Which asian food do you wanna try or recommed?


I take the seaweed wraps and put my meat and is sooooooooooooo delish! My meat is usually done in the oven is called pernil very unhealthy to eat but so much part of our culture I eat it at least every 3 to 6 months. Is more for Christmas and Thanksgiving. I cook the pork for at least 7 hours no less at low heat 350 degree in electric stove oven in gas oven is 300 bc it will dry up

To season it must be defrosted the day before and seasoned make holes and put garlic clove small pieces and green olives season to taste I use adobo La flor only but they can use just salt and pepper to taste you rub it with vinegar all over make sure the skin fat is always up/or you can throw it out (add a little water to the pan cover tightly with at least 3 aluminium sheets to make a steam effect.

I buy a lot of Kimchi at Trader Joe’s or Chinese vegetable stores *they always have it from South Korea (the best). The kimchi I eat with some milk next to me bc the spice is way too much for me. My young daughter loves it too. She has stomach issues and this is the best medicine for her so far (and we have tried everything).

I have Japanese Vietnamese and Chinese (Indian/Dominican and Mexican too lol) restaurants in almost every corner of my house but I’m not too fond of anything I’ve tasted so far from them. I really don’t like eating out bc is too risky so I try one item just to kill the curiosity(most of the time it ends up in the garbage I swear is true).


I’d like to try anything once, if I like it I will do it again. so I am going to try Kimchee again, made it last year, followed directions, was so good. I was raised on sauerkraut, so this is entirely different. so will try it again. the other is general tso , sweet & sour, broccoli & beet , and that barbecue one which has slipped my mind…


marygrether1_gmail_c The best kimchi is the one from South Korea the seasoning is perfect and the spiciness is comfortable. Although I always have some milk on the side in case is too spicy.


My favorite all time dish to make is a recipe from Fuschia Dunlop’s Every Grain of Rice (basically the non-Asian person’s Bible to authentic Chinese food) is her Sichuan Cold Chicken recipe. The easiest, best dish I’ve ever come across!!


gonna look into it i am so tire of cooking the same dishes. My oldest daughter makes a chinese rice they can envy her for. You will eat every grain too!


Why don’t you try spicy beef noodles soup? It’s a different version of Pho.

What is the meaning of your username and why did you pick it?

Alright thanks I will write it down and see if I find this one around my area.

Asian products are limited in my area unless I go to Chinatown or Main Street in NY they have many many different products there but the parking is a nightmare.


there are a lot of asian recipes inline you can find and cheaper, NO PARKING!!, check youtube, theres one lady which couldnt tell you her name, but she is fantastic! all free recipes has loads, check pintrest , and so many more cooking channels, from basic, easy to the hard stuff.
just got a recipe from Irmar, and from the movie recipe, soybean paste soup. looks delicious! so going to try tjhat one, got to get the ingredients, learned how to make kimche and general tso chicken, want to make that barbecue stuff. and not just the asian, I’d like to try the other country foods too.


Thank you I watch the youtube videos too but in order to do the recipes we still need the ingredients that go with them. When I substitute ingredients they don’t taste good at all. I already tried a few of them.


@marygrether1_gmail_c is it perhaps maangchi? She started probably before 2010 with a simple webblog and has now published a cooking book, I like her very much. She has a youtube channel and I made my first kimchi with her recipe.
One day, I want to make the cucumber Kimchi and the Kimchi scallion wraps :blush:


@simi11 Maangchi is also pretty popular among Korean-Americans who do not speak Korean well.
Cucumber kimchi is super easy and good. If you’ve already made the regular kind of kimchi, then you will have no problem with cucumber kimchi!


[quote=“simi11, post:31, topic:3844”] YES! she is really awesome to watch! maangchi? ok next is cucumber kimcherd
[/quote] any kind of asian food asnd of course it being easy


maybe I should do another link. BUT going to give this a try here ; 1. what are the portions of foods given to the meals? 1/2 cup? I do know and realize there’s differences in foods and all, the foods are delicious of course. we Americans do over eat, so can you give me some ideas on the portions of the different foods to serve? anyone?? oh and the other thing what and how are foods served, our dramas do show a bunch, but I want to know from all of you… I have always been curious about all the dramas about no meat unless its a special occasion.(why?) and we here eat it every day! so guide me ok? curiosity bug here… oih and thanks beforehand.


bone soup,

Image result for how to make bone
Place bones in your stock pot.
Add onion, carrots, celery, salt and peppercorns.
Pour enough water in the pot to cover everything.
Add vinegar and let stand for 30-40 minutes.
Bring to a boil and then reduce to a low simmer for the recommended amount of time:
Chicken bones: 8-24 hours.
Beef bones: 8-72 hours.

That about right???


I do know maangchi. She even gives her own ebook for free. I remember she’s Korean-Canadian.

Portion of the food, maangchi did mention how much serving from her recipe. American over eat? I think any race can be over eat. :grin: Look at Soo Young or Yoona of SNSD both overeat.

In Korean drama, a meal is a bit too much for me but some is true in real life. Ramen in Korean drama people eat often, but I don’t think in real life people eat often (because it will leave stone in kidney I hear)


For this recipe, inspired by my mother, if you use soup along with cooked rice you can have carrot and potato but if you cook the soup to eat with noodle (pho) it’s okay to add onion, for my opinion, use green onion instead of celery. Adding peppercorns only when serving. I don’t think about adding vinegar. Many Vietnamese people often wash the bone of beef or pork by giving the away the first boiling of before cooking a soup.


heres a p/s I made that bone soup or broth, added the ingredients. that was soooo good!!!

now NEXT???


cookinmg with seaweed, seaweed soup. ok I bought some dried varoety from Great Market, I had to soak a piece to hydrate it. doesnt have a bad flavor, which I thought it would. I am trying to cut another hydrated pice & cut it up & make an egg om;let. will let you know later…made the egg omelet with pepper ,cheese,& piece of dried seaweed. that was very good!


I use beef bones without marrow, I boil them for around 4-5 hours on reduced heat with plain water and refill the water from time to time. When I fished them out, I add beef, you can use one piece or sliced (into cubes) beef. Cook it on medium heat for around one hour. Now I add finely sliced green onions, frozen ddeok - in coins sliced ricecakes and a bit soysauce. Cook it for 20 minutes on medium heat, until the ddeok are soft. Meanwhile I prepare some eggs, seperate the eggwhite and the yolk and frie it seperately in a pan on low heat. Cut the eggs into small stripes and add them while serving the soup. I also cook some white rice and serve it with the soup. You can add some finely cut hot peppers, too and stripes of dried seaweed. The broth is very rich and tasty and milky.


okj y’all, how about health wise on all these foods of Chinese,Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese? I am asking because of health issues that have come up with me. Still want to eat the Asian cuisine.