Which Japanese dramas/movies do you really want to watch on Viki? 🇯🇵 🏯


Viki has added a few new Japanese dramas - though I think a couple are just movies, not series - but again, every single one of them is… any guesses?

A Rom-Com.

I watched “You, Me and Bach” because although it is yet another in a long, long list of Romantic Comedies, I thought the context of violin lessons and music would at least make it a little more interesting, and it did, up to a point. There were a couple of flaws and at 10 episodes it was too short, but the characterizations were good and the actors were all excellent and memorable in their roles.

But… RomCom. Like all of the new ones and most of the older ones.

Dear Viki: Can we please have some J-dramas that are something other than Romantic Comedies?

A doctor show ('still waiting to see “Dr. X” because a.) I’m a heroine addict and b.) Yonekura Ryoko has been a fave heroine since her stunning performance in “35-sai no Koukousei.”)
Or a police / detective show (I would die to see “Joker” with Masato Sakai or “Zettai Reido” with Ueto Aya again.)
Or an X-Files-like paranormal sci-fi show like “Galileo” or “Subete ga F ni Naru?”)
Or a school drama - which focuses on something other than romance - like the mega-intense “Life” with Kitano Kii and Fukada Saki, or “Edison no Haha” with Itoh Misaki?
Or a topical drama like “Asakusa Fukumaru Ryokan” (I and II) with the legendary Nishida Toshiyuki, “Voice” with Ishihara Satomi of “Pretty Proofreader,” “Ushi ni Negai wo” with Osugi Ren and Toda Erika…

… or any of the hundreds of newer dramas from these same genres?

Romantic comedy is an enjoyable genre, but when that’s literally the only genre available at Viki, it’s a powerful incentive to just go tune in to Amazon Prime or Netflix or Crunchyroll or Hulu - whose lineups of Japanese dramas are paltry as well, but at least they have a variety of genres to choose from.

Please give us some variety. We’re starving out here!


so true!! and so many lost licenses, I know thats a hard thing, but gosh sao many dramas and we cant watch , scifi, detectives, mysteries, maybe a vampire in the mix,


I had to read that five times before I understood what you actually meant to say :joy::joy:

Danger-Less Detectives seem to be the only non-romance jdrama here…



Well. the ‘‘e’’ there makes all the difference, but it was hilarious when I had to do a double look and said: SAY WHAT?! Just joking.

PS> Hope she/he never forgets that so important ‘‘E’’ in there.


Vivi, I started watching “Danger-Less Detectives” but the lead characters (if I remember right,) are basically slackers, not people you can root for, and the whole mood was so silly that it seemed like fluff. I may go back and give it another chance sometime, but it’s pretty dismal as detective shows go.

Right now I’m watching “An Incurable Case of Love” a.k.a. “Love Lasts Forever” - a Rom-Com with medical professionals that follows the old formula of “Nerdy, klutzy newbie falls for superstar way out of her league and it magically happens.” The best of that formula was “Mischievous Kiss” - mostly because Honoka Miki was so perfectly cast and played the female lead so perfectly (just avoid MK II at all costs - instead of funny and endearing she becomes clingy and creepy.) “Love Lasts Forever” is a whole tier beneath that level, but still enjoyable so far. I just want to watch something a little more serious and engaging for a change.

I suppose I should start diving more into K-dramas - “Strong Girl Bong-Soon” and “Oh My Ghost” were pretty good - but my interest in Korean culture is maybe 1/4 my interest in Japan, and I’m studying Nihongo, not Korean, so there’s no language interest. It just seems really weird that a Japanese media company - Rakuten/Viki - has such a comparatively tiny and narrow selection of J-dramas.

I just hope that they sometimes read these forums and take note of what people are requesting. But yeah, maybe it’s a problem with wrestling licenses out of the Japanese TV companies. Maybe they need to do a Terunofuji-type Hatakikomi in the negotiating room. :thinking: Ok, maybe not a good idea. But at least a “ganbarimasu!” or two should happen.