Name a drama everyone liked but you hated/dropped


Reading another thread here in General Discussion (When you can't finnish a drama), I thought of posting this question about a drama everyone else or almost everyone loved or had great scores and you hated or dropped. If it has been posted before, I apologize in advance.
As for my answer, for me it was “Reply 1988”, considered by many one of the best, but I dropped it after 4 episodes. I kind of felt I was weird, so I wonder if you have a drama like that too.

Name dramas everyone loves/recommends, but you don't feel any urge to pick it up
Name a drama everyone hated/dropped but you liked

I have a few, but “Reply 1988” was one of them, like you. Another one, off the top of my head, was “Vincenzo”. I wouldn’t say I hated it, but I dropped it after a few episodes. Oh, and I have very unpopular opinions about “Love 020”. I watched the whole thing, but I never got all the hype. :woman_shrugging:t4:


Vincenzo - just didnt like the dark comedy genre
Its Okay to not be okay - i couldnt stand it
Love O2O - seemed to be going nowhere
You Are My Glory - same problem… there was no direction to the plot at all
Her Private Life - finished it because of my friend but i didnt like it at all idk why, really


I have a few too, the ones I usually drop are because there’s a horrid love rival or mother-in-law, or because I can’t stand the FL. There’s more but I’ll keep it to these, they’re probably the most popular of the ones I’ve dropped.
Legend of the Blue Sea
Lovestruck in the City
Are You Human Too



Are You Human Too?
Go Back Couple
Go Go Squid!
Hotel Del Luna
I Am Not a Robot
Jewel in the Palace
… just to name a few, and there a the ones - Millions liked them, I never even started.


I didn’t actually drop it, but finishing ‘Heard it through the grapevine’ felt like a chore. The atmosphere and lightning was so gloomy the entire time and I didn’t really like that. I finished it because i could tell it was a good drama and many people give good reviews and it even got an award for best drama, but I was really glad when I was done watching.


For me, it was the first of the Reply series, Reply 1997. I really couldn’t get into it and dropped it after a couple episodes.

But then, I watched Reply 1994 and loved it, and then went back to watch both Reply 1988 and Reply 1994 and ended up enjoying all of them.

Same. I dropped it after a few episodes.

Having loved all other Lee Minho and Jeon Jihyun dramas, I was a bit disappointed with this one, but I was a subber for this drama so I ended up watching the whole thing.

Another one that I dropped pretty quickly was Itaewon Class. I don’t even think I finished the first episode.

Now, here are a couple dramas that I hated and dropped initially, but then my friends “begged, forced, and convinced” me to watch them and I ended up loving them in the end:

Master’s Sun
It’s Okay, That’s Love


This was another one that I kept watching until the end (with a fair bit of skipping), hoping that it was going to get better. It had to, right? Because everyone seemed to love it. But I just never figured out why it was so highly praised. This was early on in my drama watching days when I pretty much finished everything I started, but nowadays I probably would have dropped it early on.

Edit to add: How could I forget the latest drama that was all the rage - “The Red Sleeve”. This drama was beautifully filmed and had lovely acting, but it is exactly the kind of drama I can’t tolerate, with deranged, abusive characters who make everyone else suffer endlessly. The angst level is high. I wanted to stick it out for my Junho’s sake, but I couldn’t do it.


Oh my, I use to finish everything, I don’t know where the switch flipped, I think after reading discussions about people dropping dramas, it’s like I needed permission or something… :rofl::rofl::rofl::woman_facepalming:


That’s so funny!

For me, I think it was really about learning over time what I was willing to tolerate and realizing and admitting that some things just weren’t worth it. I finished some pretty horrendous things early on. Which reminds me of another series of dramas that I ended up finishing but that I consider some of the worst of everything I’ve ever watched, and yet are somehow very highly rated: “Mischievous Kiss” and its sequel as well as the other versions of this story (The Japanese one being the worst of the bunch). Why on earth I ever watched all the versions, I will never understand myself. :joy:


It’s okay not to be okay
Doom at your service


Squid Game…I was really shocked what was the hype about, like i really love the actors and all but the topic was just so super repetitious…It gave me a taste of hunger games & similar content, so I wasnt sure why people thought it was so unique, especially seen people who find kdramas “cringworthy” dying for this one…i was quite surprised, lol.
Love Alarm…another amazing cast, yet i just hate the constant shift of love interest, it actually annoyed me to the point where i just dropped it, it was the first and only kdrama I’ve ever stopped watching.


Exactly me too! I don’t know how I put up with some of the dramas I have watched in the past.

From the top of my head the 2 I can think of right away was, Boys Over Flowers (k.ver) and My Girl (starring Lee Dong Wook)

I’ve never been curious about rewatching them. Nowadays, I can start any drama but the real challenge is if I can finish them.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon -

I love my Park Hyung Sik - so I finished it while cringing the whole time! I just didn’t like it.

Something in the Rain - cuz the mother was just horrible, the end was horrible - ugh

Lovestruck in the City cuz I can’t see Wookie hurt

Descendants of the Sun cuz I can’t stand the FL

Throw the Laptop Thread


Oooohhh the Red Sleeve… I just cannot watch that drama and you’ve convinced me it was the right choice. I was undecided because people talk about it like its the greatest romance ever, but then I remember that people say the same thing about Romeo and Juliet, a story I DESPISE


Lobely horribly
My only love song
So not worth it
The Great escape (variety)

Also, you might have matured as a drama viewer :wink:.


Just remembered another drama that fits this category: “The Untamed”. This has a whopping 9.8 rating on Viki and seems to be universally loved. This is the reason I gave it about a handful of chances to grab my attention, but it never did.



This was a very interesting drama to me. It started out pretty slowly for me, and there were times I got a bit frustrated with some of the scenes, and I didn’t like the way they dragged on too much towards the end as they extended the drama by 1 episode due to its popularity.

But the reason I actually really liked this drama was because it made me ponder why the FL refused to become his concubine. I read in real life she had actually refused the offer twice before she eventually became one. I had NEVER heard of ANY palace maids/court ladies refusing to become King’s concubine, as that would automatically raise her status and give her some power and status. None of the palace ladies can ever marry, as they are officially “king’s women.” So it would be their ultimate honor to be chosen by the king. Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s terrible. But that’s how it was back then. And just because the king slept with her doesn’t automatically make her his concubine. So to be officially elevated to a concubine status is something every palace lady would dream of. While nobody would never know why she really refused in real life, this drama goes into this in depth especially toward the end and try to explain what she is going through in her mind.

So I thought it was really different to see her perspectives.

I also thought this drama dealt the relationship between Yi San and his grandfather, King Yeongjo really well, including psychological issues that they had to deal with individually as well as together.

To me, this drama went above and beyond the typical “palace polities,” and the light and fluffy “love story” between the ML and FL.


I have a few that I couldn’t finish:

  • City Hunter - I loved Healer, so when I saw that the genre was similar & even the FL was the same. But I couldn’t get into it. I always wanted to give it another try, but I have other dramas on my list right now.

  • Vincenzo - Left after ep 2 or 4

  • Hwarang - Left after ep 6 or 7. I started to watch it because I liked the whole cast but when watching, I found that I was forcing myself to continue. I have watched other dramas of the cast, so I know their acting potential. The script was the problem.

  • Kill Me, Heal Me - Left between ep 4-7. I couldn’t watch the FL (something I thought I would never say because I dislike it when others say it)

  • School 2015 & 2017 - I love the school series, so I was excited but come out disappointed. It made me hesitant to watch the 2021 one. Maybe I’ve grown out of school dramas.

  • Coffee Prince - I don’t know why I couldn’t finish. I want to try again to see if the timing was off when I first watched.

  • The Smile Has Left Your Eyes - Left after ep 1 or 2. I tend to stay away from crime/thriller/murder plots, but after watching Flower of Evil, I found myself wanting to give it a try again.


I feel exactly the same way. So relieved to see I’ m not the only one.:smiley: