When you can't finnish a drama


Is it just me or sometimes, even if the drama is good, if I stop watching for too long I can’t comeback to it? I was at ep 11 of Doom at your service and stopped for a few days that eventually became months, now I just can’t bring myself to finish it bc I don’t remember anything and I don’t want to watch it all over again. I tend to bing watch a lot and if I can’t complete the show in 2 days or so I usually won’t come back to it.


It’s OK. If it’s not for you, then it’s not for you. Stop beating yourself up, just stop it. It’s not your fault. You’re the victim here, the victim of a binge-watching society that gobbles everything up without considering the fact that we might not enjoy the same thing.

My totally pawsome recommendation: Pick something else. VIKI has recently added lots of high-quality titles, including bitesized webdramas. :smile_cat:


I had once a problem with the drama Robbers - I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the last episode out of fear of how the story would end, maybe because around that time I had already watched dramas like What Happened in Bali? and others who were big tearjerkers …

Years later I was convinced by a fellow drama companion to finish it, after some weeks I did - finally, and it wasn’t that “bad” at all.

Of course there are other dramas where you think you will get to watch them later again, and time, mood or whatever is not on the drama’s site, but I wouldn’t make it hard on myself. It’s just like making acquaintances - not everyone will become a friend.


You are not alone. The longer I’ve been watching dramas, the more often I find myself drifting away from something in the middle. I really dislike ‘dropping’ shows, so my ‘on hold’ category on MDL keeps getting bigger and bigger because I hate to admit that I have actually given up on a drama. LOL I keep telling myself I will get back to them someday and finish, but the truth is I’m not sure I’ve ever actually gone back and completed something once I put it on hold.


Yeah! I totally feel that. I usually drop them when things start to get really bad or melodramatic. I want more dramas like Private life sike


Same! Doom at your service is sad sad drama and I just can’t finish it


Slave Hunter was another one for me …


It happened to me before. If I’m still curious about the story, I either fast-forward some scenes or just watch the last episode.


I have a loooooooong list as long as a kite string. :joy:

I’m the same as you. I am a binge watcher and if I miss one day of that show, I will get distracted and move on. Also, if a drama has too many tropes that I hate, (ex’s, amnesia, MIL, breakup/makeup…) I will just drop the show. Sometimes when it’s too good, I stop before watching the last couple episodes if I have a feeling the writers will throw in random stupid stuff. Lol


I skip the boring scenes hahah


I sometimes put dramas on hold, especially when I’m not in the right mood to watch the drama. Usually I end up finishing them, even if it takes me a while. If I notice that I’m not enjoying it even though I normally would, I put it on hold.

Only one drama on my list that I haven’t gotten to and might go to my dropped list (Vincenzo) :woman_shrugging:.


I’m trying to reduce my skipping and actually watch dramas through and through.

I recently finished, My Roommate is a Gumiho. It was one of those dramas I left unfinished right before the finale. I went back and watch everything without skipping scenes.


When I entered the k-drama world, I used to binge watch a lot, since I had so much catching up to do.:joy: And I didn’t drop anything, not even the bad ones. But after my rookie hunger subsided, I started dropping things, even some shows that were considered by others very good or had high scores. I had some shows on the “on hold” list, but recently I decided it was time to move them to the “dropped” list, which I also don’t like seeing getting bigger. I only finished one of them, because I loved the actors, but it was kind of awkward watching it after so much time.
Nowadays, due to a busy schedule and need for more sleep, I prefer to not binge watch and watch on going dramas and I choose enough to have something to watch every day. So, I don’t usually drop something because of the distance between us :rofl:, but only it it doesn’t attract me. And I don’t even start something that I feel it won’t win me over. But it’s definitely true that if you leave something for some weeks, it’s difficult to return to it.


That’s so relatable. At first, I wanted to watch everything, but I keep getting pickier and pickier as time goes by. To the point, now, where I feel like nothing is going to satisfy me. :smile:

I took a long break from dramas over the past couple winter months and am just now starting to ease back into them.


I have done this - and just REVIEWED the show and finished it

I love DOOM!!!

Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped

For me, I just forget to continue watching… especially with fluffy cdramas that dont really have a plot. I would binge ten episodes and then just forget to continue watching the next day :joy: And then I’d feel the same as @my_happy_place, so I put it in my On Hold section… it eventually moves to my Dropped list when I go on one of my clean-up-and-organize frenzies


I notice that this happens to me when I end up watching too many dramas. I start out with one, then I get semi-bored and add another one, then I add a 3rd and a 4th one and before I know, I need to schedule to give each drama the right amount of attention. Most of the time I’m able to divide my time equally among each series, however, if I’m close to the ending, I sometimes feel rushed and will watch the last episodes in a row.

I rarely only am watching an episode though. Most of the time, I watch an episode on half of the screen and on the other half a new tab page is opened with either the Viki discussions, the reviews of a new drama I’m interested in, another drama I’m watching atm or the Wikipedia articles on the penguin population in Antarctica.

So, amidst all these distractions, it happens often that I stop watching and think by myself 'What has happened until now in the drama? And if I can’t think of anything significant and don’t expect it will happen, I will drop it. This just happened yesterday to me. Luckily, I have 6 more series on my watchlist :blush:


Sometimes I need to walk away and watch something else for a few days/weeks and then come back and start watching again. This was the case with When Time Stopped. I watched the first few eps and just couldn’t get into it, walked away but came back a week or so later and picked it up again. I’m glad I did because the later eps help to bring the story together and made it a very satisfying watch for me. (Honestly, I’m not sure I would have given it another shot if it weren’t for the fact that the male lead was Kim Hyun-joong so there’s that reasoning too). :wink:


I dropped Vincenzo too :grimacing: I was actually enjoying it, but I don’t know what happened, I just couldn’t finish, I stopped at the 7th episode. lmao


THIS! I love dramas like Her Private Life and Hometown cha cha cha now, a lighthearted romantic comedy-drama. I can’t watch the tearjackers anymore