Which asian food do you wanna try or recommed?


I really enjoy to cook in my house, and I always want to try new recipes! in a lot of dramas the food looks so delicious!! So let me know if you have tried or which food you want to eat someday! =)
I really want to try:
ramen but a “real one” not maruchan xD,
Ddukbokkie Rice Cake Street Food
Bibimbap =P
And a lot more, but I can’t remember the names xD

I’m hugry again xD (I literally I died watching the drama “Let’s eat”)


lol… I kinda want to try everything that was ever eaten in a Japanese or Korean drama…it always looks soooo delicous :smiley: and makes me soo hungry every time…

I’ve only tried instant ramen so far x) I like it, and it’s super yummy for fast food…but like you I would love to eat “real” ramen one day :wink:

I’m sorry I can’t help with any recipes, etc… :frowning:


Was it per chance the extremely hot! hot! hot! ramen that has a challenge on youtube?

Me and my friend tried that. Whoa, nelly! That was something.

Anyway, I tried making jajangmyeon (black bean paste noodles) followed with kimchi, of course. Didn’t like the consistency of noodles and the paste was of special flavour, an acquired taste, perhaps.

Next thing I’m making with a friend is ddeokbokki:


I’m starting to drool xD the ddeokbokki looks so delicious!! And I hope one day I can try jajangmyeon too! =P where do you get the ingredients for your recipe?


I hope one day we could try real ramen =D



It’s a Vietnamese dish.


Hello ! I already ate some chinese, thailandese, japanese, korean and idian food.

I already ate the famous bibibap but without egg. Here the recipe
As well , i ate hobbang but not the one with the red beans , kimchi ( i didn’t really like it maybe because it was already cook ) and some ramyeon that i bought in a korean store back then. I had chance to try the soju but not for me lol.


I tried ddeokbokki at a korean festival AND OMG ITS SO GOOD … I tried kimchi ramyun but it wasnt really that good in my opinion . Jjajangmyeon is Lifeee , i REALLY WANT TO TRY TRIANGLE KIMPAB it kills me wjen they eat it in dramas haha


You can get mostly everything at HMart


Of what is made the pho?? =O


Hello! So lucky and which one was better? Chinese, Thailandese, Japanese Korean or Indian food? =O


So jealouse! Jjajangmyeon is on my list “To try someday” it’s a shame I have never been in a Korean Festival =/


Pho is noodles with beef broth. It usually has beef meatballs, beef, bean sprouts, and some type of herbs into it. You also add hoisin sauce into the broth.


Mongolian lamb skewers :two_hearts:


TOM KHA GAI - Thai Chickensoup with Coconutmilk.
This one is easy to make and can be prepared a day ahead, if You need to just heat it up on a busy day. Everybody around me who had a taste liked it. There are tons of recepies for this on the internet and YouTube. After You made this 2 or 3 times, You’ll have Your own version, anyway. The Video below is just 1:47 minutes… enjoy :yum:


Hello ! I think all this cooking have their own appeal. But maybe because i’m more used to eat indian and chinese cooking, i prefer them. I don’t try so much japanese and korean food, but there’s some good dish. You should try chicken teriyaki or yakitori i don’t really remember the name, it’s really delicious. You have to it in a real japanese restaurant. :wink:


Here and there I find Korean food in a regular grocery store in US, Im on east coast. More variety you’ll find in Asian food stores or in HMart. Today I saw seasoned seaweed packed in triple packs but each pack contains 10 2x3 inches small seaweed sheets, the picture shows for a single rice roll.
I thought they were just snacks.10 sheets are 40 calories :blush: I have some brown rice left over and will try that
wrap. There is a Korean instruction on the back, but I can’t understand it. So while eating a sheet it makes me feel closer to being in Korea :heart_eyes: :kr: If I wrap my own kimchi in this sheet will that even make it more authentic?
I’ll put them also next time in my soup.

PS the korean made hot pepper paste sounds interesting but oh the corn syrup and other not my fave ingredients just looses on one more customer.


You can’t put that kind of seaweed (laver - 김) in a soup, unless if you are putting it in more like a garnish, like on top of ddeokgook. The seaweed soup is made out of 미역 (kelp).

Also you might be able to find seasoned seaweed 김 cheaper at Costco, depending on where you live.


@ajumma2 I use regularly my seaweed from Maine for my soups and got this “correctly” laver out of curiosity as it carried Korean letters :grinning: and as for adding it in soup was an idea as last for flavoring. I assume the laver is a toasted seaweed. My Costco isn’t around the corner, I probably will order from Maine directly since I’m running low and 2 oz cost $6 at my healthfood store :wink: plus my membership expired as well :wink: I had once the red bean and pumpkin buns from HMart… I just love them!


Got ya!
I thought you were talking about making miyukgook (미역국 kelp seaweed soup) out of 김 (laver).