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IN MEMORY OF…THE DIVA of my house. Missing you so much.


Lat year our baby cookie had an angel custom, and we never thought it would be her last Halloween. She was already [90] in dog years, but was so full of life and spark. We miss her so much and if you have a pet give them zillions of hugs, kisses so that when they are gone; you can be happy that they never lacked of anything from you. OUR DIVA /OURSPOILED PET. The light of our house no one can ever replace her.


Our wonderful girl chihuahua 14 years and 4 months old (my granddaughter); went to DOGGIE’s HEAVEN. She was and will always be, so precious in our life, and was so much part of us. The pain we have now; has not enough words to be described, but one thing I did learned that 4 legged animals are faithful, loyal and loving till their dying days. She gave us more love, than some humans has done in their lifetime; she did that bc while ppl tend to fill themselves with malice and evil actions, this loving soul, this small little thing, could only offer to us what came from her precious heart: LOVE.

I am glad and thankful I cooked her favorite meal; arroz con gandules and bistec before her time on earth was over. I know someday we’ll meet again…and I know from time to time her beautiful soul will come and visit us like my LULA (was my chihuahua dog when I was a teenager) does when I’m in distress. Forever BOTH in our heart.






More sad news having a vaccine available, and dying bc they don’t want the vaccine and a chance to keep on living by protecting themselves against this virus just logical thinking!


Police in Spain search for isolation-skipping Dutch tourists

Spanish authorities are trying to locate a group of Dutch tourists who left a hotel where they were quarantined after testing positive for coronavirus

By ALBERTO ARCE Associated Press

November 19, 2021


MADRID – Authorities in southwestern Spain have issued an international health alert to locate a group of Dutch tourists who left a hotel where they were meant to isolate for 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus.

Spain, which has one of Europe’s highest vaccination rates, is readying more measures to deal with a recent uptick in new coronavirus infections just over one month away from a busy travel period for end-of-the-year family reunions.

Charo Espino, a spokeswoman for the health department in the Extremadura region, said Friday that seven of nine of the tourists from the Netherlands who had tested positive for COVID-19 had simply “disappeared.”

The central government’s representative in the region, Yolanda García Seco, told local media that police were searching for the tourists and that airports were also on full alert in case they try to leave the country.

The group was traveling through Extremadura on Tuesday when some of them felt sick and stopped in Navas del Madroño, a town halfway between the regional capital, Cáceres, and the border with Portugal, for a test that confirmed their contagion, local councilor Denis Talavera told Extremadura TV.

“The tourists were staying at a local hotel and they had to keep the quarantine mandated by health authorities, but they didn’t," Talavera told the regional public broadcaster. “We don’t know how or when they left," he added.

A slight increase in new coronavirus infections has brought Spain’s 14-day contagion rate over 100 new cases per 100,000 residents. Although that’s still a far cry from the sharp spikes recorded in other European countries, some regional governments have approved, or are mulling, the use of mandatory “vaccine passports" to enter indoor public spaces, restaurants or nightclubs.

After hard-hitting COVID-19 waves in 2020 and early 2021 that killed thousands and strained the country’s hospitals, Spain has fully vaccinated 89% of residents aged 12 or older

Netherlands rocked by second night of Covid riots

This story has been published on: 2021-11-21. To contact the author, please use the contact details

Summary Fresh rioting broke out late on Saturday over the Dutch government’s coronavirus measures, with rioters pelting police with stones and fireworks as protests turned violent for a second night in the Netherlands.

Officers in riot gear charged groups of demonstrators in The Hague, while a water cannon was used to put out a pile of blazing bicycles at a busy intersection. Five police officers were injured and at least seven people arrested.

Riots also erupted in the central “Bible Belt” town of Urk and cities in southern Limburg province, while angry fans disrupted two football matches being played behind closed doors because of coronavirus rules, Dutch media said.

The previous night an “orgy of violence” broke out in the port city of Rotterdam, during which three people were wounded when police opened fire and 51 suspects were arrested.

The Netherlands went back into Western Europe’s first partial lockdown of the winter last Saturday with at least three weeks of curbs, and is now planning to ban unvaccinated people from entering some venues, the so-called 2G option.

Peaceful protests involving thousands of people opposed to plans to limit unvaccinated people from access to certain venues took place in cities in the Netherlands earlier on Saturday, but the atmosphere changed late on Saturday.

“These people out here are protesting about 2G and the lockdown,” said Hague pizza shop owner Ferdi Yilmaz. “They are angry about it.”

Yilmaz said police had dragged several people out of his shop, smashed the glass in its front door and hit him on the hand “for no reason.”

Police arrested several people in the working class Schilderswijk neighbourhood of The Hague, with plainclothes officers at one point dragging a woman out of a car.


Instead of focusing on those 0,00003 % of people (I don’t know the exact number, but it’s still a very low number) who take part in riots or are causing problems, both in the Netherlands, but also in a lot of other countries, where life is being restricted again due to the rising Covid numbers, even though x% has been vaccinated already, let’s take a look at the title of this thread and take a moment to think about all the many good initiatives in those countries, like to organize things to help people in your neighborhood or your community when people have to stay at home during isolation, or for people further away where getting help is more difficult. And a thumbs up for all those people working in health care, in the fire department, in the police department, researchers and other professions that try to help make life better.


I was trying to change the topic to NEWS AROUND THE WORLD and more, but can’t do it although I’m [regular] which should allow me to do so.

As you can see I hid the story for whomever wanted to read about it has the option to click on it, and read the article. The article was hidden and you click [summary] to read it, and is WHY you know what the article is about.

sweethopefurther away where getting help is more difficult. And a thumbs up for all those people working in health care, in the fire department, in the police department, researchers and other professions that try to help make life better.

@sweethope It’s ironic that you want to mention the fire department and police department, and these are the same people being attacked for trying to do their job, and my heart goes out to them for risking their life. SO to them I say THANK YOU for protecting the community by trying to keep order. STAY SAFE and GET HOME SAFETO YOUR FAMILY!

Do that for me and find that information you want to see here, and let’s have it posted here. I want to make this topic of news of things going around the world that are causing an impact in people around the world NEWS that we don’t see on regular TV in other countries (especially) regarding theCOVID 19 vaccine.

Thanks for your support. ,Thanks for your input, too!


So sad to see this…Are we living the end times?

Germany has a spike in covid 19 infections.