read


Davy Macias, 37, was intubated and dying of complications from covid-19 when doctors helped her give birth to her daughter. She would never see her baby.

Her husband, Daniel Macias, 39, would only get a brief glimpse of their child because he, too, was hospitalized after contracting the virus. According to Davy’s sister-in-law, Terri Serey, Daniel waited to name the baby girl because he believed he and his wife would walk out of the hospital alive to introduce the newborn to their four other children, the eldest age 7 and the youngest, 2.

But about a week after the baby was born, Davy died. Two weeks later, so did Daniel.