Which movies or dramas we will love too watch on viki

there’s many k-movies, Kdramas, Jdramas and Tdramas and movies I had to watch outside of viki, and I hated it!!! I miss the comments and the people while watching them, let’s use this forums so we can speak about the things we will love to watch as a community and maybe it we are lucky we can watch them here. I understand some movies and k-dramas are not available in all countries but i love movies and I will love to watch more K,J,T movies here.

anyone feels the same ? any good movies you will love to watch only on viki???


Right now I’m watching “going crazy waiting” a Jang Keun Suk movie, is a romantic comedy and as many may know is not on viki :frowning:


I want to watch Spider Forest again, it is a great movie but I missed a lot when they showed it on TV another great movie is A Bittersweet Life, three of my favorite actors come out in it even though it is a bit bloody and Eric Mun only comes out for three seconds it is still the best.

interesting, I will watch them, thanks!!! other good movies is my sassy girl korean)

I wanted to watch the movie “My black mini dress” starring Yoon eun hye, Park han byul, Cha ye ryun and Yoo in na but it’s not on viki it would be nice to have it.

This one?

looks good >.< viki please more good k-movies!!!

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@Niennavalar yeahh this one I really want to watch it.

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I would love to re-watch “oh my lady” with Choi Siwon here, I love that drama! but is not the same if is not on Viki

Right now I’m watching “Sweet 18” it stars Han Ji Hye and Lee Dong Gun who both played in “My Boyfriend is type B”. I also want to re-watch nail shop paris; it would be great to watch these on viki.

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raidonce these look really good!

Not as good as you might think… a bit of a let down she is so mean and not sassy enough…

Netflix, I have watched it there it is good not as good as an American girl movie but it is entertaining.

They are; though I’m currently watching the one on the top left ("Sweet 18’) so far its pretty good.

I’ve finished “sweet 18” it was really good

I would love to watch this - [Sitcom 2011] I Live in Cheongdamdong 청담동 살아요.

It’s only available online with mandarin subtitles.

Please buy the license ^^.

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This seems soo cute!! Isn’t this lady the mother queen from goong?
I just adore her! I guess this would be a nice drama.

Yup, she was the grandma in Goong ^^.

Lee Sang Yeob is also in the show. Yunho makes a cameo and the BTOB group are in a few of the episodes as well.

well i saw is kinda true, she is mean yes not as sassy as you will want but is really entertained, I never saw the american one, but again I’m very tired of american movies

after your post i saw “my boyfriend is a type b” was funny and entertaining thanks!

you’re welcome I’m glad you liked it

Viki used to have “Oh My Lady” with Choi Siwon because I watched that drama on Viki. I definitely remember it because that’s when I discovered Viki Comments while viewing the video! Back then, I was not a member and didn’t post any comments myself. But that drama was getting a bit boring for me and I was about to give up on it until I turned the Comment on. All the comments were SO FUNNY and made the viewing experience so much better. So I got through that drama, not because of the drama, but because of the comments that viewers put in!