When One K-Drama Leads To The Other


I started watching K-Dramas in 2018. I was just scrolling down my Facebook when I came across a clip from Who Are You: School 2015. The clip was very very interesting so I jot down the name of the drama and watched it. It was so entertaining to watch it. I am from India and here dramas last an eternity, if a drama starts when you are born it will end when you’ll have children ( just exaggerating, but it’s true for some of them). So I don’t watch much dramas from my own country because their logic and all is just on another level, literally on another level.
Although School 2015 was my first drama, I didn’t watched the last episode because I know it’s gonna disappoint me. So I left it there. I loved the chemistry between Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung Jae so much that when I got to know they were together in Goblin ( but not as a couple) I went and watched it. One drama leading to other.
There I loved the female lead a lot so I went and watched Cheese In The Trap and boom!! I loved both Seo Kang Joon and Park Hae Jin! So that lead me to two other dramas, Are You Human Too? (Which I am currently watching) and My Love From The Star and guess what?? Cheon Seong Yi eyo!! I was surprised to see In Yoo Na there but I loved Jun Ji Hyun, leading to Legend Of The Blue Sea. But it didn’t stopped here. After watching Nam Joo Hyuk in Cheese In The Trap, I thought he isn’t that bad( because of my image of him from School 2015 was not good). School 2015 lead to School 2017 and that lead to other school dramas. Sassy Go Go for example then lead me to Reply 1988 which eventually to Reply 1997 and 1994. Ji Soo from Sassy Go Go to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

I even watched My ID Is Gangnam Beauty which I didn’t finished because it was too cliché for me. But Cha Eun Woo to Revenge Note 1 from there to Revenge Note 2. Kim Huang Gi from RN1 to Moments of 18.

OHHHHHHH!!! it’s an never ending list for me. I wanna know about the K-Drama circles of others too!


hehehe The Kdrama world is a vortex, be careful or you will be sucked in!


I guess it is too late already for most of us … :rofl:


:joy::joy: Yes, that is true!


I just saw something to calm down my severe SLS!

Skip to 6:00 minutes


Lol her and dramamaster’s videos always give me a good laugh. Hopefully you won’t need to see a therapist for a while. :rofl:


Really? You watch their videos too?
We got something in common!

My therapist left me in between therapy :astonished: and I can’t go to his clinic anymore 'cause he himself needed a therapist :joy::joy:

Their videos now act as my therapist, after I got to know that they needed the same therapy :joy_cat:


:joy:lol this is so true… my grandma is watching a serial that is on it’s 367th ep or something (and this is when I visited her in december:flushed::woman_facepalming:)

It’s kinda the same with me… I Am Not a Robot was my first. Because of Chae Soo-Bin, I watched Moonlight Drawn By Clouds… one of the eunuchs in that was in Touch Your Heart, from there I loved the main couple so much I watched Goblin(ik, it’s usually the other way round lol)…
Now I’m watching Descendants of the Dun and I was so surprised to see Park Shin-Hye and Lee Joong Ki from Waikiki!
It’s always fun to see the same actors in a different drama^^

On a side note, how did you even want to continue watching kdrama when your first was School 2015??!! Damn I am so glad I watched I Am Not A Robot, which just sucked me into KDramaLand, not that i’m an unwilling prisoner :wink:

omo dramaholic and dramamaster foreverrrr!!:joy::sweat_smile:

This is one of my favourites, especially the naagin part:


I watched DOTS first in October last year after a friend whined so much to watch it and I love the drama because of a similarity but unfortunately I never got the chance to watch it after 6th episode and is still like that since January this year.
And believe me, I can’t identify that Lee Yi Kyung in DOTS and Waikiki are the same. He is such a versatile actor.
And I like the way he claps, I started clapping like that too.
And the Gwenchana Gwenchana got me hooked to the drama and am finally on ep 20.


wait…you haven’t finished DOTS? !!! Go watch watch it’s just amaaaazingggg I’m gonna join your whiny friend because it’s TOTALLY worth it!

ikr! I loved Lee Joong Ki (Waikiki) but I reallllly didn’t like him in DOTS… just goes to day how good of an actor he is… though I had to replay that scene twice to make sure I wasn’t seeing things :joy:

I think everyone tries to do that after watching him do it lol his eyes go like > < this
I was so surprised not to see all 32 of his teeth in DOTS :joy:


come on guys! y’all talk about DOTS, do explain so I can understand what you are talking about ,huh?


@kaorikazehaya said she hadn’t watched DOTS so I was whining at her to watch… then we were talking about how Lee Joong Ki from Welcome to Waikiki was in DOTS :grin:


Descendants Of The Sun


I guess I need to watch DOTS as soon as I can, so even I can actually actively differentiate between the two Lee Yi Kyung.

Actually, looking from my eyes, I took a lot of time to actually find some similarities between the Waikiki actor and his photo her on Viki at his profile


Ok, I myself am still in shock over this… We’ve been talking about Lee Yi Kyung so much recently, right? I picked up this k-drama ‘Go Back Couple’ for no particular reason recently(it’s a really sweet one)–

…and my eyes almost POPPED out when he walked in! And his hair oh my you have to see it :joy::joy: It’s till his back, this long, straight, silky, jet-black hair that I’m TOTALLY jealous of :rofl:
If you have time just see how they introduce him in the drama damnn i was wheezing!


I hope you forgive me I just got an early 80’s flashback moment - Steve Perry (Journey)


lol! In the drama, his character was trying to look like Bruce Lee, hence the amazing hair :joy:
ahhh i found the clip on YT…enjoy!:rofl::rofl:


This happens to me all the time. There were several times I started two K-dramas with the same actor - I’ve since limited myself to trying to only watch one drama with the same [main] actors at the same time otherwise it can get confusing. My problem is I tend to watch about 10 different shows at the same time and then want to watch a bunch more without finishing the first ones… especially C-dramas since they are usually soo long. I used to not watch Cdramas as much but surprisingly K-dramas lead me into C-dramas! I loved “Kill Me Heal Me” and then found out there was a C-drama re-make and had to watch it. Is it worse when K-dramas lead to C-dramas?



Oh my goodness, the Chinese version of Kill me/ heal me was such a junk and the male actor was terrible in that role!

I think in order for you to really enjoy dramas you must commit to finishing the drama from beginning to end… Stick to short 16 episodes and work your way up. They also have short episodes 40 to 60 in Chinese dramas (I skip a lot of parts). But I always HAVE to watch the end of every drama I start no matter how much I may hate the ending.



hehehe The Kdrama world is a vortex, be careful or you will be sucked in

This is a great quote! I need a t-shirt with this on it. LOL!