Which Is Better

Okii… i have been looking Through the game that > B2utybubbles Create, Now its the drama version, So its the same but Dramas. I will start… it might be hard but u gotta pick

  1. That Winter The Wind Blows
  2. Dream High

can I say dream high 2 cause I like that one better if not since I really didn’t like them both I will go with dream high

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FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO LIKES DREAM HIGH!! AND THE SECOND 1!!! i dont know why many people hate on dream high 2. oh wait, did you say you didnt like the 1st? okay okay LOL sorry xD T.T well, at least you like the 2nd.

@TheKeyToMyLocket aww thanks for checking out my game xD i would love to play this one too!! i would say dream high, although that winter the wind blows is more heavy and emotional, i like dream high better. but i love that winter the wind blows too xD

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The moon that embraces the Sun


I miss you?

cute little clip for everyone:



is it bad the reason i didn’t like it because they didn’t have JB as the main character and the theme song sounded better on the 2 one . i watched the 2 one first.

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i LOVE Jb. xD BUT i like the 1st one too. you know jb is in these groups, right?



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[quote]That Winter The Wind Blows
Dream High [/quote]
Hard to compare; not the same genre and different audience target. (+ 25, - 20)

Dream High or Monstar :smile:

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Even Though I Miss You is sad but It’s a very awesome drama… i never watched the moon embraces the sun… sorry

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Dream High

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Love Rain

Innocent Man

Innocent Man ! I’m such a big fan of both actors . So much respect for the drama , and the writting is just amazing .


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City Hunter… Since Park Min Young Nd Lee Min Ho where dating at the time, their kisses and love was like their own reality show… It was awesome… i really love the dad nd how he will always get revenge no matter who ever stops him ndd The Ahjussi was really funny…

Lie to me

I liked city hunter , but i don’t know , there were some things lazy on the show . And the end , it was like -ewww , okay…- Still i love the dad too , he was such a great character, i would love to see more of him , but the romance take the atention . I was mad because of soo much rom scenes but at the same time they were so cute xD Ahhh the ahjussi was a blast , i mean he knew how to make a scene from super tensive to super funny .

I haven’t watched yet Lie to me , so i wil give the chance to other person . With great kdramas , come great responsabilities …

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Totally Agreed… Ndd omg Lie to Me is just great

Yes, i must see that one . But there are so many , which is good but at the same time i don’t think i will ever finish all the classics ones .
Btw , awesome name , you do know how to choose .Such a good taste , now i have to watch for sure Lie to Me !

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Lol… Aweeh Thanks… I wish u good luck … Ndd whatcha u mean u like my name ? " Btw, Awesome Name "

Thanks . I meant " TheKeyToMyLocket " . Is such a fun name , i wish i had the ideia , but naahh, i’m always sleepy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lol… Aweeh Thanks… But u do get the meaning to My Name Rite… Hehehe

Hahaha sure ! I like Shinee too . But i am more obsessed with Bigbang/Block B / CN Blue … I think that the video that got me was Why so Serious . It’s so energetic , full of contagious joy and the dance , wow , i have no words for the whole work of Shinee . Because they can sing so well and do those moves at the same , it just blews my mind . Really … Amazing !