When One K-Drama Leads To The Other


haha I think most of us have voluntarily let ourselves be sucked in… no regrets! :joy:


I actually liked the Chinese version of “Kill me, Heal me” - I liked the added parts that gave more of an explanation and I thought the main actor was good. Granted, the K-drama was a lot better, but the C-drama had it’s good points too. :slight_smile:

I’m actually working my way through “The Lost Tomb” series. I started to read the books and found the C-dramas then got confused on the order to watch. Finally got that figured out and am on “Sand Sea” though I liked “Mystic Nine” that had more of the backstory to it better. Those are all super long (except for the “The Lost Tomb” which is only 10 eps… felt like I got tricked into watching a short show and then realize there are all these other related series!!!). I think there’s a 3rd season coming out soon. Also waiting on “Whirlwind Girl 3”… S2 could be skipped entirely but rumors said they are bringing back the original girl for 3rd season!!

If I really don’t like a drama I won’t finish it, but I usually stop at the 2nd or 3rd episode if I do that. I had one C-drama that was good for the first 10 eps and then the legendary C-drama flashbacks became so bad that I ended up skipping about 20 or so eps (without being confused at all) just to see the ending.


I loveeeeeeeeeeee ‘‘The Lost Tomb’’ and they made a second part but I forgot the name. If I find it, I’ll let you know the title. You MUST watch this one, is awesome!


There is “The Lost Tomb 2” but in the order filmed “Sand Sea” was first. I could have skipped the “Mystic Nine Teleology” but the one with Lay was good and they did give additional backstory (I did skip large parts of it though). There were so many parts to this series that I had to google it to find what they all were. I only started watching because of Yang Yang then got hooked on the story.

That does seem interesting! Shame it doesn’t seem to be on Viki but I found somewhere else to watch it. Thank you, I will have to check it out.



Some dramas skipping large part of it, is the best thing to do. On my part, is the only way I can survive watching them long episodes


haha yeah I hit the forward 10 secs button way more than even the home button nowadays lol :joy:


I’m always shocked when I don’t hit the forward button on a drama it so rarely happens!! If it’s a really long or cringey part I won’t even hit the 10 second skip I’ll skip large sections (but I try not to do that as often and tend to do this more in C-dramas when they keep doing stupid repeat flashbacks).


yeah even when watching that genre of typical fluffy rom-com which I love, I keep skipping all the chaebol politics and scheming…it’s literally the same in almost every drama so all I need to know is “this is the bad guy, and those are more bad guys” and I’m good to go! The chairmen/ directors/ CEOs are alwaaaaays plotting against ML so there’s really no point.
Does anyone else skip parts where the moms speak together about their kids?? I find it sooooo cringy when they try to matchmake their kids sometimes…especially in Strong Woman she was BENT on getting them together I just couldn’t handle the extreeeme cringe!


That is so true. Sometimes I watch those scheming parts and sometimes I don’t depending on if they are good actors playing the “villains”… but you can usually tell if they are going to be redeemable villains or bad guys 'til the end and if they’re really bad I just skip those parts too.

I think in every “School” series drama I skipped most of the parent parents because of scheming etc. I loved “Strong Woman” and there were parts that I re-watched like 10x because it was so good! But, yes, I also skipped a lot of the parts with the mom ugh


Nevertheless, I really loved how the mother always removed her clothes whenever she was angry :laughing:
And the Romeo Juliet scenes as well.
I have been searching for a video where all the Romeo Juliet scenes are but I haven’t found one yet.


Although My ID is Gangnam Beauty deals with a social issue and is a must watch drama, I feel the romance between the two leads is over the top, literally over the top!
I can’t even watch the scenes between the two leads, I always skipped them.
I am planning to watch Graceful Family, starring, the FL of My ID is Gangnam Beauty. Is it worthy enough to watch?


haha ik even I watched My ID Is Gangnam Beauty for that reason, but other than the social issue, in my opinion, I didn’t like the rest of the story and how it plays out…Graceful Family popped up in my reccs too but I don’t think I want to watch that actress again…I didn’t like her acting (This is my opinion, you can decide for yourself, since I haven’t watched Graceful Family :sweat_smile: :grin:)

i also loved the Romeo Juliet scenes…one of us should make the video and put it on YT then :grin:


You know, if I watch a romantic scene and support the love between the couples, I can be feeling really good and full while watching the drama.
But once I finish watching the episode/drama, reality hits hard, right on my face :joy:
Single since birth :expressionless:


I tried watching “My ID is Gangnam Beauty”… for whatever reason I never made it past the first or second episode. I tried going back to it and just couldn’t. I had the same reaction to “W” and “Pinocchio” and did eventually watch them (though I had to skip large parts of the first 3+ eps of each) and ending up really liking them so who knows. I’m stuck partway through “Doctor Stranger” for the same reason but I probably will go back and finish that one for sure.

I haven’t watched “Graceful Family” yet either. I’m trying to finish about 10 other dramas right now. One makes me cringe and I go to the next until I find one I can successfully watch all of. lol


yeah even I had to force myself through ‘W’…they just kept making up new rules and then breaking them uhhhhh
i had lotsss of trouble finishing Her Private Life too (probably just me, I’ve heard everyone else on Planet Earth loves it) and I just stopped Angel’s Last Mission halfway because I just couldn’t watch another forbidden love/ fantastical creature with human trope :roll_eyes:

oh my me tooooo!!! I literally live out my nonexistent love life through kdramas :joy: :sweat_smile:


I had W in my watchlist, now wondering whether I should watch it or not?


It depends, if you like a bit of science fiction, crime, time travel drama with a mystic touch … I would say at least try it. I watched it when it aired but I wonder how it is when you binge it. I think it was good to have the breaks in between, so your synapses won’t overload.


That was my problem with “W” as well, though ultimately it was a really good show! Just had to get through those annoying and cringey parts first!

I’m with you on “Her Private Life” - I stopped watching at least 10x though I liked the story it took me a long time to get through. “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” was one I had no problem watching, on the other hand.

I also started “Angel’s Last Mission”… I think I got stuck on the 2nd or 3rd episode LOL


When I first tried to watch “W” I got stuck on the first episode perhaps because I just wasn’t in the right headspace to watch it. It’s a really good drama though sometimes you have to just go with the flow on some parts… and this is one I turned comments off (and I love comments) because people tend to post a lot of spoilers. I’ve re-watched it with comments on when I finally figured everything out.

If you’ve ever seen “Extra-ordinary You” (pretty sure I binge watched that in two days) it’s like that with the added crime-drama feel. If you like C-dramas “Unexpected” is more of a comedy/fantasy take on this theme - main guy is Taiwanese and I really wish we had more of his shows on Viki (he’s the only reason I actually made it through “I Will Never Let You Go” lol).


I have not yet watched it, probably will push it away for a while at the moment I am not too good with crime. I recently watched Judge vs. Judge and if I even have trouble watching some scenes there, I am better off not taking on crime stories.