When One K-Drama Leads To The Other


yeah it’s a really good one when you just want to get your mind so boggled you don’t know what’s what :sweat_smile: I enjoyed it till the villain possesses the dad…then it became kinda creepy

if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that TCs are for rewatches or really predictably fluffy dramas…in thrillers its either “What’s going on!!!”, “That character is so hot” or or “Hey guys chill HUGE SPOILER>… so you don’t need to worry” :flushed:


Then “Extra-ordinary You” would probably fit you better… it’s more school-ish/comic fantasy if there is such a thing. There’s the element of mystery but no actual crime


That is soo true though there are some dramas where nice people have covered over the spoilers and I’ve happily enjoyed the comments while watching a drama for the first time. They’ve also helped me get through some drams that I wanted to see the end of but had very looong boring parts. I happen to love commenting when it’s a drama with few comments but I just comment with observations or thoughts not spoilers.

I’ve watched a few dramas where the timed comments were off… made me sad but had to watch without comments on those episodes because it’s too confusing!


For school themed dramas I need to really, really be in the mood, as I probably saw too many of them, and I never thought I would say something like this but I kind of grown out of them. So not my first pick.

Comic- although I like my good old well-balanced nicely written rom-com but comic is not that alluring to me.

Now fantasy, I do watch them but not all, there are some I liked, some I want to forget, some I stopped early on and others I never touch from the get go. Rarely a fantasy drama makes it into my top favorites, but …

I can really easily decide on Extra-Ordinary You - it’s not available here.


That’s a shame. It was available until recently though I’m thinking I actually watched it somewhere else originally. I’ve re-watched a lot of my favorite shows on Viki that I saw on another site first.

School dramas can be… um… predictable I guess is a nice way to put it? I’ve seen some I’ve really liked though like the Chinese series “The Big Boss” which sadly is also no longer available on Viki; that one had me laughing so much. I like them when I need something light-hearted (and I usually skip all the bullying scenes).

Honestly, sometimes I like watching really badly done shows so I can post sarcastic comments. In shows I really like I don’t comment a whole lot unless there are no comments and then I comment a lot to fill the void.


I can’t tell if it ever was available as long as I can remember it had no license for my country, but there are so many dramas out there that I hardly can keep up anyway, even with all the shows I sort out.

Sometimes watching not as good dramas have a catalytic effect. I don’t shy away from heavy stuff, and I don’t mean the ones filled with violence, the once with illnesses cancer and the stuff or loss of loved ones so one in between for clearing ones mind is welcomed.


I feel the same way! I watched several really heart breaking dramas and then had to watch some lighter ones in between. “It’s Okay, That’s Love” I think had a good mix of each while trying to get few others I’ve been trying to finish and keep getting distracted by new releases.

I need a good Taiwanese drama to watch now… I started a few and needed a different mood for the moment. I loved “Let’s Go Crazy On Live” and need to find another like it. Jolin Chien is a great actor.


My most favorite Taiwan Dramas are:

other dramas from Taiwan that are popular as well

License as always, can’t have everything …


I’m pretty sure I’ve watched several of these but it never hurts to go back and re-watch. I tried to start watching “Before We Get Married” the other day but sleep was slightly more important (it was a close call though lol).

I’ll have to check these out! Thank you :slight_smile: There are a lot of great Taiwanese dramas that get over looked and it saves me time to get recommendations!


hi there i’m a new member. i am Cidny.


hi Cidny! welcome to the community! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Which are your favourite dramas?


Handsome Siblings, Ashes of love, The untamed, i have a lot. most of them are historical tho. those are the best


ooh, a sageuk fan! Have you watched Love in the Moonlight or Sunkyungwan Scandal??


I haven’t. but i’m gonna search for that . i’ve just finished Dance Of The Phoenix.


My “pattern” is I follow the actors , writers and Viki recommendations and fan site recommendations.


haha I followed Ji Chang Wook through Suspicious Partnner, Healer, K2 and now Melting Me Softly :sweat_smile: but for some weird reason I just CAN’T seem to be able to watch any more of Song Joong Ki because there is literally no other character I love in KDramaLand more than his character in DOTS and I don’t want to ‘spoil’ it (idk if you get it but that’s how I feel :flushed::sweat_smile:) Also I’ve developed a serious crush on Kim Young Kwang and I don’t know what to do HELP!:joy: :heart_eyes:
Soompi is my Number 1 recommender and @lutra is my second! :sweat_smile::grin:

idk about Sungyunkwang Scandal but I really loved Moonlight Drawn By Clouds…that’s how I found Park Bo Gum, and I have yet to see a better Crown Prince than him! :sweat_smile:

The odd things K-Dramas taught me about Korea!

I’m currently at my JCW pattern , completely relatable. Saw K2 first and was a JCW virgin when I saw that and I may not be K2’s target audience though because I was not as into it, but it did not stop me from nursing a JCW-fangirl-in-training but Healer was the one that pushed me over the edge. Currently watching Suspicious Partner (although I’m not over his pair up with PMY).

I kind of get that with actors - if I find a couple’s chemistry amazing, it may take me a little bit to warm up to another drama if they are a different couple :laughing:


lol same…though I watched in the EXACT OPPOSITE sequence as yours :joy: it took me a looooong time to get used to PMY(since I really didn’t like her in WWWSK and HPL) in Healer after watching JCW with Nam Ji Hyun. I still rank Suspicious Partner as his no.1 drama tho…
I really don’t get how I’m so fine with JCW in all his dramas but I just CANNOT desecrate Yoo Si Jin’s image by watching any other Song Joong Ki drama :joy::flushed: probably because I think I’ve fallen in love with Yoo Si Jin more than Song Joong Ki himself and with JCW I just love JCW
…ok I read this again and it still sounds messed. up. :sweat_smile:


hahahahaa relatable . I think I’m :“in love” with Healer vs JCW


You guys pay so much attention to which drama to watch.

I never do that, I saw the drama somewhere, I’ll watch it if I feel like it. Sometimes I don’t even remember why I started watching this drama :joy::joy: