When Goodness in Man gives us hope for a better world

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sweethopefurther away where getting help is more difficult. And a thumbs up for all those people working in health care, in the fire department, in the police department, researchers and other professions that try to help make life better.

@sweethope It’s ironic that you want to mention the fire department and police department, and these are the same people being attacked for trying to do their job, and my heart goes out to them for risking their life. SO to them I say THANK YOU for protecting the community by trying to keep order. STAY SAFE and GET HOME SAFETO YOUR FAMILY!

Do that for me and find that information you want to see here, and let’s have it posted here. I want to make this topic of news of things going around the world that are causing an impact in people around the world NEWS that we don’t see on regular TV in other countries (especially) regarding theCOVID 19 vaccine.

Thanks for your support. ,Thanks for your input, too!


Tim Fitzsimons

Wed, December 1, 2021, 12:49 AM

Marcus Lamb, a co-founder and the CEO of the conservative Christian Daystar Television Network who vocally opposed Covid-19 vaccines, has died at 64, weeks after he contracted Covid-19, the network said.

“It’s with a heavy heart we announce that Marcus Lamb, president and founder of Daystar Television Network, went home to be with the Lord this morning," the network said a tweet Tuesday. “The family asks that their privacy be respected as they grieve this difficult loss. Please continue to lift them up in prayer.”

Lamb’s son, Jonathan Lamb, filled in for his father on a Nov. 23 Daystar broadcast and beseeched listeners to pray for his father’s recovery from Covid-19.

Speaking to viewers from Lamb’s hospital bedside via telephone, Lamb’s wife, Joni Lamb, said, "With this thing, it’s kind of like riding a roller coaster.

“It’s like, you’ll just be up and everything’s great, and then you have a little lull, and then you come down low and then you come back up, but from everybody that I talk to — I think that’s the pattern,” she said.

“We can really feel the prayers of the people,” she said, thanking viewers for their prayers.

“Pray specifically for his lungs to clear the Covid pneumonia and pray for his oxygen level to continue to be strong and to go up so that we can wean him off of oxygen and bring him home,” she said.

News about Germany Highest Daily COVID-19 Death Toll

Germany reports highest daily COVID-19 death toll in nine months

Germany has reported the highest number of deaths from coronavirus since mid-February as hospitals warn that the country could have 6,000 people in intensive care by Christmas, more than the peak of last winter.


A Virginia couple was heartbroken after they lost their 10-year-old daughter to COVID-19. They quickly pulled their youngest child from school and got him vaccinated.


  • A Virginia family is still recovering from the loss of their 10-year-old daughter.
  • Teresa Sperry, a fifth grader, died after contracting COVID-19.
  • Weeks later, her brother, 9, received the Pfizer vaccine in her honor.

The holiday season has been difficult for the Sperry family after losing their 10-year-old daughter in September.

“My daughter’s two favorite holidays were Christmas and Halloween,” said Jeff Sperry, whose family lives in Virginia. “Halloween was hard because we got her a mask and carved her a pumpkin. We took it to her grave, and I took some candy out there for her. I could tell you for Christmas it’s going to be hard.”

Covid: Dutch go into Christmas lockdown over Omicron wave

People went shopping on Saturday before the lockdown was announced

The Netherlands has announced a strict lockdown over Christmas amid concerns over the Omicron coronavirus variant.

Non-essential shops, bars, gyms hairdressers and other public venues will be closed until at least mid-January. Two guests per household will be allowed - four over the holidays.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte said the measures were “unavoidable”.

Countries across Europe have been tightening restrictions as the heavily mutated variant spreads.

The new rules in the Netherlands - the strictest to have been announced over Omicron so far - come into force on Sunday.

“I stand here tonight in a sombre mood. And a lot of people watching will feel that way too,” Mr Rutte told a news conference on Saturday. “To sum it up in one sentence, the Netherlands will go back into lockdown from tomorrow.”

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Requesting prayers for one of our own in this community facing Covid.


Sorry for not replyingI am with covid at the hospital. Just in case, it has been great to have met all of you. I love you.

Never thought I would see this posted here, and I hope if you can, people get vaccinated! It’s the only way to fight back this mess going on in the world. May she return home and back here healthy and safe.

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This thread is hidden! @angelight313_168
Did anyone notice?

Irmar is in my prayers!
I am waiting to see her here as soon as possible.

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Yes @jeslynl did that on December 8, and didn’t had the courtesy to explain why she did that. She also deleted two of my answer to other people, but the ones I ‘‘flagged’’ she completely ignores me and keeps their insults to me… I have no idea how can she do those things with no respect shown on her part. I requested prayer for @irmar and no one can see it. I’m trying to make people aware that the vaccine is important and saves life, and I hope irmar had the vaccine bc surviving that is a miracle in itself. Thanks for the prayers. I wonder how she’s doing. No matter what that virus is horrible since I took care of ppl and they agonized in pain. It’s sad to see in person.


When I tried writing to @jeslynl to ask her why she unlisted my thread all I get is a message that she’s not answering (my) messages.

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Actually, there’s a guideline not to post anything about COVID here.
May be this thread got unlisted because of that reason.



Those guidelines a few weeks ago were deleted they were posted by @mariliam (working in another dept. now), and I don’t think they no longer apply here. Also, I’m talking about the importance of the vaccine, not covid19 statistics etc… Also, I am showing the controversy between the choices different countries make, and many of them, are now regretting. My cousin refused the vaccine, and we just buried a 59 year old man with a big, gorgeous family. He did enjoyed life to the fullest , but it was too soon to leave his family. RIP DAVID.

When you are trying to help humanity come to light to certain dangers in life; it should not be used against the person writing the thread. If you promote hate, discord that’s a different story. Bringing Awareness towards something that’s killing people is a good deed. A lot of people are dead for refusing to get the vaccine. Although it’s a choice to get it, and it is your life, but it is good to make people aware of some known facts.


I hope @irmar. got the vaccine bc if she didn’t get the vaccine, even though she might survive, the health suffers so much more traumas to the body. People have committed suicide because they can’t take the long time health issues they stay with, after getting this
dreadful virus.

I know several people that are alive today thanks to getting the vaccine, encouraged by me. Those who refused the vaccine as you can see in my post are long gone. Surviving this virus is not luck, is making the right choices. We have science so advanced today and we can survive what others couldn’t in the past due to the lack of the advances in science we have available now.

Another thing, they say it causes infertility in women and men, but my personal nurse got the vaccine after she got covid back in April, and almost died was in ICU for 3 months. Last week she told me she’s 14 weeks pregnant after having her son 14 years ago which sends the infertility theory down the drain. SPREAD THE WORD. If anything, my nurse thinks the vaccine helped her get pregnant. lol

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Two siblings were brutally honest about their brother’s death from COVID-19, calling it “needless” because he didn’t believe in masks, testing, the vaccine or even the virus.

In an obituary posted in The Daily Gazette , the two siblings explained that their brother, Michael Joseph Malecki, “needlessly died” of COVID-19 on November 15. They said he was sick for less than 48 hours before his death and partially blamed the mentality he used for living for why he died.

“He liked to say he lived his life according to his favorite songs, ‘My Way’ and ‘I Gotta Be Me.’ He was certainly him, and it probably killed him,” the siblings wrote.

My Way , by Frank Sinatra, details the life of a man who lived his life on his own terms and according to what he believed in without making apologies for it. Although his life hasn’t always been easy and he’s taken some “blows” along the way, he’s overall content with how his life has turned out because he never compromised his beliefs. I Gotta Be Me has a similar sentiment, where a person can only be who they are and isn’t living their life to please other people.

Michael was 70 when he died, putting him at an increased risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19. His siblings wrote in his obituary that he didn’t like going to funerals or services related to death and attended few, so they decided not to have a memorial service for him.

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Billie Eilish Details Bout with COVID-19: ‘If I Weren’t Vaccinated, I Would Have Died’

Billie Eilish is opening up about her bout with COVID-19 and the side effects she’s still experiencing months later.
“I didn’t die, and I wasn’t gonna die, but that does not take away from how miserable it was. It was terrible,” Eilish said. “I still have side effects. I was sick for, like, two months almost.”

The seven-time Grammy Award winner credited the vaccine as the reason she’s now “fine,” adding, “I think if I weren’t vaccinated, I would have, like, died, because it was bad … When I say it was bad, I more just mean that it felt horrible. But really, in the scheme of COVID, it was not bad. You know what I mean? When you’re sick, you feel f—ing horrible.”

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No one will notice the posts you put in this thread.

Thankyou for creating awareness among our community!
I got vaccinated already!
Happy new year!


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I’m worried about irmar too, it’s about a month…
Let’s pray and wait for her.

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I only know dudie. piranna was not active, when I first visited discussions. And i didn’t see her since then.

Dudie’s last project was doom at your service, we can just hope that she’s doing well.
Let’s wait for their comeback.

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IF you can get the vaccine and booster. It’s our choice, and we are so blessed mankind had the means to make a vaccine that can save life. Like the FLU vaccine some has died from it, but MANY more has lived bc they got it. If you don’t want to is okay, is your choice. It doesn’t make women infertile. I have a nurse who got pregnant months after getting the vaccine and Booster.

The last thing @jeslynl did before she left her post here was that she UNLISTED a thread I had where I showed how important it was to get vaccinated. I think that any thread POSTED to try to save lives should be part of this here at DISCUSSION. I know so many people that DIED bc they refused to get the vaccine. So many regrets, but too late is the regret.
Vaccination is a choice we ALL have, and I hope you are ONE MORE that give yourself a chance to LIVE.

Christian Cabrera, 40, from California, who used to be a social media handle and stage name “China’s best friend,” tested positive for COVID-19 at some point after Christmas.

However, the father of his three-year-old son was “skeptical of the science behind the vaccine and never” never “gets sick,” and according to his brother Jino Cabrera, he was not vaccinated with the coronavirus vaccine. …

“I can’t breathe again,” Cabrera wrote last Thursday.

“I really regret not being vaccinated. If I could do it again, I would do it with a heartbeat to save my life.”

Cabrera died on January 14, after succumbing to pneumonia in both lungs caused by the coronavirus. The day after he posted a disappointing Instagram post that he wanted to be vaccinated.

Photo: Christian Cabrera, 40, from California, lay in the ICU with an oxygen mask on his face after being infected with COVID 19 after Christmas.